We Lived On Chilean Meals, However Is It Good? (Santiago De Chile) 🇨🇱

That is our first time attempting Chilean meals. Is Chilean meals scrumptious? What to eat particularly in Santiago, Chile? This video reveals one of the epic days we have now in Chile to this point. We explored deep into the native expertise and meals tradition in Santiago, Chile. On this video, you’re going to get to discover with us the spotlight of Chilean delicacies.

Chilean Meals We Tried :
1. Anticucho
2. Tequenos
3. Chicha ( The dessert )
4. Pino Empanada
5. Paila Marina
6. Pastel De Choclo
7. Ceviche

Santiago (/ˌsɒntiˈɑːɡoʊ/ /ˌsæntiˈɑːɡoʊ/, Spanish: [sanˈtjaɣo], derived from “Saint-James”), often known as Santiago de Chile, is the capital and largest metropolis of Chile in addition to one of many largest cities within the Americas. It’s the middle of Chile’s largest and most densely populated conurbation, the Santiago Metropolitan Area, whose complete inhabitants is 7 million. The town is solely positioned within the nation’s central valley. Many of the metropolis lies between 500 m (1,640 ft) and 650 m (2,133 ft) above imply sea degree. Santiago is the cultural, political and monetary middle of Chile and is residence to the regional headquarters of many multinational firms. The Chilean government and judiciary are positioned in Santiago.

Chile, formally the Republic of Chile, is a South American nation occupying an extended, slim strip of land between the Andes to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage within the far south.
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Hello, We’re Jimmy and Tah,

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  1. It would have being great if you guys find food from a native Chilean. Most people in the street are not native, trying to make a living.

  2. That anticucho más actually not made by a Chilean including the spicy sauce. Venezuelan-Colombian. Including the second place.
    Also, I would not recommend to go to these vendors. Many of these vendors for their food buy the meat that the butcher shop was going to throw out. Many vendors buy the cheapest vegetable oils and reuse many times. Tequenos are NOT Chilean. You may have tried a tequeno with more/less cheese or breading but that’s just the level of talent…guys do your homework before making a video wow!

  3. Rocoto is Peruvian and the best and most restaurants in Chile are from Peru. Greetings from UK.

  4. Jim the rainbow sprinkle king haha. I love seafood and would have a hard time to decide what to have. Everything you had looked really good.

  5. More than ever, right now, your vlogs are a life saver. A wonderful distraction from the being house bound. I am also loving this because my grandmother was born in Chile. Thank you Jimmy and Ta. Stay safe.

  6. Tequeño and Chicha are from Venezuela. I recommend to eat Humitas, chacarero, Caldillo de congrio, Chorrillana, Sopalpilla, Curanto and so on… I don't recommend to eat street food on Plaza de Armas and near from Cali canto Station are unhealthy.
    Also Plaza de Armas is a center place where many immigrants get there (Peruvians, Bolivians, Ecuadorians, Venezuelans, Haitians, Colombians) you can see cultural diversity there. I recommend visit Cajon del Maipo is around 1 hour from Santiago. Have a great trip

  7. You both should know the
    United States has advised all Americans to come home while you can. Traveling to the states could stop indefinitely. Be safe, God be with each of you.

  8. That video must have been made before the covid 19 virus outbreak. It's crawling with people in the streets.

  9. wow some of it looks so good we love to try all new food as we travel hope you guys are good in ny stay safe

  10. Wonderful vid as always. I was wondering if you could do a video of you both cooking at home? You must have picked up some great recipes.

  11. Hi guys, I was watching your video (I'm from Chile) and just wanted to let you know that tequeños and chicha (the dessert) are not Chilean dishes! Please fix this in the caption. These are sold in Chile because of people from other latinamerican countries, but they're not Chilean. We do have an alcoholic drink called chicha, and many other typical dishes that you could've search for and try like cazuela, completos, churrascos, many other sandwiches, charquicán, carbonada, etc. And many drinks like terremoto o piscola. But, as other comments say, Chile is not known for its street food, I think it's actually "forbidden" (or kind of illegal) to sell street food I think because it doesn't meet the hygiene regulations (which doesn't mean is not delicious and nice but that's just the regulations), and most of our typical dishes are eaten at home or local eateries. Also a very popular and yummy street food is sopaipillas, specially sopaipillas "pasadas". Just thought I'd give you some feedback 🙂 Very glad you could travel around Chile specially in this period with all the social situation, and that you liked it 🙂 thanks for showing a little bit of my country and hope Chilean people treated you well.

  12. Good to see local people warning you about camera theft and they are generally helpful. Food also looks amazing.

  13. Those are also Venezuelan tequeños ! Hahahaha and Venezuela chicha too

  14. There is not a massive street food culture in Chile. What street food there is, it is largely due to immigration from Peru and Venezuela (e.g, tequenos). Sandwiches now, that's another story! from Ron Jermyesque hotdogs to massive beefsteak sandwich of all sorts we cannot be beaten. Sea food, BBqs and wine are amazing too…

  15. You should have gotten the italiano completo that comes with avocado! That’s the more traditional one. Once a week I make those at home and I also dislike seafood so as a Chilean my family pretty much disowned me for it.

  16. That Paila Marina looks delicious. BTW, which visa did Tah use to enter Chile if i may ask?

  17. All the food looked great, especially the Empanada, never seen an empanada with egg inside, spotted a Puerto Rican flag at 14:49, where I grew up, like always, great vlog.

  18. Food overload ! Great content! I noticed people kept reminding you guys to keep your camera safe.

  19. Yeah, I could never find spicy food in Chile. I even found an Indian (Comida Hindu) restaurant and would beg them to make the food spicy but it was never spicy. Horse meat is eaten in Chile, be on the lookout for that. I never heard of llama meat when I lived in Santiago. That sweet drink you didn't like too much probably had manjar in it. Manjar is called dulce de leche in Argentina and when I've seen it in the US they also call it dulce de leche. Manjar is incredibly popular in Chile but most foreigners don't get what the big deal is about it. If you make any friends in Chile they will probably invite you to an asado, where they grill up a bunch of meat. If someone calls it a barbecue, the gringos get disappointed because they can't find any barbecue sauce in Chile ha ha.

  20. the lady vendor 6:09 who doesn't want to show her face on the camera maybe she's a Venezuelan who migrate illegally to Chile, that's why she doesn't want to show her face or to be filmed, I think she wants to avoid the authorities to recognise her, there are lots of Venezuelan immigrants in Chile, because of what happened in Venezuela right now, you can see in her cart the printed heart shape Venezuelan flag..

  21. How do you eat so much and not gain any weight? I think I just gained 2 pounds watching you eat!

  22. I assumed you were going to have this problem but I didn't expect this was going to be literally the first commentary in it because Chilean people rarely have lunch or dinner on the streets. Sure there are empanadas, sopaipillas but for most people that doesn't count as a meal.

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