Why I'm Not Scared & You SHOULDN'T Be Both! THE GREAT AWAKENING! (5 Ranges To Q)

The Nice Awakening is right here! It’s upon us! I do know that many individuals are scared proper now…I am NOT certainly one of them and also you should not be both!
On this video, I clarify to you the 5 ranges of consciousness globally proper now, as a complete and humanity. Why individuals do not imagine within the Q plan (Qanon) . Why they’re so caught of their bubble and why individuals are waking as much as the reality!
I all the time say this, have compassion, be the sunshine for the world and humanity. The place we go one we go all. WWG1WGA

The individuals who do not get whats occurring are working from a decrease vibrational frequency as a result of they had been programmed that method.

It has already began, we’re in “The Storm” and I am asking you to have a bit of religion in “The Plan”! Nobody mentioned it will likely be simple however so many wonderful issues have occurred this week that present us that that is getting in the correct route!

We’re WINNING! Nothing can cease what’s coming. Nothing. GOD WINS! Get up individuals! That is THE GREAT AWAKENING! Group Qanon

This HUGE occasion will go down in historical past as one of many best tales ever instructed — “The Nice Awakening” – Q (Qanon) WWG1WGA


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  1. Im a happy level 5
    Finally , the revolution , change of the ages, keep spreading no fear, this makes me so happy, people are being forced by the energy coming in they have no choice. Hope, FAITH & love, god is REAL

  2. I'm awake but my consciousness level is the bottom (apathy, shame, depression).

  3. This is one of the weirdest experiences I have ever encountered. First of all, this is the first time I have ever heard of you, Ms Cohen.
    Secondly, everything you said, it was like you were channeling my EXACT thoughts and expressing them with eloquence and articulation (something
    I couldn't do). If I were a beautiful, blonde, intelligent woman, I would be you! Unfortunately, I'm just an ugly, gray-haired old man, but I'm not unintelligent.

    btw, I'm aFour

  4. My favorite saying is wait and see,I’ve been saying it since 2016. I haven’t been let down yet.

  5. We on the right always get the hotties. Please share "Out of Shadows" with your viewers, begins to put the pieces together. Please look into what the white lefitsts did to black America in the 60's and 70's and the changes in black America that took place as a result of their assault in an effort to create generational dependency and despair a reality in black America. The white liberal is a cancer, they are a culture of death and hatred that relies on indoctrination, censorship and tyranny to achieve its goals. There is no such thing as an innocent leftist. They have installed hundreds of corrupt DA and judges throughout the country in order to jail anyone who dares to stand up to them. It is about time for the boogaloo. Please stress to your viewers that they should NOT expect earth shaking activity or news of it during this latest assault on us courtesy of the left and their deep state partners. You do not telegraph your movements, they know they've committed treason for years, they know what they've done to our children and that's enough. We are winning every day, CEO resignations, court decisions and the panic in their eyes when they take to Twitter and lament about their lives. People are waking up to it daily and turning their backs on the plague in growing numbers. The left's days of preying on our children are coming to an end.

  6. I was at level 4 last week. I am very happy to hear your voice. Thank you for being you. I am happy I found you.

  7. I’m a 4..5
    So happy these children are being helped.
    Don’t like Disney and I don’t have social media.
    My heart goes out to these wonderful people who are battling this battle right now…my Heart is just overwhelmed…GOD is Great!

  8. 3.5 and climbing. Lol. LOVE your videos. Your knowledge is amazing. Keep them coming !!! WWG1WGA
    Blessings !!

  9. Watch out of darkness . Light em up let your light shine like the Sun hoorah feel freedom with every breath stand fight for world we deserve the truth shall set you free imagine that wwg1wga

  10. This week I have gone from lv 2 to 3 and on my way to 4…. my God…. what is wrong with people… if you harm a child, you die! No questions asked! I’m definitely not going to be able to sleep after all the research that I’ve done these past two days… as for Fear vs Faith…. I just tell myself “Greater is He That is in me, Than he That is in The World” I was raised in Faith, I fear no man! My God is bigger!

    God bless! #Qanon

  11. I think you could scold me for 21 minutes 17 seconds and I would still give you a thumbs up.

  12. Level 4!! Cant sleep or eat or stop reading. Been in the rabbit hole. Love this lady!!!

  13. I for years have told people that the chem trails were not natural and it is amazing how stunned people are. People think I am NUTS .

  14. I was at a level 2 probably 6 to 8 weeks ago. I haven't watched. Mainstream News since 911 happened.. I knew that was a set up and couldn't keep watching the lies! March 21st I watched a video by a different YouTube girl and that is when I went into level 3 mode! I watched that video probably 4 times.. sent it to other people.. I knew that the virus was being used to keep us safe from whatever else was really going on.. or in other words a smokescreen! I am not saying it's not real because I believe it is real.. I am so blessed to have found you on Easter Sunday!! I feel like it was just another sign that I am not alone!!! I have shared a few of your videos to my friends who I know are now straight level 4 with me!!! You are amazing and you are doing God's work!! My heart is crying with so much joy as I quarantine alone!!! Thank you so much!

  15. How do I go down the rabbit hole? Everything is so censored, what websites do you recommend?

  16. Your speech make a lot of sense to me. Since quite a while I know from my heart iam level 4. I quitt listening massmedia 5 years ago including newspapers and television.
    And I didnt miss anything until now. Your are on the point and I like listening to you. Gratitude.

  17. I found God 3 years ago through this Great Awakening. I had a friend ask me about my relationship with God in and I told him you know how we say everything happens for a reason ? God is the reason. Then he understood.

  18. You keep getting IRC ads before your vids. Look into IRC. The actors are desperate for money and taking turns making ads for their FAKE humanitarian organization that is blood money and the children. Oh God. Look into it. They are desperate for money. And before it was possible to say you don't want to see that ad. Not anymore.

  19. I'm not scared or in fear. But I am extremely angry with people with closed minds

  20. Kim…..We are SO blessed to have your informative and upbeat messages each day. This particular video reminded me of the stages of grief. JUST STRUCK ME AS AMUSING.

  21. Did you ever find out why that helicopter was near you because literally 2 days ago one was circling the area of our house and I felt the same way you did! I wonder! I literally live by base in abq probably near the tunnels are hmmmm

  22. Level 4 without a doubt! I looked into “Conspiracy Theories” a while ago and found Adreaochrome and now it’s all coming out, I can’t believe it!

  23. Love ya girl , thanks for helping us. I Feel like you. I am your new fan

  24. hi kim I just want to say im glad I stumbled on your channel I have been awake for quite awile im a level 4 as you im not scared keep speeking the truth and waking ppl up im glad more people are waking up to the truth

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