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New to Peru? There are such a lot of issues about Lima, Peru that absolutely shocked us as foreigners touring right here for the primary time. We’ll take you to discover the totally different districts/neighborhoods in Lima to see what it’s like right here and why it is visited by many vacationers. On this video, we may even present you among the most wonderful locations to see, our favourite locations within the metropolis; The place to go, what to eat. In case you are planning to journey to Peru and have Lima in your record, that is the journey video for you. Understanding what you possibly can anticipate from Lima, Peru is vital to raised plan your trip/journeys. Exploring Lima was really one of many highlights of our journey. From tradition, meals, individuals, surroundings, it actually has all the pieces to supply everybody. The principle first impression in Lima that you’re going to get is that you’ll most likely shock/shock on how numerous the town is. If you happen to go to the historic heart of Lima you’re going to get the full totally different feeling from if you go to Barranco or Miraflores.

All in all, we want you discover this video useful to provide you a glimpse of what you possibly can anticipate to expertise in Lima, Peru both in the future journey, brief time period or long run journey.

Lima (/ˈliːmə/, Spanish pronunciation: [ˈlima]; Quechua: Limaq) is the capital and the most important metropolis of Peru. It’s positioned within the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers, within the central coastal a part of the nation, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Along with the seaport of Callao, it kinds a contiguous city space generally known as the Lima Metropolitan Space. With a inhabitants of greater than 9 million, Lima is probably the most populous metropolitan space of Peru and the third-largest metropolis within the Americas (as outlined by “metropolis correct”), behind São Paulo and Mexico Metropolis.
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  1. Wow the building are awesome love the cool architecture never seen anything like that before. The coastline there is awesome nice scenery. The food looks amazing too. Some of that artwork is awesome

  2. The drink's name is Agua de Manzana, translated literally is Apple's water.

  3. salchicha not chicha, salchicha is sausage in Spanish and many times it means just a hot dog, chicha is the fermented corn drink.

  4. Was this filmed before the lockdown?….I hope u guys are back to ur home countries

  5. FUN FACT: The "weird" pine tree you saw, I think is a Norfolk Pine (originally from Norfolk Island between New Zealand and Australia). These are quite common as ornamentals but they have very similar ancient ancestors that were the dominant trees in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods (150-65 million years ago). Think dinosaur food. 😀

  6. when was this video recorded?

  7. In this 2 year came to Peru a lot of Wild Venezuelan people only they have stole so many turists.. becareful to you next trip to Peru. be alerte everwhere you go. Open eyes.

  8. As soon as you brought it up, I noticed, you definitely could pass as Peruvian lol. Hey, not a bad thing, they'll think you're a local and get charged local prices haha. Hope the quarentine didn't put too much of a damper on your travel plans. Hope you get a chance to visit the rest of the country, be safe.

  9. Man I could barely understand what she is saying and I've been to Thailand many times. Is she saying she is Thai? And peruvians look Thai?

  10. What camera do they use. Wow t
    What a quality and sound quality

  11. I lived in la molina for 2 yrs. Watch out for the fake bills and coins. Gotta roll your R s. when pronouncing. It's salchicha a sausage.

  12. When did you shoot the video? Are you stuck in Peru now?

  13. also the reason you probably had people saying that you would get confused for a peruvian (you do look peruvian by the way, if i saw you on the street here i would assume you were peruvian maybe from the rainforest/jungle region of the country) is because of the high indigenous admixture in many peruvians and obviously the indigenous peoples thousands of years ago came from asia, so its common to see asian features as well as the immigration we had from china and japan in the 1800-1900's which contributed greatly to that. so basically a lot of peruvians have semi asian features from the indigenous and also more recent asian admixture but are on the darker/tanner skinned side due to geographic location obviously, thus many peruvians looking quite thai.

  14. he was saying hot dog a lot and no one noticed LOL

  15. Did the U.S embassy give you a call? Try to stay away from the locals man I hate saying it but with the temperature change, South America will be the new hot bed for the virus.

  16. And no corona virus?

  17. It's too bad you guys weren't brave enough to leave the tourist areas. If you were you'd realize what a dump Lima Peru truly is.

  18. Lima: beautiful city, terrible street food!

  19. I hope you are Well. if you need help you can write to me. Inst @buccirave / FB christian vergara rave

  20. wow i really love the camera you are using to shoot your vlogs, would you be able to tell me what camera you are using?? thanks

  21. amazing – always so enjoyable to watch – you really know how to capture the essence of a place i feel

  22. See if you can find the elongated skulls (Paracas "alien" skulls) in the Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia del Perú

  23. I know someone from chat who lives in Lima. I sent her the link to this video. I told her if you guys are still there maybe she can meet you. Her name is Linda as in the Spanish word for pretty. If there's a lock down due to coronavirus maybe you guys could stay by Linda.

  24. LOL. When he said "sachita" I thought OMG that's what they call my wiener dog. (She's a dachushund)

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