We Booked a LAST MINUTE Flight Dwelling! 😳 Dubai to Moscow to NYC

So a lot of you may have been asking the place we’re and what our plan is because of Covid-19, so we’re taking a break from our Sri Lanka movies to point out your our present state of affairs and our grueling final minute journey again to the USA.

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  1. Good on toilet paper and paper towels. Welcome back to scared panicked hoarders.

  2. What was crazy was that they said fill this paper and they didn't even check! Wow!!

  3. No screening The USA has made a big mistake / we have made the same Mistake in Canada / you guys stay safe thanks

  4. The 14 day self isolation is very important. Many of the new cases are person to person contagion with people who have not been traveling at all. I'm in Ontario Canada and it is just starting here. It is expected to get much worse before it gets better. Unfortunately for you, your President delayed in accepting that it is indeed a pandemic, so the U.S. is scrambling from what I hear. There are shortages of testing kits, protective gear for medical personnel, toilet paper (yup, you read that right), hand sanitizers, etc. I don't know what it's like where you are going, but here only grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, etc. are open. Essential services only. No bars, restaurants or any gathering places are open. Protect yourselves, because there are starting to be a lot more younger people who are getting quite ill with the virus.

  5. Be careful driving – they say you can "pick up" the Wuhan Flu at gas pumps, just be sure to wipe down whatever you go to touch – the button to choose what type of gas you select, then the handle and trigger to gas up! Be safe & stay healthy. From central Illinois!!

  6. Being young and healthy means nothing. The highest hospitalized age group is under 55. Also, it can scar the lungs in young people.

  7. STL is madness!! Idk if y’all made it home yet or not but we are going on lockdown tomo is what everyone’s saying and be careful driving thru IL!!!

  8. Sooo happy airports went well. A blessing. Drive safe, enjoy ride

  9. Expect chaos. Americans are always self important, entitled and at moment fear driven. So relax..and atleast you are together. Put trips on hold..for later..it will pass and lessons learned.

  10. Take care and stay healthy.
    In Germany they decided some hours ago that you are only allowed to be outside home in bigger groups than two people for work, for the grocery or with those that normally live with you at home. Atm it looks like Germany tries to shut down as much as possible and it also looks like Germany atm has a lower death rate than other countries because much more people are tested here.

  11. Bookstore Barnes and Noble is closed because of the virus. It is frustrating. They can let one customer at a time in the bookstore; it would be safe this way. But no shut altogether.

  12. They are giving stimulus checks for people who are out of a job during this time, I don't know if they have to pay it back but they are sending it. I don't know if you can get it but you can always try and get the info.

  13. wear a mask, wash your hands, stay away from people, and we will be fine. Hope to see you traveling around the world very soon. Cheers

  14. Do you have health insurance that covers USA?

  15. I am glad you guys are making the best decision you can for yourself. I have been barely been leaving the house here in NYC.

  16. LIke you mentioned, nobody knows what the right course of action should be for people in your position. Still, I appreciate your addressing the current situation, your thought process, and candidly showing your journey. This is thoughtful and responsible as opposed to other people with public platforms, who are somewhat glazing over, even ignoring, the severity of the state of affairs. Anyhoo, be well, and hopefully we can all be back on the road again soon!

  17. in Europe the screening in airports has been pretty superficial as well, sadly

  18. goodluck guys and of course wera masks and gloves

  19. great video! we are in columbia Mo.. was suppose to be in Ireland right now…is it over yet?

  20. I was in Japan recently and I ended up going home early (I landed back in New Zealand on the 21st of march) due to my original airline cancelling my flights home for next week. Also, the evolving situation with airlines down here suspending routes or international travel + our govt saying to come home before its too late was also a factor. Am now self-isolating for 2 weeks.

