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Weekend in my life in BOSTON! Hope you guys loved this journey vlog stuffed with cozy espresso retailers, town, and Harvard. Love you guys a lot xx

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  1. HOLA me he suscrito a tu canal si te gusta la cocina sana y fácil visitarme te sorprenderá.segimos en contacto.

  2. You will never run out of coffee shops or excellent dining, Hear in this grand old city.

  3. Boston has lots of interesting historical sites all close together, like the church that Paul Revere attended and the site of the Boston Tea Party. I guess you're not into American history unless it includes Kim Kardashian's birthplace and the hospital where Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn.

  4. Okay you did really nothing you couldn’t do at home …. I mean come on you didn’t walk the freedom trail? You spent all that money on a Hyatt hotel and didn’t even get your moneys worth

  5. You can’t take over 8 ounces of fluid or aerosol cans on an airplane

  6. I want to summer in boston ,you can review it please

  7. I LOVE Boston I went to law school there and loved everything about it definitely an upgrade from my hometown in Vermont which was literally 15 minutes from the border and had absolutely nothing lol

  8. Hey, thanks Renee Amberg! I did enjoy this video! I miss living in a big city. Yes, I used to live in Boston, MA. Unfortunately, I had to move because it was super expensive for me at the time.

    I now live in a small town in Laramie, WY. I hate it there. I miss the big city population. I'm actually an extrovert. I like civilization. I miss big city diversity, nightlife, so many indoor activities, transportation options, job opportunities, more intelligent people, and the general open-mindedness in big cities. Anybody that has ever live in a small-town probably knows what I'm talking about…

    Next time you're in Boston, MA try the nightlife? There are fun dance clubs, bars, and many more.
    Renee, did you use the T to get around or rideshare?

  9. What ? You didn’t have clam chowder ? Omg it’s the best !!!! Well, I just uploaded a Boston video myself … let me know what y’all think. Awesome video by the way ❣️

  10. Nice! Mike's cannoli's were awesome. I went to a few of those places in my own vlog haha

  11. Very informative video on Boston (and touching on Harvard University). The only thing I would be conscious of, however, is how often you use the work “like”. Like it’s just far too often, if you know what I mean.

  12. i live in ma aha love it here:)) I love how the city isn't as crazy as the others

  13. i was in Boston ,,,,very good plus Woscester Natick Reading Southborough and mo

  14. I’m moving to Boston to go to Harvard (class of 2023) in the fall!! I was already excited about my acceptance, but now i’m even more so!! Thank you ❤️

  15. Beautiful vlog. I hope I can visit the US one day, there is so much there that I want to see!!

  16. Quand on veut valoriser une visite on passe a l'essentiel et les 7,40 premières minutes ne servent à rien, comme tout au long du reportage. Beaucoup de blabla pour rien, donne le nom des rues, des magasins au moment où tu passes devant.
    Tu peux mieux faire, parce que là, cela ne m'incite pas à visiter cette ville.

  17. Un sous-titre en Français serait un plus.

  18. just discovered your channel. Very nice. Greetings from Sweden

  19. My sister and I are going to Boston for spring break and I just got so excited watching your video!! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  20. Hi Renee, new to your channel and really like your videos :). Was wondering if you keep a list of books you read and recommend somewhere? Your reading choices look really interesting. Love from the Netherlands and have a good Sunday ✌️

  21. Usually nobody comes to Boston during the winter cause of our bad winter storms. But we’ve been lucky this year so far.

  22. You look so amazingly beautiful in this city. I walk by that Tatte place every day and always look at the people sitting at the window you were sitting. Did you go to the North End by any chance? They have a Mikes Pastry there too and right next to it they sell amazing cappuccinos in an amazing Italian coffee shop setting. There are a few great diners around the city for great breakfast like Mikes Diner in the South End or Charlie’s. Quincy market is great too but it’s considered by a lot of locals as a tourist trap. Walking around Beacon Hill is great too. You guys ought to try Boston in the Spring or Summer. Just walking around the Boston Common is amazing. Tom Brady and Gissele ( New England Patriots ) used to have a place on Beacon Street near Newbury Street, commonwealth Ave. outside of Boston, some great places to visit are Salem, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Provincetown etc etc. I just love this city so much and I live here and get very excited when people,come and enjoy it like you guys.

  23. Boston is an amazing city especially in the spring and summer. It has so much to offer everywhere you turn from the North End ( Italian neighborhood to Harvard Square ) I have lived in this city since 1980 and I fall in love with it more and more as it keeps evolving with all the new living structures going up and businesses restaurants you name it. It’s very romantic and a great place to be young and in love. Imagine you are in love with someone walking down gorgeous Newbury Street, have a romantic dinner, stay at a beautiful hotel go shopping, drink cappuccinos and make love love love … it’s amazing. I took my girlfriend out one night to an amazing restaurant, stayed at the Ritz for the night, walked around the city and made love in all the senses ( companionship, history, architecture, physically, emotionally etc ) and we both live here and still it was amazing. The city is gorgeous, she’s gorgeous and the experience is gorgeous.

  24. I'm really glad you enjoyed it here, but I will recommend that if you ever come back, do so in almost literally any other season, winter is the worst time of year here in Boston. really, if you thought Harvard Sq was pretty in January, you should see it in Summer.

  25. I am obsessed with all of your vlogs
    now watching all in a loop

  26. Boston is a great city. I lived there… so miss the trains and shops

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