You've Been Away for Lengthy? Hop-On for a Drive from (Okaibe Freeway to Nammoura Village), Lebanon

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You have Been Away for Lengthy? Hop-On for a Drive from (Okaibe Freeway to Nammoura VIllage), Lebanon
لقد كنت بعيدا لفترة طويلة؟ قفز على الطريق من (طريق عكيبة السريع إلى نامورا فيليج) ، لبنان
You have Been Away for Lengthy? Rediscover Lebanon: “Hop-On for a Drive from many cities and villages in Lebanon. The thought is to make you reside the expertise, relive the moments, see how Lebanon has develop into. Buildings, highways, greenery and nature: Lebanon shouldn’t be a desert nation from the third world like many think about it to be.
With roads empty, I deliberate highway journeys -without leaving my car- to movie Lebanon, for each one that lives overseas, loves to recollect the villages of his childhood, rediscover “The Lebanon” they miss. With a digicam put in on the entrance of my automotive, I’ll drive, an hour a day and movie as a lot as I can.
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“Lebnen A7la Balad Bel 3alam” and I’ve been attempting to show it since 2012. I’m Anthony Rahayel, passionate Lebanese, dental surgeon by career, skilled photographer, advocate of nice meals, blogger, YouTuber, influencer, advertising knowledgeable and TV presenter; having one and single intention, that’s to point out Lebanese and the world, “The Lebanon as not seen on TV”. I’ve based Lebanon’s avenue meals market “Souk el Akel” and received the award of “World Avenue Meals Blogger of 2019”.

Since 2012 I’ve had just one purpose – To uncover the true face of Lebanon, not the one which makes headlines on worldwide tv reveals, however the true, the wonderful, conventional and genuine Lebanon. It’s that Lebanon I search to broadcast far and huge. A Lebanon vigorous, ardour and vitality, stuffed with people who find themselves producing probably the most great dishes, meals, desserts and far, rather more.

NoGarlicNoOnions with its meals weblog (5,000 articles up to now), Youtube channel (130,000 subscribers), Instagram account (150,000 followers), google maps (600 million views) and Fb web page (95,000 followers) goals to find the heroes behind this marvelous nation, unfold happiness and revive “Paris of the Center East”.

With daily that goes by and each discovery made and each new enterprise developed, the intention is one. My intention is to maintain folks linked to one another and to their roots, to make everybody get pleasure from, smile after they style one thing good and distinctive, to find the countless meals artisans out there throughout the nation… making a constructive and wealthy setting that permits us all to embrace what we’ve got and embrace life.
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  1. السلام عليكم اشتقت الى ركوب السيارة و الى فسحة مثل هاته اصبحت اعاني من مرض الوسواس و بات يأرقني
    مشكلتي أني محتاجة للخروج يوميا من أجل راحتي النفسية و كنت لما أخرج استراح جدا و كأنني انزدت من جديد و يرتاح قلبي و أرجع الى المنزل راحة نفسية جيدة و لكن قدر الله عليا أنه إشتكى أحدهم أمامي و قال أن ركوب السيارة يشعره بدوار و منذ تلك اللحظة و أنا اعاني الأمرين
    أصبحت كل ما أخرج تراودني تلك الفكرة و أصبحت أحس أنه سوف يصيبني دوار و أبدأ أفكر الا في هاته الفكرة و أتألم كثير لما أرجع الى البيت أبكي على حلي كيف أتخلص من هاته الحالة و الله تعبانة جدا و محتاجة راحة نفسية و لكن كيف ؟

  2. هذا اي منطقة بلبنان ☹️❤️❤️

  3. لبنان جميلة بكل تفاصيلها لن نوفيها حقها بالكلمات.. شكراً على المحتوى الجميل..

  4. Even a simple drive on a grey day is a lovely experience. Apparently some viewers don't realize that there are trash pick-up days in Lebanon, just like in any modern country. Thanks for keeping it real, and thank you for showcasing what an extraordinary, beautiful, and diverse country Lebanon is and how wonderful the people are. Your love of the people and the country are a tribute to you. You are the best advocate for Lebanon and the Lebanese on the Internet. Keep up the good work! احلا بلد بل عالَمْ!

  5. الله يحفظ لبنان وجمالها وشعبها الطيب. تحية عراقية لكم

  6. rubbish in every corner.
    roads are not even built properly
    what shame what lebanon has turned into

  7. When you put a storie of that guy talking his husband thats so funny

  8. Please stop uploading videos like that no one cares who want to watch the streets

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