Why it’s best to go to Norway – Unstated paradise

From the Langfoss waterfall to the mountains of Lysebotn, this Norway street journey takes us additional up north to the gorgeous metropolis of Bergen. If this Norway journey vlog sequence does not have you ever saving up to your journey right here, I do not know what’s going to.

Mountain climbing Kjerag Norway – Vlog 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSARHzsrDvY

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  1. This video has inspired my trip. I just booked a trip to Norway after watching this. It’s always been a dream to visit. 🙂

  2. I definitely want to know the story behind the landlord of the pretty hut by the waterfalls. In what way was he a total weirdo?

  3. Why people go with airbnb rather than DNT cabins is beyond me, especially when you can have weird landlords and such, compared to DNT where you're your own master.
    PS: If we were ever to go to war with Sweden it would be because of what they did, or rather didn't do, during WWII, our meatballs are better so it wouldn't be because of that.:P

  4. Don't take your children to Norway.

  5. You can drink water directly from the creek streams.

  6. Hvis du kommenterer eller liker denne då er du sikkert norsk

  7. Im guessing the missy isnt Norwegian or Northern european at all. Way to go, junior

  8. It's lie Norwegians are bad people and very racist and jealousy, this video is misleading, trust me, I lived in Norway over 27 years and I know how Norway is, basically just racism, hate, cold 24 hours almost all year all over the country and a lot of jealousy hate people.

  9. This video just took my breathaway, it's insane how norway is beautiful
    Norwegians must be proud for being so lucky, this is unfair

  10. When you're out of island with blue water to visit.

  11. "Unspoken paradise" that's what was said about Sweden as well – for gods' sakes don't believe the hype.

  12. Norske vakkere naturen, vakkert fjell. Nasjonalle Romantikken

  13. Hey! It's always been a dream of mine to travel to Norway and I'm currently saving up for it! For all of you that have been or live there, when's the best time of the year to visit there and have the best experience of nature and etc?

  14. With waterfalls as your closest neighbor, you're pretty much all set up for making your own power.
    I want that place!
    Oh.. and in terms of being unique, I have something cool planned, not telling, but it's gonna be pretty cool.

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