Welcome To Q – Qanon For Newbies – THE GREAT AWAKENING

Every each single day increasingly more persons are waking as much as the Qanon/Q motion and have questions and need to know the place to start out. Everybody retains asking me to ship them movies, proof and issues to observe. So on this video I will be taking you step-by-step on what you’ll want to watch in what order and in addition inform you a bit bit about Q & Qanon. Is JFK Jr. alive?
Let’s focus on….


It has already began, we’re in “The Storm” and I am asking you to have a bit religion in “The Plan”! Nobody mentioned it will likely be simple however so many wonderful issues have occurred this week that present us that that is getting in the correct route!

We’re WINNING! Nothing can cease what’s coming. Nothing. GOD WINS! Get up folks! That is THE GREAT AWAKENING! Crew Qanon

This HUGE occasion will go down in historical past as one of many best tales ever advised — “The Nice Awakening” – Q (Qanon) WWG1WGA

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*Begin with, The Plan To Save The Wold, then Killing The Mockingbird, We Are The Plan, Q- Darkish to Mild



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*X22report (day by day podcast about updates/2 podcasts a day)
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*David Wilcock (has been talking about this for 11 years/plenty of good data)




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  1. All my friends say qanon is fake but it feels real to me, I'm just not certain… The only thing about Trump is 'why does he support the genocide in Palestine??? "

  2. Where can I find all the links you spoke about in the vid, please?


  4. Q is Ouroboros, the serpent or dragon who bites his own tail. It represents the completion of satan's plan. Q is the antichrist!!!

  5. Please tell me. Is this lockdown being drawn out while the arrests are taking place? And are we still going to get zapped with 5G? Which is being installed all over the world right now??
    Please reply? Nobody ever does
    If not here my email is

  6. Thanks for the list of videos to check out. I stumbled across this stuff on a YouTube channel called Where We Go One We Go All. He had another great video today. Keep up the good work.

  7. If any man deserved witness protection it was JFK Jr. Im just saying

  8. For the realy unwoke, you might wanna start with the movie Thrive. It's free on youtube.

  9. There is only one truth, that Truth that compels itself upon All of us.
    That JFK Jr. stuff is juvenile, give it a rest, let them rest in peace.


  11. Just look up a channel( If You Knew Only ) will explain a lot as well !

  12. I want to believe i really do but i something inside me just thinks there is evil coming.

  13. And I thought I had seen it all! A woman like this with open eyes!!! Hence I am learning about new compatibilities at my age. Plus what I will see soon.
    Its been a great pleasure to learn about you existence. Keep at it, WWG1WGA.

  14. The Great Awakening turned into The Great Depression. Ladies and Gentlemen, this air head bimbo is the Definition of a Q-Tard.

  15. Crazy how "research" these days consists solely on watching videos. I'm surprised people can still be bothered to wipe their own asses…

  16. Some knowledge from the other side. There is a battle between the forces of darkness and light for control of this planet and the human consciousness, as well as control over the use of the human body and DNA. Recently, spiritual warfare has escalated  in the worldscape, and those awakened people that are connected to the planetary consciousness body, are able to feel the intense pressure we are enduring as this battle rages on in the interdimensional planes, and at the moment, hidden from mainstream media and in most people’s awareness to realize that the events transpiring in the world involve a massive war over controlling the consciousness on this planet. The players are human and non-human, and involve the hierarchy of control that extends way beyond the planetary control mechanism of the Power Elite. As we are provided dispensations that allow us to embody divine energy in physical form, and  move the planetary awareness toward the higher light and higher consciousness in the next harmonic universe, the survival and force of the darkness and its artificial intelligence control networks on this planet is threatened. Most of these artificial intelligence software systems installed in the planetary consciousness body, explicitly rely on the matter fields vibrating at certain parameters of low frequency, in order to maintain their invisibility within the human visible light spectrum. As these lower dimensions roll up into the next harmonic scale, these dark forces, their agendas, such as the mainstreaming of Satanism, become much more visible and clear to the people of this earth, who are starting to see the clear evidence of the crimes made against humanity, and humanities children. Those in positions of power have been put there explicitly because of their consent and willingness to carry out the crimes against humanity on behalf of the Negative Alien Agenda, in exchange for money, resources, power, temporary life extension (immortality) and control over the rest of the people. Some have been told they will be escorted to safety onto other planets, when and if disclosure events happen on a mass scale. 

    During this time of shift into the higher consciousness realms of the next harmonic universe, and the resultant need to create new paradigms that support the recognition of value for all human beings and for life itself, there are new multi-dimensional challenges for those humans that are taking a conscious, pro-active and leading role in their own evolution and the evolution of the planet.  These challenges come in many forms including psychic attack, artificial intelligence trackers, negative implants, tags and dark entities that direct interference in order to diminish the quality of our energetic resources, physical vitality and optimum functioning by harvesting and utilizing our precious resources. Hence, suppressing our ability to perceive greater realities of truth and live our maximum soul’s potential of experiencing spiritual fulfillment, sovereignty and freedom on the Earth Plane. During the evolutionary process of one’s awakening and remembrance of the soul’s blueprint and contracts, the more conscious and ascended beings take back their sovereignty and live in accordance with the laws of the Creator, rather than man-made laws, thereby transcending the dark tyranny and existing in alignment to the high frequency of living light.   As a result of living in the light, these humans, through their actions, influence and guide others to the light and truth, thereby exponentially increasing the power of the light and truth in this world, and diminishing the power of tyrannical control that the darkness uses to keep people in bondage and servitude. 

