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We have been planning to journey, however after our preliminary plan of driving with motorbikes did not prove as we tought, we got here up with a recreation changer thought. Discover out on this …


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  1. You are in india so Don't miss any recommended things.
    May be you will see old india , busy traffic , crowded ,animals on road but it doesn't matter because of it don't miss any other valuable things lol , first confirm what you wanna see here. And if you have any future plan of visiting Jaipur city then i am here to guide you. Happy journey:)

  2. You guys are so freaking serious..yiu bought a van with 120k. wow…btw new sub no 396

  3. Looklike lots of adventures videos are coming..can't wait…just be safe and take care of cute girl…

  4. You guys are doing a great job….
    Just subscribed your channel…All the best for the upcoming journeys…
    I am really excited for the next video…✨

  5. Guys put videos continuously then only all Indians know you.And we give full support for u.youtube is delayed ur videos in recommendations list

  6. So you are going to use 'public' toilets and resthouses…bad, terrible, disgusting idea. You will end up regretting the decision just from the health and hygiene point.

    AAb yeh East European goreah India ke gandi sandaz dekhayenge. Dekho bahi dekho Sulabh sauchalya ke react/review! Slumdog Dog Millionaire II.

  7. V cool idea not much ppl do so.. but just be safe driving in india !

  8. Holy Fuck!!!! You guys were looking for Royal enfield, it's good you went for Van Godspeed………

  9. Have a great time. Please do make some reaction videos on Indian movie trailers, which is a good way to know more about India. It could also help you to increase your YouTube subscription and interact more with Indians online.

  10. driving is no joke in india , stay safe .we indian have experience of indian roads so we find driving anywhere else on planet too easy.
    transportation is cheap in india and petrol or diesel prices are high in india.

  11. the girl is so beautiful . the guy with beard looks indian 🙂

  12. great idea . suggest you to travel south india by van . in north india cities traffic would be very busy and up north in upper himalayas there can be snow . in southern india and west india it would lot more enjoyable .

  13. The video is VANdalizingly good 🙂 Keep it up! I like your new hairstyle, Weronika!
    A video ismét remek lett, csak így tovább! Tetszik az új frizurád, Weronika!

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