We Fly Dwelling Earlier than Lockdown (24 Hours Of Journey)

It is unlucky that our journey in South America is coming to the top. We obtained a last-minute flight from Rio, Brazil again to USA earlier than the lockdown in South America Occur. That is what it is wish to fly internationally within the present scenario.
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Hello, We’re Jimmy and Tah,

American and Thai Millennials left the profession in army and finance to turn out to be full-time vacationers, documenting our reminiscences alongside the best way. Met in August 2015 in South Korea, kicked off touring in September 2017 with $4000 in a financial savings account and first began publishing our journey on the best way we stay the life we have now all the time dreamt of – touring and having the ability to work wherever we love ( so long as there’s Wi-Fi and occasional)

☼ CURRENT STATUS: homeless, stay the life out of baggage, journey continuous, and develop love alongside the best way.

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  1. Great video and good to know. Stay healthy and safe. Meantime stay home. Can’t wait to see more…

  2. Good decision to take the loss on the ticket. Glad you guys are ok.

  3. Why are you going back to the USA the virus is spreading like wildfire. The economy will crash and the unemployed and the sick will take out vengeance. The USA is going down a dark path of lockdowns and danger. Why not go to a safe country and wait it out like Belarus? Stay safe guys.

  4. Not many people have the good luck to have the chance to possibly die doing what they love; it’s good you are taking the plunge, face your destiny, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ !

  5. im here in Canada and we are in full force lock down except for essential services. I will watch your videos but this is global stay well

  6. you would have been safer in Thailand than US but wish you all the best

  7. I’m so glad you’re home! My mom is currently stranded in Lima Peru at the moment. Her and a few other thousands of citizens. The Peruvian govt closed their borders and only gave a few hours notice. We’re now waiting to hear back from the US Embassy about a charter plane out. All while the Coronavirus affects the whole world, it’s so overwhelming. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

  8. Dude, you don't need a mask. The virus isn't floating around, there's no reason to use a mask. In fact, with the mask on you're at risk because you're not a nurse or a doctor, so you don't know how to use the mask. When medical professionals put a mask on, they don't touch it anymore… ever. The next time they are gonna touch it is to throw it away. In the case of normal people, they put the mask on and keep touching it and they end up touching their faces even more often, and that's how the virus get in.

  9. Glad you guys are ok and staying put for a while. Stay healthy.

  10. Today is my last day in Brazil. American Airlines cancelled all flights but never sent me a notice. I was able to contact them and they did rebook me on United at no additional cost. Travel date 24 March.

  11. I'm not saying that Tah has corona virus, but many corona carriers are symptomless. This is why many countries ask their people to stay home (like mine do, in Indonesia) because those silent carriers might spread the virus to the weak.

    Anyway, since you're both home, please take a good care of your health and quarantine yourself for 14 days. It's always nice seeing you guys.

  12. Glad you arrived safe and well. Can’t wait for your next adventure. Stay safe in your hometown.

  13. Glad you arrived safe and well. Can’t wait for your next adventure. Stay safe in your hometown.

  14. Glad you got back home safe. Love your videos, they inspired me to start uploading vlogs from the month long trip we did around SEA in January. I guess we will all be watching travel related content for the foreseeable until things calm down. Stay healthy

  15. Keep safe, in a few weeks you’ll know if you are in the clear. Can’t wait to see more of your trips in SA.

  16. I watch your vlogs and think they are great!

    But in this instance stop whinging about the $1k+ you are losing on flights etc to get home!

    People in most western countries and in Europe are losing their businesses and their livelihoods to Wuhan Flu!

    And be grateful that you actually got a flight out to go home and arrived safely with your girlfriend!

  17. I hope you do not mind my question and I have followed you from the get go but why travel during such a time as your only asking for trouble plus many people carry the virus but never have symptoms. During such a time travelling serves only to spread such a virus causing more deaths. I just do not get it. What I share is just my opinion I'm sharing and my heart goes out to you both as my wife and daughter are in cebu city and I am in the uk right now so I am worried. I hope it this virus does anything it makes easy travelling harder as it is just created a virus factory. I understand you stopped traveling and I'm happy your both in the us. I just do not understand why you did not stop sooner as I'm sure I'm not the only viewer who was worried for you both because unlike other channels you do not use click bait nor do you stay based in the Philippines to grow your channel on the back of ofw. You are a channel of two decent humans who are ready to like please if this ever happens again ground yourself asap. 🙂 love yo you both. X X X

  18. Stay safe guys. I know how you feel, I to cancel my trip to Vietnam. Jim i have that problem with not touching my face too lol. Our state government has shutdown all non essential services from midnight tonight. Scary stuff. Glad you both got to the States ok. Take care and ill be patiently waiting for this to end and see you back on the road x

  19. I like that shirt Jimmy, gimme me that ! Seriously, keep safe guys ! Tal of travelling clatt is stuck here in Cagayan de Oro philippines. He showed onenof ur videos. Much love from your followers in the Philippines.

  20. Stay safe and healthy Jimmy and to your girl friend, looking forward to see a video again back here in the Philippines.

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