WHY I HAD TO LEAVE SIARGAO (unhappy ending to the philippines)

Typically travelling the Philippines does not go as deliberate. Siargao is without doubt one of the greatest locations to go within the Philippines and though the journey was reduce quick I nonetheless wished to share this with you. Visiting Shaka and cloud 9 pier positively made the journey price it and I shall be again to journey the Philippines as quickly as I can. If you happen to did not catch the remainder of my Philippines vlogs the place we visited Malapascua, Kallagaman island, Cebu, Caramoan you may examine these out right here: https://youtu.be/YEuWu9q5dOM

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  1. When you are talking slowly it sounds very informative and you capture your audience attention. sounds like a pro! Just practice deep breathing and you will perfect it.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your sister's leg accident. I hope everything goes well and she's able to travel.

  3. Hope to see you back soon in the Philippines. In the meantime take care of yourself.

  4. Best wishes for you and your sister. Hope she get well soon.

  5. Don't just leave, take me with you! You just had to include some drama in your blog huh.

  6. The way you said “Siargao” at the beginning makes me miss The Philippines even more 🙁

  7. hope your sister is all patched up

  8. ok im soooooo confused, did u go for a trip to the PH in the last 14 days and if so did I miss something. The island of Boracay is shut down so I am assuming all the touristy places are…?

  9. The thing I love most about Laura is how she is always trying her best to stay positive. Traveling isn't always easy going. Laura showed so much grace in a bad situation. How exactly did the accident happen?

  10. I almost had the same predicament in one of my travels… I know how it feels… and still it's amazing how you can still fit in good memories and experiences… I know you did it too Laura… you're a strong one..

  11. What a sad vlog laura, but it was nice to hear that despite of the circumstances you still manage to see the brighter side. Keep vlogging ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Hello Laura and your team. Be courageous in this sanitary crisis.
    You and your family are well now? Dont forget to pray for the help for all people around the world.

  13. Hope Lisa's foot is better by now. Keep safe and healthy back in Canada. Siargao awaits your return!!!

  14. Hope your sister's foot is better now. That's worse than when Robyn banged her head and messed her ear.

  15. Sending hugs to your sissy Lauren, Hope you can come back again soon ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Cheers to a very nice sister and friend!

  17. Don’t know how you keep it together but you’re amazing.

  18. That's the dilemma of living in a remote island if you're a foreigner because you're too far away from good medical facilities in case of medical emergency. Glad you acted fast and left the island and sought medical care in Cebu. Cebu has lots of excellent medical care facilities many people from Visayas and Mindanao choose to seek medical care in Cebu. I hope she's well now. God bless!

  19. Glad to know nothing serious happened. Just be extra careful next time.

  20. Hi Laura! just in case you'll miss pan de coco, there is a good coconut buns in East Pender street. It is sold in New Town Bakery. But since the quarantine is still going on, I am not sure if they are open. It is my go to pan de coco here in BC everytime I miss my home country. Hope your sister is okey now. Stay safe!

  21. Aww your so sweet. Feel so bad for your sister especially since it was the start of her 6 month travels. How did she injure herself? Was there a motorbike crash?

  22. oh that was terrible but so glad that you all got home before the world closed down or at least hope the 4 of you did. please take care and you and your family stay safe we have been locked in at home with no lock since the 12th Mar things around the world not too good see ya

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