    Those awakening to remember themselves as multidimensional light-beings and becoming a part of the collective Starseed grid network on this Planet tend to be the targets for these dark forces and their technologies, such as methods used for electronic harassment.  The energy of a highly conscious human being creates a frequency signal that activates the radar screen of awareness at the center of control for dark consciousness.  Once on the radar screen of darkness, darkness places a tag, artifact, attachment or cord on the enlightened being to track them and determine if they are a threat to the survival of the ego predator mind, and the type of self-awareness that the darkness represents as a consciousness.  The forces of darkness include many broad streams of sentient beings that are trapped in the planetary consciousness body, and they exist as spiritual forces that are locked into time and matter, unable to evolve, until humanity stops feeding them. It is important to understand that the forces of Satanism are not intellectual forces as claimed by the atheists behind the Church of Satan, but encompass a massive hierarchy of darkly primitive conscious beings, many of these forces can be described by an energetic signature that directly connects them with Fallen Angelics, Watchers, such as the Baphomet or Leviathan fields. These collective satanic forces make up collective consciousness streams that then can be connected to demonic bodies or generated to create more groupings of satanic hierarchy in the earth. These forces can hop into a human vessel that is unaware, weakened, and mind controlled by the consent of the satanic vibration. These satanic beings exist at different levels of darkness and depravity, however, they operate together as a collective consciousness force that is directed by off planet entities that are higher and more powerful in the Satanic chain of command. Satanic forces are not sovereign entities, they are parasitic and need human energy to exist, they can appear human or not human as Negative Alien bodies, and they are trapped in the matter fields or low densities, unable to evolve beyond the bondage and servitude to the earth plane, and are slaves to those dark forces that are higher on the food chain. By the way nice video. Trump is on light side. Subbed.
    A Light Worker.

  17. When Hunter Avalon realizes that it sucks being a leftist he will try to come back claim that he was going under cover

  18. I know it sucks but I actually try to pay more attention to the people around Trump. Everyone that he puts out there is basically being exposed to us all as to what they really are. He is letting them go through with their plans to expose and stop it at the same time. Not only do we know who the traitors are, we caught them red handed in the act. This entire presidency has been about draining the swamp and now we see whose in it. They're all going to jail for treason, conspiracy to commit genocide, conspiracy to remove civil rights, extortion, trafficking crimes against humanity etc.. NESARA will be enforced and reparations paid. They will be the ones to pay it.

  19. As for John Jr being alive, just think about a few things, before you write it off as crazy. First of all, why are you so convinced that he's dead?
    Because the mainstream media told you so?
    Because no one's really seen him in public, since?

    He's a Kennedy, how hard could that second part be to overcome? And how difficult would it be for them to play off his death to media, selling them whatever story they want? Epecially in 1999, when there wasn't as much technology and social media, like there is today.

    Look at the facts and decide for yourself.

    Supposedly, his plane went down on a very hazy night, with a low visibility range and no visible horizon. With only 55 hours of night flying logged, obviously that wouldn't have been a wise night to be flying, in the first place. Do we think he was stupid? No. At the time of the crash, he had about 310 hours of flying experience, and only 55 of those hours were night flying. Even aside from all of that, which is least relevant in all of this, consider the following.

    His body was never publicly seen and he was the only Kennedy ever cremated, besides his wife. I have a theory that the only Dead Kennedys are buried Kennedys.

    Who had the most to gain from his death? Who took the Senate seat after his plane went down? Hillary Clinton, already well known for taking people out who are in her way.

    Also, remember that he made a promise "I will expose my father's killers, no matter who they are, even if I have to bring down the whole government." What better way to do that, than to make your enemies think you're dead?

    So, imagine this, his secret service inspects his plane, as they always do, finding a suspicious piece of putty that turned out to be an explosive. Now they know someone's trying to kill him, but he has dodged it this time. He also knows that, if he surfaces, they will know they were unsuccessful and only try again. And he may not be so lucky next time. So, he put the plan into motion to have a pilot take the plane up and drop out with a parachute, crashing the plane into the water, as expected.

    Then he used loyal Navy divers, who supposedly found the bodies, but the public never saw them and neither did his enemies. Like I said, they were cremated after that and thought to be dead. Hillary took the Senate seat and everything went on, as planned. Timberwolf Bush thought he was home free, from all of this too. He either let the Clintons do his dirty work or maybe he helped. Let's not forget Bill Clinton was President at this time.

    Since then, John Jr. has been working from the shadows and joined forces with Trump, who was already a known friend of his. They created the Q movement and now everything they've been talking about is coming to light and coming to be. Many things have already happened, that we knew we're going to happen beforehand, and many other things are going to happen, that we already know are coming. Now, does it seem quite as crazy, that JFK Jr. is still alive, as it did before?

  20. ENEMY Of The STATE “We The People” USA, Inc. 1871. When our public servants became “Sovereign Citizens” see 2nd Amendment “A well regulated Militia” regulated by the states! Tyranny by Washington, D.C.

  21. Shiva Ayyadurai is the best reference for virus information. Listen to him and Trump. Do not turn on main stream media. You will never be able to sort vh the truth listening to both.

  22. Actually Google is open now. You can actually get unbiased information which didn't used to happen.

  23. you should check out prayingmedic on youtube he does pretty good Q decodes also check out And We Know and thank you for the info

  24. Believe it or not YouTube brought me here haha they recommended

  25. God blankets Donald Trump and anybody touches him says bad things against PDT God will strick them down & attack back EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! The more one chooses to attack President Donald Trump! God will go after them. Good won this strong evil globalist battle! No one can mess with the anointed one by God. The Holy Spirit is just as real as these demonic evil puppets of Satan. Everything that shadows and slithers in the sneaky Darkness always comes to the light.

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