When Will We Journey Once more – Frequent Flyer Survey – Might 2020

I lately revealed a survey out to subscribers right here on YouTube, followers on Twitter (@JebBrooks) and Instagram (@JebBrooksFlies). These individuals signify frequent flyers and on this video I’ll share a number of the outcomes of that survey.

As a disclosure, I’m not an information scientist, survey professional, or statistician, however I nonetheless assume there’s some fascinating information right here value sharing.

Should you’d like me to conduct the survey once more within the coming weeks to see how attitudes have shifted, please let me know within the feedback. Additionally, when you have concepts about what to ask within the subsequent spherical of this survey, I’d respect that enter, too!

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  1. I enjoyed seeing the results of your survey! It will be interesting to see how the industry reinvents itself afterwards. I imagine there will be a big PR campaign on cleanliness of planes. The biggest barrier are government restrictions. As an expat, I can technically go home with quarantine, but can't return so I have two countries restrictions to keep in mind.

  2. I had a return flight booked back to the UK from Australia in April, needless to say that has been cancelled, the airline have given me a credit against a new ticket bookable up to 31 December this year. I think it's going to be 12-18 months unless a vaccine comes along sooner before I'll get back. Here in Oz if you have a permit to travel domestically and cross state borders you have a 2 week quarantine in each direction, adding 4 weeks to your trip! Internationally Australia and New Zealand are talking about a travel 'bubble' across the 'ditch' as they call it! But each state would have the right to still block interstate/ intrastate movement, all states and territories have been split into regions requiring permits to cross checkpoints. Rough times for everyone

  3. A question you should ask is WHERE people would be comfortable traveling after lockdown is over. For example, I may be American, but I am not leaving the Middle East for North America for maybe another 6 months after lockdown goes down. However, I would be okay with going to South Korea, Australia or Singapore.

  4. Stuck in Costa Rica, waiting to fly back home to Chicago, IL soon after COVID 19 issues under control.

  5. I'm glad I went to both Argentina and Czech republic last year. Although I really am ready to travel now. I might be flying to ATL soon.

  6. The middle seat wont happen, because….its just for show it wont work, you need at least 4 seats.

  7. Its mad that some people think that this mask wearing will be forever, when the virus has died down, whenever that is, there will be no need for masks

  8. what I've done is a cheap flight with a free cancellation sale

  9. @jebbrooks I am a survey expert and am about to launch a nationwide study. I can ask a question or two for you.

  10. My colleague and I were just speaking on this topic two nights ago. I have to fly across Canada for work four times a year and for my personal travel, I usually go to warmer destinations every three months (a lot have been cruises—but that is a different topic completely). Like you Jeb, I have no personal or work travel booked, which is an odd feeling, however, I think 2020 is done for me. I have always been wary of germs and been cleaning down my plane seats and tray tables for the past fifteen or so years before one could even buy travel-sized packages of wipes—baggies it was and I certainly got a few looks. From your survey some had mentioned paying more for a premium cabin to help with the social distancing and I completely understand that as this is what I do on my personal trips, and by no means am I wealthy, but I do not want to be cramped in to the point where I can smell the person next to me. Even for work, I would pay out of pocket to bid on a premium economy seat and if not that, still have on reserve an exit row to get some distance from others. I will wait, even when restrictions are lifted, to make sure that there is not another outbreak—this will take quite some time I believe. My largest concern overall is that right now there is a focus on cleanliness for airlines, but, if this passes to the point where it is not in the news daily, I fear carriers will revert back to just "grooming" again which by no way from my past experiences could this qualify as "cleaning". Overall, for myself and for some of my friends, this pandemic has us evaluating our future travel completely, not only from a flying standpoint, but other things such as hotels and cruises. To close, something positive—I have enjoyed watching your videos this past year and thank you for the effort in making them, R

  11. I had 4 trips canceled, 3 to California and 1 to Indiana, have another one to Indiana in June/July but the odds of the thing I am going there for aren't looking pretty so I'll probably be canceling that too.

  12. You can travel ANY time u want. Go out and enjoy your life!

  13. Good job Jeb as usual. I fly whenever I want even now. How you may ask? I am a virtual airline pilot with over 9,000 sixty minute hours of flying on my computer. As a retired Army officer who lives just south of you in Charlotte I am the COO for Westwind Virtual, WWA. We have a 150-200 pilots who when they want to go to San Juan, you crank it up and fly now as for real flight I leave that up to you and your buddy Sam Chui since it is hard to afford it on a retired ARNG officers retirement income. I have been blessed to fly many places around the world, to the far east and Europe along with Turkey as a part of my military service and miss being able to do so. Keep up the good work my friend and God bless.

  14. love the analysis…lets keep this going as the situation evolves!

  15. Mabey the Airport Security Administration should take passengers temps. when going thru security

  16. Hi Jeb, Argentina is planing to open the country in september, i Hope before . Hug from Buenos Aires.

  17. Good video. I hope everything gets back to normal soon.

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