What To Do in St Helena

This journey to the St. Helena came about from 15 – 18 February 2020, earlier than the key present journey restrictions. I don’t encourage anybody to journey now. #StayHome. This is a video with my ideas on the present scenario:

St. Helena may be certainly one of my favourite locations I’ve ever visited. The Saints are a few of the kindest individuals I’ve ever come throughout in my travels. As a result of I had such a good time, I believed I’d strive one thing completely different for this video about St. Helena.

I usually make movies right here on YouTube about airways, however maybe essentially the most superb a part of aviation are the locations it could take. Locations like St Helena. So, on this video about St Helena, I’m attempting somewhat experiment: Let’s try some issues on the bottom in St Helena! We’ll discover a few of the highlights of St. Helena and a few of what I loved whereas I used to be right here. Let me know what you concentrate on this experiment by leaving feedback. I all the time admire suggestions! And subsequent week, I’ll submit a extra typical video about my return to the mainland.

St. Helena is residence to epic historical past, out-of-this-world surroundings, and unimaginable alternatives for intreprid vacationers.

We’ll discover the notorious Jacobs Ladder, Napoleon’s two residences on St. Helena, a few of the climbing out there on the island, in addition to a few of the most superb vistas.

That is my first try at a video about one thing unrelated to aviation, so I’d admire your suggestions. I feel it’s in all probability truthful to say I have to broaden my protection of issues like accomodations and meals if I proceed with this. Additionally, possibly I’ll do that on a separate channel. Anyway, let me know what you consider this primary try. And, additionally, let me know in case you’re heading to St. Helena as soon as we are able to all journey once more!

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  1. PLEASE NOTE I took this trip before the current travel restrictions. I am no longer traveling and recommend the same for you. #StayHome! For the latest information about traveling to St. Helena, check this website: https://jeb.flights/HLEtravel

  2. Thanks for this video. I first knew about St Helena when I read about Britain’s maritime empire. The British naval vessels would stop here before proceeding to Cape Town en route to India. The description about the island in that book that remains with me till today: “The climate was apparently so salubrious that sick men and unseasoned troops could recuperate and acclimatise quickly”. I really want to feel it one day.

  3. Hey Jeb! awesome video! Your videos are a nice escape from what is going on now! Once it is safe to travel again, please do continue videos such as this one as it was thoroughly enjoyed. I definitely want to go to St. Helena now!

  4. Yes continue doing videos about where you flew into.

  5. Jeb, we want to see beyond your airports (which are great). Keep ' em coming Jeb when we get over this bug.

  6. Maybe a travel/tourism vlog called Jeb Brook's Greener travels

  7. Jeb, I loved it! Please keep doing this on this channel! There really is no need for a separate one

  8. I wonder if those stairs killed Napoleon?

  9. I do believe there is a place for this type of video in your lineup, but I am of the opinion that it should be a different channel so as not to dilute the excellent flight reviews.

  10. Great review of St. Helena. This kind of short videos of places can enhance your channel.

  11. On the island, isn't there a beach to go swimming?

  12. An plans on visiting Ascension Island? Lived there from 2004-2008 and my brother was born there

  13. Even by watching this video, my level of 'wuss' go off the chart, when you show that stair from the top.

  14. Thanks for taking us to a place most of us will probably never get to. Nice video, thanks, Jeb!

  15. More of this please.
    I like the airplane reviews but its refreshing to see some stuff about the destination.

    Other reviewers be like "I went to this far flung place on a rare flight, but the seat product is bog standard"
    But I'm quite interested in the destination, especially st Helena. Its been on my radar for a whole, especially since regular flights have started.

  16. Hey Jeb. Loved the "different" video and am totally convinced to visit St Helena now. More please…

  17. Do more like this!! I know you like aviation but I always want to see what the place is like that you fly to!!

  18. Have we seen any edges to Jeb yet? He must be the nicest person on YouTube.

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