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Here is day one in Hawaii. We hope you get to the superior drone sequence on the finish of gorgeous Waikiki seaside.

We did not actually have a plan after we acquired right here so we simply hopped on a motorbike and began exploring.

We hope you take pleasure in it! Throw any feedback and criticisms our method & after all, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE 🙂

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  1. Where di you guys stay in Waikiki? Didn’t know they allowed drones there.

  2. Even gray and rainy, Hawaii still looks spectacular. I really like that you guys explored even though the weather wasn't the best. I love the idea of going somewhere, not having a plan, and just exploring to your heart's content. The trees you guys found are so beautiful and unique, and how cool was that old car? The beach, of course, was gorgeous, and the drone shots at the end were absolutely stunning. Great vlog, guys! I enjoyed every minute of it!

  3. Such a great vlog. Loved how you were out enjoying the beauty of Hawaii in the rain. And while I never thought I'd hear that music in a Hawaii vlog – it was JUST PERFECT – after you guys referenced it in the old car, while out riding the bikes. And those drone shots were magical. I was on Oahu last December but actually never made it right into Waikiki so it was nice to see it. Next trip for sure :-). Looking forward to the next vlog.

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