  21. Quarantine yourself for 14 days when you get home.

  22. I'm in one of the American Southern states working in healthcare. The restrictions are changing daily. More and more businesses are closing, curfew from 11 pm to 6 am except essential workers. At the hospitals, we are no longer allowing visitors inside the building unless the patient being cared for is in the process of dying ( an then only 2 people including any minors are allowed in) . This is the calm before the storm. You seem like really nice people, but this traveling isn't helping. They're discovering now that even the young are getting infected. A 9 month old baby in my state was just diagnosed. So please, go home, quarantine, and only go out when it's necessary to get provisions. Lastly, if you have firearms to protect yourself… be prepared to use them. This is a different world we live in now, for the foreseeable future, and everything we've known could be about to change in unimaginable ways.

  23. You guys are awesome. My wife and I subscribed and have been watching a lot of your videos. We vlog a little bit and have fun with it. Your editing is amazing. Stay safe and keep up the good work.

  24. I’m in Jordan, the whole country is on total lockdown and is under military rule. Everyone can’t leave their houses at all, not even in emergency cases to buy necessities or groceries. I hope this coronavirus pandemic will end soon.

  25. Hi Guys, We travelled to Warsaw, Poland on the 12th, Poland then shut down on the 14th & we had to get out of the country. Flights out of Poland were crazy monies, so we took a taxi ride of 320 miles costing 600 euro to Berlin! We had no help from any goverment authourity at all. We then could not get a flight home for 3 days so we chose to ride it out in Germany. We had a great time but after a long trek home we are now safely back in the UK where things are no better!! Stay safe, loved your channel for a couple of years now but never commented before.

  26. Here in NZ I can remember a month or so ago watching the extreme levels are government took to bring back kiwis from China – a full on risk assessment plan, full on PPE, hiring out camper-vans, military assistance, medical staff, where they all were escorted to a semi remote location north of Auckland and were under prison like guard for 14 days Quarantine.

    It wasn’t till cases started happening in Australia that border measures were put in place here, firstly self isolation and then it wasn’t until the media starting started filming tourists coming in saying they weren’t going to self isolate and laughing about it that they went further and now everyone is following suit (who weren’t already in lockdown).

    I don’t think there is a single country out there (with very few reported cases) are yet to take those extreme measures as mentioned above to ensure everyone goes thru that isolation period as not only are some probably not doing it or not complete it, they are still going to spread it on any public transport/taxis they use or pass it on in a domestic flight.

    I would describe they way governments response is on trying to stop the virus exactly like going into a buffet restaurant without washing your hands and handling everything on the buffet inc utensils, food etc and then when you sit down and only then do you sit a meter apart and sanitize your hands and wear face masks before eating. Normal life could of still existed to a point and less people laid off had there been a controlled isolation period for all those coming in

  27. Glad y'all had a good journey home considering!

    We're still in Bali but heading back to Vancouver on Friday, not looking forward to the travel day, but watching this is helping with our worries!

  28. Went the other way. Got a flight out of USA Thursday, and are now 2 days into my 14 days isolation. Stay safe everyone, and stay home!!!

  29. In Thailand, technically stuck but am not looking for a way home. I have been here since December 29th and am perfectly content to stay put and not risk my loved one's health. I appreciate you finding your own way home. Better to not be the ones begging for a handout in South America. Stay safe, God bless.

  30. I havent left my house in a week. This sucks

  31. Wow stupid YOUTUBERS think that because there are no cases that there is no risk. Thanks for helping spread the virus around you selfish idiots.

  32. when you get back, stay home. you probably already have the virus and are asymptomatic carriers.

  33. Glad you got where you wanted to be safely. Stay healthy fellow travelers! 🙂

  34. In general the US security at airports is lacking at such a important time. IT'S CRAZY. I had friends this past week fly into the us from Europe( flew into LAX/NY). They were not asked WHERE they came from really and they didn't have their temperature checked. Thankfully they are smart and self quarantining and being careful smart people. But, really the reason why cases are growing is we are letting American's back into the country without having space first for them to quarantine. They go from the airport where they touch things, to a taxi/uber/family members car where they touch things, to their house, THEN they need to grocery shop unless they have a family member to do it. This whole thing will blow up in the US. In the dream world there would be some kind of quarantine set up at airports or something IDK how it would work. It would cost a lot of money but if the US is shut down for a year that will cost the US even more.

  35. I notice that a lot of people touch their faces now that we’re told not to touch your face.

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