It has been four weeks because the lockdown in Prague. What has modified within the metropolis? It’d come as a shock however the scammers are nonetheless on the market 🙁
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  1. great video! would like to see some videos of the food youve been cooking lately!! 🙂

  2. some humans are so despicable…the fact that the exchange place is still running at all after everything…what a fantastic way to show that the police and law has no power at all.
    I live in the Prague of Japan…Kyoto, and it could look the same, even worse on normal days when it comes to scamming and tourist prices…but somehow Japan still holds onto the noble honesty, so I can't say prices went down because they were always reasonable.

  3. On the bright side all the scammy money exchange places might go out of business

  4. I have always wanted to visit Prague and have watched your videos to help me when I would travel there. Unfortunately i don't see this happening any time soon, yet hopefully one day. Thank you for your videos and stay safe

  5. How does the czech rental system work? If you rent an apartment in the city now, can they kick you out later?

    Otherwise this might be a huge victory in the fight against the Air BnB pest, for a couple years at least.

  6. Very interesting to see how fast they are opening up in Europe. As I lived in west coast of Canada. I think our situation is much better than Czechia, there is no information when they are going to loose the restrictions yet as per April 20.

  7. That guy at the money exchange shop … complete human trash, and it can happen anywhere in any country… Thanks for making this video.

  8. Theme park Prague closed. Wish it could stay this way forever and people could start living there again.

  9. you're cool , we appreciate you making efforts to help people .
    btw, we followed your advice when visiting Prague , and your channel is enjoyable .

  10. I was there and I emailed you dude. Now I cant go

  11. Oh wow, 400 € for one apartment on a street like that.
    cries in Belgian prices

  12. Wow.. kuchen got shut down.. and I wanted to go there on my birthday trip back in November.. cripes man!

  13. I was supposed to be in Prague in March 13 for 4 days…¡ damn Covid-19 !

  14. I remember that passageway connecting Charles Bridge to Lavka being built in the 90s. It was much better when it was an open pavement, but I guess that would cause traffic issues, and people walking into the street in front of a tram

  15. Love these videos. 50kc for a beer is still too much! I remember when it was 6kc!

  16. I really do enjoy your videos. I hope you will be getting back to exposing scams and crooks, but you’re home videos in the kitchen are a lot of fun. Keep up the great work.

  17. I'm so looking forward to my next trip to Prague. Even if there are lots of tourists, I plan to visit the Honest Guide way…

  18. Does Czech law specifically prohibit Money Changers from exchanging currency at a horrible rate?

  19. You're a fool if you think this mask you're wearing, will protect you from coronavirus.

  20. Awesome video. Hope things return to normal soon in beautiful Prague!

  21. We had a school trip to berlin and prague but coronavirus ruined it.I was hoping to meet you there but sadly i won't.At least we are all safe!Stay home people

  22. I should have gone to Prague for my senior year trip, but because of corona, we’re not going any more☹️ which is extremely disappointing, because we were so excited thanks to your videos!

  23. How beautiful Prague is now !!! And without Trdelnik !!

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