Why Some Folks Have Nice Disney World Journeys, And Some Don't!

It would look like some folks simply “get” Disney just a little greater than others, however the reality is there are some fairly easy tricks to observe to make sure you’ll have a very good time. At this time, we’re breaking down why some folks have an amazing Disney journey and a few don’t!

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  1. I can still never decide if the dining plan is right for my trip or not- I’m going to go solo for my 18th birthday and the 50th anniversary and I’m thinking about trying to grab the free dining deal. I’m going then because well anniversary- but also because I won’t know the value of money too much so I can maybe splurge a little 🙂 I really like eating but disney food really is HUGE- and I’m British- even americans say disney portion sizes are huge. But I also like just picking up little snacks everywhere and I feel like I could totally go overboard on food otherwise- so maybe it is good? But also just the amount of food I’m not so sure-

  2. Once while I was working at Disneyland, I had a woman tell me that I ruined her entire vacation because I accidentally charged her for 2 orders of kids nuggets instead of one. Even after she got the refund and pretty much got a second nugget meal for free, her months of planning and hard work were completely ruined by me, some 20 year old kid in a Tomorrowland costume.

  3. We are pass holders and my mother and grandmother came down for a visit and we went to Disney the same weekend it closed down for Covid-19. There was probably less than 50% of the normal amount of people there. The whole time my mother and grandmother we’re complaining about how busy it was. The most time we spent waiting in line was 20 mins for Mine train and then my husband and son waited a little over an hour to get on the Avatar ride. Normally we’d be waiting in line for way longer than that. If you plan a trip to Disney, know it’s going to be busy and you’ll spend a lot of your time just waiting in lines. If you go with that expectation and find things fun to do while waiting (like my kids and I will play Rock, Paper, Scissors) then you won’t be disappointed when you realize that you’ll only be able to ride on maybe 5/6 rides a day. Nothing worse than having people you’re at Disney with complaining the whole time about the long wait times and crowds. You’re at DISNEY!! Of course it’s busy!

  4. And then a 3rd group of absolute curmudgeons who wouldn't be happy if all their dreams came true.

  5. If you have kids, and there are holidays before your Disney trip, when family asks what they want as presents for the holidays ABSOLUTELY SAY DISNEY GIFTS CARDS!! I went on my trip with a little over 200$ worth in Disney gift cards all because of those gift cards cus they add up

  6. It all comes down to planning & expectations. You have to be prepared, but also be flexible. I have a strict no complaining rule (for the adults), just enjoy the experience – no matter what. I've been to WDW 6 times and there's still a lot I haven't done or seen.

  7. Hahah, I'm going with two dudes, my dad and brother, and what sucks is that they pass up the rides i wanna ride, and then they say "i wish we rode that" after EVERY trip..

  8. I don't know about world because I don't live there but for disneyland you go in march or april on the weekdays. No lines, weather is warm but not hot.

  9. I don't think the video mentioned the nights you stay have different cost. If you can fit your nights within the weekdays vs a weekend you'll save a bit. I book under DVC and can do it 6 months out, it still takes at least that long to plan out the trip. Opinions on dining plan are out there, personally it works just fine for my family of 4 because we use those snack credits for breakfast. Picking the right areas to use your dining credits is key to getting good ROI on the plan. Fast passes can be reserved ahead of time and believe it or not you can switch them up while you're standing in line. Have a FP for a ride with minimal wait time, don't waste the fastpass that you can move to another ride. The Disney World mobile app is amazing for being able to do this on a phone very easily.

    Take pictures or opt for the PhotoPass and have cast members take pictures. You'll remember the vacation but it's important for your kids to look back at those when they get older.

  10. Skipping your rise of the resistance boarding group I argue is a NO GO! Best ride ever and does not compare to anything out there. Absolutely drag your crying kid to get in line or you will REGRET NOT GOING

  11. I needed this video. This year is the first TRUE Disney vacation, staying at a Disney resort, dining plan, whole week at Disney etc. And it’ll be with my wife which is even more exciting. I’m the planner and have been watching all of these videos and making plans for months now but our trip has already been pushed back from June to August due to COVID-19 and if there’s a requirement for face coverings we’ll be pushing our trip to 2021 which sucks but we want to be sure to enjoy our trip to the fullest extent and wearing a face covering in 100 degree weather isn’t ideal at all for us. These things have been stressing me out but this video reminds me to just do our best to enjoy our trip so if we have to move the trip then so be it, we’ll make the sacrifices to ensure we have the best time possible. Hoping everyone is staying safe and look forward to seeing everyone at Disney soon. Thanks for all the hard work DFB!

  12. We went to Disney world this January with my cousins and sisters it feels surreal that a couple of months we were at Florida I hope everything will be good soon so we can visit again with the whole family ❤️

  13. I had to learn the hard way how to deal with things not being able to happen at the parks. When I was younger, I got really sick within my first day and had to miss 4 out of 6 days of my first trip to Disney world.

  14. Also don't bring little kids meaning if they ride stroller there not going to remember so wait a little bit so they can walk around with you. And if you do bring them that's just going to make you trip miserable because there be crying and it won't be a good trip.

