Why Brits Get pleasure from Bashing Individuals (High 17 Causes)

We’re getting self-aware this week and sharing 17 the explanation why the British take pleasure in bashing America! On this video, we’re not defending America, however as a substitute are taking part in the function of ambassador — explaining why some British people appear to take pleasure in slagging of the USA. 🎉😄

What do you consider these the explanation why Brits criticize America? Do you agree, or do you suppose there are different motivations at work right here? Share your ideas with us within the feedback! 😄


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  1. You draw attention to yourselves by being so austentatious and so insistent that you're the be all and end all of the west.

  2. Is that digestive biscuits your dunking there Eric? Nothing beats a digestive biscuit and tea. Rich tea biscuits come close followed by malted milk biscuits

  3. It’s not that it’s fun to extract the urine out of Sherman’s it’s just you make it so easy that we just can’t resist!

  4. We do go on a bit about how you don't turn up for World Wars on time and then claim you won them, mostly after the British and Commonwealth forces (and others – Poles etc in British service) have been fighting for years before you deigned to help. FDR had to really fight Congress to get the US to supply Britain with the materiel (sic) it needed before the US entered WW2 because he knew if Britain fell America would be screwed. It was self-interest but most Americans couldn't see that. It's interesting to note that, as far as I know (and shoot me down in flames if this is an 'urban myth'), the US was the only participant in WW2 that actually made a profit out of the war – if true that disgusts me. I think the problem is that most Americans believe the 'Hollywood' version of events.

  5. Because it's REALLY easy! And most of the time, your compatriots don't get the sarcasm, so it's even sweeter 😉

  6. @Wandering Ravens I think I need to stress: I have friends who are American (from several different States)
    … but they are not (now, what's the word?) overbearing!

  7. I think that American "Patriotism" crosses into Nationalism.
    An English friend of mine (who lacks social skills) was working in the US during a Presidential election. His work colleagues voted for the loser, so he took the piss out of the new President (thinking it was safe as they all voted for the other guy). They were deeply offended, and never invited him anywhere ever again.

  8. The US rules the world ?? where did that come from ?? your guess. large parts of the US are similar to a third world country, Sure their are parts that are rich and over endowed with tax brakes, but the US does not rule the world, Europe does, our technology is the best in the world, buy US, you pay far over the score, buy european, you get the best and for a far lower price, and that includes military as well as civil.

  9. 3 Americans walk into a bar. They immediately sue it.

    An Englishman, a Scotsman, a Welshman and a Northern Irishman walk into a bar. Barman says: What kind of joke is this?

    I have an affinity with Americans, particularly as I have both lived there and been married to one, but I think it really stems down to a British mentality of benign pedantic willingness to let Americans carry on the way they do in a sort of innocent naivety about the world. In the best way of course. Like having a child explain that a bird can fly because it has wings. You smile softly, nod and go "yes, that's right, well done". I've had a conversation with my best friend (an Alabaman) where I used the term "I reckon". He was like "wow, ya'll use that too?".

    The US is a bit like a Nursery/Kindergarden, with all the Toddlers being States, and the Staff (Federal Government) trying to stop them all fighting, being sick, pooping themselves (looking at you Florida), or eating the plastic toys or dirt.

    If you two are ever in the South West, let me know, I don't mind bucking the Yorkshire stereotype of being tight with cash, and will buy you a pint or 2 of Ale or Cider

  10. Don't forget wandering ravens,we brits are widely disliked around europe,going around wearing our union jack shorts and telling everyone how we won the second world war single handedly.In fairness though,many americans,like the two of you,are perfectly reasonable and socially aware adults as are many of us brits but it is always the loud fifty percent that make the most noise.The rest of us just have to grin and bear it,don't we?

  11. @Wandering Ravens Sorry I was late joining: there was a 5+ hour YouTube
    whisky tasting session…

  12. I think America gets more grief from brits Compared to Australia etc because of how easy it is. Your population is so large and varied that every joke we think of can be related to the us and it’s part of the culture that if you find something funny you have to say it.

  13. Look at our national anthem sung at Wembley at a footy match. We are known world wide for how we belt our anthem out so loud

  14. Dunno if it’s just me but in the UK whenever I see someone with a flag outside (unless it’s a special occasion VE Day St. George’s or something to do with the queen) I automatically think they’re far right patriots who don’t like foreigners

  15. @Wandering Ravens Have you watched the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Omega Glory"?

  16. I feel like Grace’s humour is getting more sarcastic and British. Love it!

  17. We like Americans in general. The only ones we bash are your president and the ultra far right bible bashers (Westbrough Baptist Church etc)..

    I still like this Jeff Daniels clip about America being 'the best country in the world'.

