What to pack for a Northern Lights Journey?: Tromso, Norway – Journey Weblog (RTW #3)

Hello associates! Right here is the short recap of Day Three of my world wide journey in charming Tromso, Norway in my quest to see the Northern Lights. At the moment I’ve additionally posted “What to Pack when planning a visit to see the Northern Lights”.

*Video Correction, I all the time publish my first take of each video and don’t edit so I unintentionally referred to as the your group “Arctic Adventures” as an alternative of Arctic Explorers as soon as through the video. I extremely suggest them!!

Particular thanks to Delphin from Arctic Explorers primarily based in Tromso, Norway for such a magical expertise!! Right here is he hyperlink to Arctic explorers web site: http://arcticholidays.org

Every day I will be recapping the excessive and low level of every day together with answering a query about my RTW journey. I hope you’ll be part of me on my Three month journey world wide by subscribing under.

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  1. I dont get how tourists go around with super thick jackets etc. in the winter while us local people from Tromsø go around with thin pants and thin jackets xD

  2. Who needs a camera , you have your memories. I travel the world and have never given 2 fucks about posting anything on social media . I have my memories of driving from Dublin Ireland to Belfast boat to Scotland then again to Oslo . Driving is the best . You don’t need shit . Just a good car with spare tyres

  3. Awesome video :)..which camera would you recommend (which would capture the northern lights well ofc), in a price range of 1000$ or less?

  4. Wow, able to constantly travel around the world, AND hot. Looks like someone hit the freekin biological and financial jackpot simultaneously.

  5. Some people (who've never seen the northern lights) tell me a GoPro would be a great camera to capture the lights. They only say you can't zoom in and out but it would still capture photos of northern lights. Have you heard this too?

  6. I'm going to buy a DSLR camera for Tromso, but can you recommend a price range because there are some that costs a few hundred to close to $1,000. What did you spend on yours?

  7. Yooooo! I Enjoyed your clip! We should be Friends Keep making Videos?

  8. I'm going on a trip to Norway in October for a cruise to see the northern lights, what i really wanted to know will i need thermal underwear?

  9. Omg I'm starting my Euro trip Oct 28th, my first destination is Norway! Will def go to the shop tmrw coz I got no warm clothes at all! Have fun

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