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  1. Hey Neiicey! We have been binging on your videos…we're specifically drawn to all the travel ones! It's so cool seeing a POC traveling and going to some of the same places we've been and just being able to totally relate. You had a vlog where you traveled and they wouldn't stop taking photos lol. We've been there too. It's a crazy feeling. Being travel vloggers ourselves, we can appreciate all the work and effort that goes into the filming and editing. We just wanted to say great work. We hope you'll subscribe to our channel (we're small travel vloggers), as it would mean a lot to us. We look forward to checking out more of your vlogs. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. The experience that you explained regarding the white tourists feeling a sense of privilege, is the same thing that my husband and I have experienced on several of our trips—most recently when we were in Aruba and in Santorini. It’s incredibly off-putting and we got into it each time.

  3. I just found you on YouTube and I love your channel. But those white people are probably Europeans and I’ve traveled just as much and they do have this standard at the pool. Wish I wouldn’t have started reading the comments because there was a lot of disrespect toward white people who were probably not American white people. Our country is the only country who categorizes each other by color.

  4. Never feel guilty enjoying yourselves. No reason you should. Please keep sharing. So many places I haven't been.

  5. Love black girls. Especially when they are enjoying themselves. Nothing better. Love you girls! Please keep sharing. Love you!

  6. I see the ugly American tourist is not restricted to "white" folks…

  7. I am Hispanic and I’ve also noticed how privileged some white ppl can be while traveling it’s super annoying. But I also have met some really humble ones. I do like salt on my margarita 🙂 loving your vlogs keep them coming!

  8. Karibu Sana! Zanzibar is the country my family is from. Have you visited stone town? The most beautiful part of Zanzibar is that Muslims and Christians lived among themselves without any conflicts.

  9. Our visit to Zanzibar a couple of months back was a real highlight, thanks for this, really brings it all back, in a good way.

  10. Why did you stay so quiet when he asked you if you were a Christian sis?

  11. Not impressed how you guys talk about white folks…
    White folks visiting Africa are actually the open minded ones.
    Staying in posh hotels in Tanzania who do you expect to meet ?
    Go to cheaper places and discover real people

  12. I got quiet just like you did when I went too the Slave Trade museum in Nassau. Even though it was modernized. I still felt their spirits in that place.

  13. Aww I wish you guys were going to be there in June when I go, yous look fun as hell!

  14. Why does that one rude incident turn into “these white people here” ?

  15. I really enjoyed this vlog! InshAllah I get to visit Tanzania one day

  16. Why don't travel bloggers list the names of hotels below in their blogs…can you provide the name please

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