    If you asked us for our faults, we'd give you a list a mile long. We're much better at listing out faults than it strengths. Listing off things you're great at just seems a bit arrogant.

  18. @Wandering Ravens I would contribute to your Patreon, but there are so many charities that need my help right now…

  19. I think here in the uk, we get a bit over saturated with american movies, music, tv shows, fashions, and culture, we all grew up with it! Were always looking over our shoulder to the US and seeing what u guys are doing!!

  20. I am British and have American friends and relatives. I'm almost 50 now but have had American classmates ( and other nationalities ) since the age of 7. I have attended 4th of July and Thanksgiving celebrations/dinners. I love many American writers, singers and actors, and love just as many of those from Europe, Asia and some from Africa. So I really dont have a problem with all American people, by any means.

    However, I have come across, both online and in person, lots of the "U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!" shouting types who are usually Republicans and who are not well educated, and believe absolutely that the U.S.A is,was and always shall be the greatest at everything. The minute you present these people with facts, instead of researching them, they just begin to shout louder and louder that they ( not just the country! ) are the best and anyone who doesn't agree is a liar, a "Commie," or jealous of them. I've also found they have an appalling grasp of world history. Those people do the U.S.A no credit whatsoever.

    I do believe there are cultural issues that lead to misunderstandings and have to wonder how Brits are viewed by Americans. Being loud: in general Brits don't like to draw attention to themselves, so when we perceive someone to be loud, it comes across as attention seeking, and under certain circumstances, childish ( literally like a spoilt child trying to grab the parents' attention. ) If you are brought up here not only will you be well-trained in "taking the mickey" but you will grow up learning to be critical of your government, your political parties, your education, British foreign policy, etc. whereas many Americans ( not saying all ) are the exact opposite. If a Brit questions an American with blind faith in the greatness of the U.S.A sometimes this will be the first time that anyone has said something critical of the country to them, and they will often react badly. British people moan about our countries and everyone else's all the time so we tend not to think of it as a big deal. We are also less likely to be taught " one version " of history and will be taught to critically analyse sources while in high school, rather than just accepting them. So that's before college, so before the age of 16. ( Here we go to high school, then college and then university.) So we are more likely to question things than just accept them. Patriotism is seen as a bit of a mug's game here because we have a more critical view of our country's past and present, it is often said you only go into the armed forces here if you can't get a job! That contrasts with America where patriotism is seen as something akin to a virtue. I, personally, believe in God, but I am in the minority, most people in the U.K are atheists. I remember hearing an American lady say that she would be afraid to say that back home, but perhaps she lived in a particularly religious area of the States. Here, you are quite likely to be mocked for being religious. Americans do seem to be more enthusiastic and excitable than Brits, which can make them seem less discerning or perhaps insincere to us. The loudness and over confidence of some Americans can come across to us as arrogance. But that makes me wonder if Americans view Brits as quiet, miserable, overly bookish snobs.

  21. As a brit we can be quit arragant we used to be like the american we ruled a lot of the world now we dont, so it's like bashing the USA make us feel better lol

  22. As for arrogance.,

    The Americans think they are better than everyone else

    but the British know they are.

  23. No country is the greatest in the world. How is that possible?

  24. I think American's idea of American Exceptionalism presents itself as a target for sarcasm and take-down

  25. Praising the place you live in to isn’t peculiar to Americans, however. After terrorist attacks on capital cities in particular, political leaders are apt to describe it as the greatest city in the world, which I find shows an alarming lack of humility. Why not refer to it ‘one of the world’s great cities’?

  26. <joke>the pure sadistic pleasure to be derived from poking the village idiot with a sharp stick</joke>

    To be honest, it not just America, it's our way to throw friendly insults around, it's just that America is (one of) the biggest targets and (almost) shares a common language that should give us a response… we hope for an ongoing exchange which sadly, too often doesn't materialise, but we live in hope (we are after all the land of hope and glory…)

  27. If Americans get upset at what the British say about them, it's as nothing compared to what we say about our nearest neighbours, the French. They came to visit nearly a thousand years ago and they haven't gone home yet.

  28. One of the things that sits at the back of my mind is the "Special Relationship" we keep getting told about by our politicians, which seems to be taken far more seriously on this side of the pond as compared to yours.

    Both Obama and Trump don't seem to dig this as much and some people and it then begins to feel like a lopsided relationship.

  29. The main reason is we bash everybody, including ourselves.

    But I think the naivety and ignorance of many Americans, especially their inability to understand the problems of their own country, makes Americans an easier target…

  30. I think it is better to say that us Brits are not "overtly" earnest in their patriotism rather than not "overly" earnest. There is a steel and a 'grit' to Britishness that sees us steam and brood and when necessary devolve into yelling screaming 'patriots'. We just pick our moments and don't use it all the time.