  15. Something that bothers me is the ‘Magic Moments’.
    Never had one.
    I’ve followed all the tips, even some from this YouTube channel but nothing. I’ve seen it happening with other people tho. And to be honest with you, I really think happy moments only happen with the White rich people.

  16. Planning, planning, and more planning — oops! My April trip was shut down. OKAY, we are coming in October then (only time we can get away). More planning, more planning, and OMG! We got all the same ADR as before! Hooray! Airline, check. Car Rental, check. Timeshare (same one, ours) booked, check. Now, if only WDW doesn't decide to only open 1 park /day for social distancing, we're good to go. LOL FP+ will be booked in September (30 days beforehand) and then it's time to START PLANNING our April 2021 trip to Hawaii!!!! Planning for a WDW vacation means you need a vacation from all that planning.

  17. Not sure if this is crazy. But I'm doing my homework now for a trip I'm hoping to take in 2026 for my 25th anniversary. This way we can keep up with the information on what's going on.

  18. Can you do a video on teens going to disney and good things to do?

  19. Thanks for all the info AJ – the Disney food blog is amazing. My husband and I canceled our April 2020 honeymoon to the Caribbean and decided to save up for Disneyworld in late 2021. And since 50% of us are in healthcare, we decided to make it a family trip with people from both our sides because if we can make it through the frontline madness, then we feel we can take on Disney! I’ve never been there, and the husband hasn’t been there in 20 years.

  20. Here’s my do’s and don’ts.
    Don’t go in December. It’s rainy (as always in Florida), but it’s also COLD. I came back with a souvenir of bronchitis.
    DO take the Safari adventure tour at Animal Kingdom.
    Don’t go to Tepan Edo at Epcot. The food is just “OK”.
    DO go to Ohana at the Polynesian.
    Don’t go to Cinderella Castle for the Disney character dining. You’ll see ONE PRINCESS.
    DO go to Disney character dining in Norway at Epcot. You’ll dine with several princesses.
    Don’t try to ride Test Track if there’s so much as a drop of rain. It will be CLOSED.
    DO ride Frozen. It’s a great new attraction.

  21. "…even planet Hollywood." Haha, nice how you slid that in there

  22. This should be required viewing for all Disney novices. I've seen people making all these mistakes!

  23. My family and I are planing a trip to Disney next year, my nephew will be turning 3 and we want to take him for his birthday could you please recommend some activities we could do or rides we can go on for him this will be his first trip to Disney thank you so much

  24. When I went in 2017, I didn't know that fast passes were free, I thought you had to pay and the trip was expensive enough for me and my niece. Now after watchi g vlogs for the last 3 years, I know.

  25. Thank you AJ! I had been watching your videos every day before the covid fiasco, because I was wanting to take my family to Disney this year. Then… I stopped because of all the uncertainty. So, today when this video popped up on my feed, I watched it, and am now filled with hope of a great vacation in our future!

  26. I live 3 hours away and go often. Never had a bad experience.

  27. When all goes wrong and you and your husband have that meltdown argument on Mainstreet just remember this…..there are people who find it hysterical. I never laughed so hard than watching a 40-year-old man have a hissy fit because he couldn't ride the Pirate ride Right now….lmao.

  28. I think the key to any Disney vacation has less to do with fast passes and dining reservations and more to do with attitude. Bringing a positive and patient attitude to the trip will make every day a good one, and I’ve found that the cast members really appreciate it. Sometimes I’ve seen people look so stressed in the Magic Kingdom. Lighten up! You’re in the happiest place on earth!

  29. last time i went to disney with my friend we were in line for the guardians of the galaxy ride and after that one big room we walked to the line but the lady in front of us just stopped and wasnt moving and didnt seem like she was gonna move so i walked past her but got seperated from my friend so once we reached the lines my friend tried to be next to me but the lady i walked past was all pissed saying i cut her(she had like 5 little kids with her) so im like ok and went behind her with my friend didnt want to upset her more. then a minute later one of the cast members was calling for a group of 2 riders and me n my friend were the first so in the end we got to cut her anyways? ppl cut in disney ALL THE TIME even if u just stop to tie ur shoe ppl will walk past you 50% of the time.

  30. If you French fry instead of pizza you’re gonna have a bad time…

  31. The Hubster and I visited MK back in March prior to COVID closures. First time at WDW, we were not prepared for Fast Passes. Had we known, we may have planned a little more in advance. As it was, it was a spur-of-the-moment decision to use one of our "free days" from another park to visit Disney.
    I noticed you mentioned around 4:58 that you could get more Fast Passes–how? We were told the first time we logged in to Fast Pass, we could reserve 3 rides (if they weren't already at capacity), then one at a time after those three. I may be misunderstanding what you mean by "more fast passes". Could you explain a little more? Do you have a video explaining this? I'd definitely watch that so I could bring more family to WDW next time. Thanks!

  32. From the title alone, I reckon this will be one of your most successful videos. I will check back in a few weeks to see if I’m right

  33. Here's my advice. If you have to do more than one park per day, don't do more than two. I tried three once in October of 2016 and it was too much. Also, don't go in October. We thought it would be less busy than in the summer time but it was even worst surprisingly.

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