Why journey media is harmful for Pakistan's tourism

Pakistan’s tourism scene is about to blow up, because of the ability of optimistic social media… however is {that a} good factor?

This speak was initially meant to be given on the controversial Pakistan Tourism Summit 2019 in Islamabad, however was reduce out by the organizers as soon as they realized its vital nature. Let’s examine if the web is extra open minded than they have been.

Folks with energy, be at liberty to get in contact if you happen to’re ever able to have an actual speak.

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  1. Pakistan is a great place for tourism especially our northern areas. There are most beautiful places to visit in our north side.

  2. I agree with some of the things you said… But people that travel to Pakistan cannot expect to be able to travel as "comfortably" as in Europe or the US (which is kid of what you're hinting at). If you travel to Pakistan in this day and age you are probably an adventurous traveler seeking to expand your cultural knowledge… and that's EXACTLY what you get! Confusing regulations and police bribes are present in all developing countries. I am Peruvian and I traveled there a couple of years ago and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I seriously shrugged when you compared Pakistan to India, don't you know by now that's a big no-no? Oooofffffff

  3. Love u Dear,so much Pakistan is Great Country.

  4. If u love the country shut up…. People visiting any country from where they don't belong have to face problems… Let's begin with America… I don't even need to start with what happen at the immigration… They make u take off your shoes n even clothes… What about that… Let's just stop the drama… Foreigners are not even that welcoming and I've seen so many videos where Asians are told to go back to their country.. So much hate… U won't see that in Pakistan…

  5. Lol and the funny thing is she thinks Pakistan is not ready for foreigners coming to the country because the foreigners don't know of the different cultures we have and kissing and different things are not allowed here… A person won't be that stupid not to understand that, and has any tourist till now been kicked in the ass because of hugging n kissing in the public… Noo! So in the future that won't happen either.. This women is a nut.. Her first point was good the rest is just shit.. I'm glad she was not allowed in the conference..

  6. And what about the independent foreigners traveling to USA or UK, France or Paris… Is there no discrimination… The white color obsession is not only in Pakistan to begin with.. All the Pathans are more white n beautiful than the goras she's talking about.. Yes govt needs to fix the regulations and stick to them so that no one has to face difficulty… Me and a lot of other families and young kids travel all these places without being harrased so if someone does such sick thing it's not everyone doing that…

  7. Pakistan's hospitality is not bound to any specific color, cast or creed. We treat indians(our nextdoor neighbours) with utmost respect and world stamps us as enemies. You can search on youtube for further clarification. Furthermore when you visit different countries respecting their cultures snd traditions is a no brainer or you might aswell stay amongst your own kind.Though no nation is perfect your narrartive is extremely disrespectful to pakistani culture and ideals. We will continue with out traditions of hospitality while people like you can paint ehatever picture you want to. 5 years in Pakistan and you failed to understand the people and culture.

  8. she's taking revenge coz her presentation has been ignored… Everyone knows how Pakistan welcoming foreign people's.

  9. Good advise , however that will not stop me from going to Lahore and spend 6 beautiful days in Hunza end of this year. Right now I’m more worried whether Covid 19 is going to spoil my dream trip than some of the stories you mentioned in this video. As a season traveller you always have to take precaution. When in Rome do as a Roman do. Even shit can happen in countries with professionally run tourism industry. Just ask me, i had a few to tell.

    Cheerio, support from Malaysia

  10. thereis a video of you giving your presentation why are you lying and there is even a photo of you with the prime minister

  11. I think we should fix critical thing's first then tourism will grow more…

  12. There are problems to 1 out Thousand. This does not mean everyone is going to face these problems.
    Even in many Cases security persnel asks you questions when notice something otherwise they treat you with respect. Not gora Culture, they respect everyone as long as they know you are A guest in their country. Why they treat Chinese, Sikhs with same respect they treat gora or White people. Driving bike for women isnt prohibited, but it's a Cultural thing that ladies don't drive bikes. Cultural clash exists everywhere.

  13. Agree with your assessment. It's is what is, people live in their Utopian version of their selves. They do not wish to be told about adversities that travelers face. Sugar coated versions are more acceptable.

  14. i guess every other country on the planet is heaven on earth except Pakistan. This is a crappy bullshit video you made and your views are as unrealistic and biased as your tone…..there are issues everywhere. Just look at the comments from so many people negating your crap

  15. At one point i disagree with you
    My sister in law my brother' s wife is Australian and she is white she came to Pakistan in 2014 and she travelled from Rawalpindi Islamabad to Lahore and southern Pakistan we were with her not a single Pakistani police r isi stop us r asked any question.
    Whatever happened to you if its hert you we Pakistani people have sorry for that and hope we will improve our current situation
    Keep coming Pakistan we always welcome you

  16. I agree with you at only one point that you cant hold a women,s hand in public and cant do kissing in public
    With respect mam every person who come to Pakistan must understand that Pakistan is a muslim country and like everyone muslim country you cant do that.

  17. Will you please tell us who funded Mossad or RAW for this ? Coz i visited Pakistan for like 9 times and went everywhere i wanted without even thinking of any danger . i understand your sugar coated poison toffee you are giving in this video. And by the way i'm an American mountaineer.

  18. sorry sister but it look like your are angry because your speech is dropped from the vloger's. you tried to tell negativity but honestly couldn't found .

  19. for her general knowledge , security agencies are for their own security .Pakistan came out from very difficult situation successfully which no body can think about it , the two places she mentioned are MITHI and BAHAWALPUR both are sensitive places which are cloe to indian border .

  20. I think if you're a black African or east Asian then you may also be treated really special, cos it's easy to tell that you're a guest. But if you look like a PAKISTANI then you won't stand out and so understandably people won't be coming to give you free stuff, unless you tell people you're a guest.

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