  31. I often wondered if the reason why is due to History… after all back in the Tudor (I think) days when 'New England' was discovered, most of the people going were being forced because they weren't wanted around for being dangerous (Criminals), Annoying (over zealous puritans etc) or gasp of horror TAX EVADERS.. lol… the religious types were high in attendance though, the type that believe theirs is the only right way, and if you dont behave and conform then you are a sinner and will go straight to hell, so basically they were sent away so we didnt have to listen to their nagging. But then without the monarchy to keep these criminals and zealots inline, they just started killing people to get their own way, partly making the british monarchy feeling they were right to send them out of sight and out of mind, but i feel shame personally, that these people were originally british. So I posulate that this distaste and shame at the "Scum of England" has endured through the centuries and thats why we bash americans, especially when arrogance and aggression are strongly on display. because it stirs up ancient prejudices towards nagging, holier than thou puritans… maybe… Of course high school was many years ago, so sorry if i got any bits wrong… I just remembered it made me feel better when I learned Kylie Minogue was descended from criminals! (Brits sent mostly crims and orphans to aus i think…) nowadays you only have to go to Liverpool to find the Scum! (not meant to offend any liverpudlians, there are actually many parts of UK where you can find scum, but that was a bash at my partner since he was born there… and I'm using his tube account… I'm Sammy btw!) Then again maybe im reading too much into history… it does repeat and we never learn from it afterall… ^_^

  32. Dunking your biscuits is such a British thing.

  33. We America bash coz some America think there the strongest country they are obnoxious not all Americans they are cool but some of them are just rude an think they rule the world American wouldn't have existed as it does today if it wasn't for us English

  34. Yeah usually the only time you’d see a flag in the the uk would be on a special occasion such as the queens jubilee or VE Day. Oh and when the World Cup is going on then you’d see lots of union jacks and people in England T-shirts.

  35. We take on our 'frenemies' France and Aussies (our sporting convicts) as much as the USA. We just have fun with with it but the French ignore us, the Aussies fire humour back to us but Americans seem to get really offended even if they in actuality don't. It then escalates, sadly. I wanted to say the word c*nt and take the piss but I was afraid to offend and I think that a nervous response is to say your culture is an oxymoron.

  36. We take the piss out of anything and anyone, nothing (and I mean nothing) is off limits.

  37. Great Quote! I have another one, Source: Canada. “Sharing a border with the US, Is like having an apartment above a Meth Lab”.

  38. I had a friend who was an English teacher and one day a Spanish student asked him "how come the Spanish only have a derogatory name for one nationality, the French, but the British had a derogatory name for every nationality in the world?"

    So to answer to your question is the British like bashing on every country, not only the Americans. However bashing on every country is unique. The specific unique features of bashing on Americans is it is so one sided, as Americans are unable to come back at us as they are poor at this game, they're too serious as a people. I guess bashing Americans is Beginner level and when players become more advanced they move onto to bashing other more difficult nations.

  39. As an American who hasn’t lived there in a couple decades I can definitely appreciate the foreign point of view regarding the people I’m often embarrassed to say are my countrymen

  40. if you think we bash you have you heard us with our cousins the welsh. Irish and the scotish how the third world war has not been started between our nations I have no idea. How ever as the saying goes I may not agree with you but we will stand up and fight your corner for you to have that opinion ( But don't think we wont take the Mick) sorry Ireland

  41. Most Brits and other nationalities only know of America through years of watching US TV shows, movies, celebrities and major news stories. We have been exposed to exaggerated versions of American culture.
    And yes, in many countries the earnestness will seem weird.

  42. Your comments about how what counts as base-level patriotism differs slightly between UK and US I had never even considered? really interesting honestly

    also the comments about why americans are so attached to their ancestors ethnicities. I have some thoughts:
    I think in both cases theres kinda of a… cultural barrier? when it comes to understanding these things for each others perspectives. As someone who was raised in a Scottish family but still identifies as primarily 'English' due to where I grew up/spent most of my time I also find it annoying when americans claim to be scottish when they might not even be able to point to edinburgh on a map. From my experience, you can still be proud of your heritage without saying 'I am scottish'. I use 'my family is/my grandparents were' not 'I am'.
    Americans don't realise that when they describe themselves that way, it undercuts another peoples' ownership of their own cultural identity by way of stealing the word for that identity which can be really upsetting.
    Regardless of this, America should do away with the phrase 'nation of imigrants' entirely. It's very anti-native.

    Cheers lads this was a good'un

  43. I think a lot of British people bash America because deep down they're jealous. America is a larger and more successful country with greater personal freedom. I'm English and I'd love to live in the US.

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