What Has to Occur for Disney World to Reopen?

There’s an entire lot of uncertainty on the earth on the market and that extends to the Disney parks. We all know a number of you might be rescheduling your journeys or have a visit additional out this 12 months and also you’re unsure whether or not or not you’ll have the ability to go. We’re gonna break down the chances right now…

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This Post Has 33 Comments

  1. Disney can get the parks opened the fastest by pumping funds into the University who's developing a breathalyzer for Corona…that's it. DL already had a waiver to stay open and I'm sure WDW has the same. Segregate parking better (staggering one per row on an entire lot, filling up the lot, then moving onto the next lot), have every guest take a breathalyzer before they get on the tram and have every CM take one before reporting to work. They need to have one mobile breathalyzer station per row, allowing for maximum distance between parties before being tested. There might still be large rushes of people entering the parks (although I doubt it), so have the transportation staff set up a tape line before the mobile breathalyzer station gets there (removing it after they leave). The staff handling the breathalyzers should be nurses and have an attendant standing by who can explain the situation to a group who has tested positive.

    As for the resorts, same thing but every time a guest enters they need to take the test. The attendants should have cards ready to hand out to any group affected by the virus, listing the steps that the CDC recommends that they take.They should also change the requirements for going into public (in general) to mouth coverings and a corona test before entering ANY approved establishment. No gloves, because that helps spread the virus to every objects that person touches before changing their gloves (even if it protects them).Whatever Disney does, I hope they open soon! I already got it and got over it nearly 2 weeks ago, so I'm not worried about catching/spreading it.

  2. Wait I have made plans for reservations, fastpasses etc for my at the end of May trip, and they let us do it two weeks ago.. they’re still there on the Disney app, so I hope they’re not going to be cancelled!!

  3. Thank you for the update. Much appreciated.Can’t wait to get back to normal.

  4. There's one more important thing that has to happen. Disney NEEDS to cut all ties with money-hungry blackened-hearted AON and find another company that offers travel insurance.

    Disney World gave me my refund for my vacation package that was scheduled for five nights starting Mar 29th, but for the travel insurance they told me I needed to contact AON directly. After two long weeks, this is what AON said about offering refunds for vacations cancelled due to COVID-19:

    "The premium for the Travel Protection Plan is non-refundable after 10 days from purchase. The Travel Protection Plan cannot be transferred."

    Now I'm out $82.50 for literally nothing. All I can do now is hope they get a huge class action lawsuit or something.

  5. Since I hate crowds you couldn’t pay me enough money to go there anytime soon after they reopen.

  6. My mom cancelled our trip in June because it’s better to be safe than sorry. We’re going next year instead.

  7. I was really looking forward of going to disney world once it reopens, but hopefully they should lower the ticket prices, I mean come on, raising the ticket prices might not work for everybody, even if it means it reopens.

  8. i just hope that this pandemic will be over soon and cast members will be able to return safely. I got accepted for the disney college program in disney world for the fall 2020, my internship us supposed to start august and in january. I hope all of yall are being safe, STAY AT HOME!

  9. With all the potential park limitations coming (hours, parades, fireworks, etc), I hope they are planning to adjust the price of the tickets during this time and not charge a premium price.

  10. We were supposed to be there May 25th. I’d planned on rescheduling for 2021, but I’m kinda wondering if that’s too soon with new possible measures such as no parades, fireworks, etc.

  11. Curious what Disney did with all the park's perishable food supply after the sudden closure. Was this donated to cast members or local charities?

  12. its sad that the happiest place on earth has to close

  13. They've cancelled their college program through the summer. If it opens, the summer will be limited

  14. I think it would be totally crappy on Disney’s part to offer the Free Dining recovery offer beginning on June 1st if they didn’t intend on being open by then.

  15. I have reservations to go second week of June. Wondering if that will happen

  16. AJ I love your blogs but your not talking apples to apples when you compare US cases to China cases. China cases are speculated to be in the millions with deaths in the 100s of 1000s. You’ll never get an accurate number due to China being a communist nation. Therefor we have nothing to go on but our current state of affairs in the US. My guess is parks will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

  17. Zip codes 32 areas are all hotspots and disney happens to be 32830 it could take some time. I’ve been focusing on my Disney paintings and Instagram and listening to Disney park music to help with my Disney blues

  18. One big issue is cast members who dress in character costumes. All that touching and hugging.i guess the only thing I can think of right now is literally after every single hug or touching the costume must be sprayed with sanitizers somehow. Disney ain’t going to find to many people to hop into a costume without some sort of reassurance of their safety. It be interesting how that plays out. I suppose you could take their temperature before meeting or getting close. I have a forehead temperature literally in front of me as I type this. I am at work and take temperature every hour or so. Takes maybe 3 to 4 seconds.


  19. I saw somewhere that it’s going to open soon but everyone will be tested before they can enter the parks

  20. She doesn’t ever say corona cuz YouTube is demonitizing vids abt it for some reason

  21. So what should you do about your vacation?? Drumroll please… I dunno. LOL Honestly, I think I'm more bummed by the thought of a "socially distant" Disney than a closed one. If we're talking reduced hours, no parade, no fireworks, limited capacity, etc.– why go? I don't mind having somebody take my temperature or being made to stay away from people in line, but if you can't get the full Disney experience, it's a waste of money. I was so looking forward to this trip which we had already postponed, but if "open" really means semi-closed, I won't be going this summer. Bummer. I just hope the government finds a way to test everyone so we don't have to act like everyone is a carrier.

  22. Flatting the curve won’t do shit with out a cure or treatment. Rebound will occur. Noting going back to normal for a while.

  23. Supposed to be going June 23rd to Florida? What’s everyone thinking of the chances of that

  24. In short term yes Disney might need to implement more safety but once that vaccination is out like the seasonal flue things should go back to the normal Disney won’t be able to limits of number of people in parks it will cues them even bigger problems in long run I think Disney Waht reopen until this has vanished and if I go by euro diseny employer some have said things will reopen with hardly any changes once the vaccine is out

  25. It’s not gonna open until at least later then April 30th , Florida is on lockdown until then. My guess is maybe late May early June

  26. My friend's band was driving back from their trip when the parks announced the closures and our trip was the next week but we couldn't go because of the closures

  27. If what we are being told in Las Vegas is any indication…the a casinos have announced continuation of paying employees and covering health plans out through June 15. that date has been moved twice in 2 to 3 week increments is since late March. Airlines are grinding to a slo halt weekly as they furlough more crews..so April, ,ay and June are probably going to be a wash.

  28. I think once there's a vaccine and people start getting it they can start thinking about reopening

  29. AJ, your voice soothes my anxiety during this difficult time. you've done the same for me, 2 years ago when i discovered your channel and you helped me find a better place in my head by posting your videos. I dont live anywhere near a disney park but wathcing videos calm me so much. Thank you for everything that you and the rest of the team do <3 Stay safe!

  30. I think we’ll come out the same way we went into this: gatherings of 100+ will be last to be allowed. I can’t see that happening before July.

  31. The WORLD REALLY needs to “flatten” the CCP for causing this pandemic!!!

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