VLOGVID 23 – Pretending To Be Effective?

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  1. Speaking of thumbnails, I am drawn to the non-childish pics. When I go through my feed, I chose to click 'Watch later' on the videos with a) casual pic(s) with no stars, hearts, etc, or stupid emojis or enhanced photos b) non-clickbait titles;)

  2. I am okay mentally but I am a physical pain filled wreck as I can't get any essential Remedial Massage or "putting my bits back together treatments ". This was something I have had to do weekly since 2004 (long story) to keep myself mobile, moving and working. Working is very difficult at the moment with my disability/chronic pain but giving up is not an option….ever. I can work on areas myself as I have to anyway but still to master the "putting my pelvis back in". I will be an expert by the end of all this…hahahah. I am worrying about finances as well but sadly I can't control any of what is going on around me. As someone has posted below "One Day At A Time", this is all I can do at the moment. On a lighter not, you look fabulous and that lipstick is gorgeous.

  3. Life is ok. Nobody I love is sick, which is major. Good news…my son’s asthma doc said he is doing well, which is a load off. Day to day, however, it is just blah. I have trouble sleeping….there is just an undercurrent of stress, you know? And so I am always on the edge of grouchy. And my kids are getting tired and more “needy” in homeschool, like your Milo. But really, I can’t complain. Sending love!

  4. I’m busy with work and so is my husband, today I was in the office taking phonecalls from my kids struggling with their school work…I felt rubbish for not being able to help or at least sympathise in person (oldest year 10 so probably wouldn’t be much help to her!). I swing from being glad I’m busy and so time passes quickly to being frustrated and envious of friends at home doing DIY, reading books, enjoying the sunshine and helping their kids. I saw a post yesterday about the fact we’re not all in the same boat just the same storm and I thought it was very apt.

  5. I think the quality is really good, I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t said! My nearly 7 year old daughter is being very demanding too. Stuck to me like glue while her Dad works but wanting to spend time with him. I felt better today, I went to bed earlier last night, but my daughter started losing it about 3pm doing her school work. I’d tried structuring her day more like school to help and it had worked brilliantly up to that point. I’m feeling rubbish if I’m honest, I’m eating too much, drinking more than normal but not to excess (I’ve ordered some Clean Liquor Gin to aid this). I’ve constantly got a headache too. As my husband is still working I’m feeling like a maid, cook and nanny and I absolutely hate it! I can’t wait for this to be over but I think we’re going to be like this for a long time. Thank you for your videos, they’re really helpful xxx

  6. I am climbing the walls at the moment. I just can’t see an end to it and like everyone I just want to do something normal that doesn’t involve being at home. Saying that I am having more good days than bad days.

  7. Thumbnails – I really like, isolating- there are good and bad days , on the whole looking forward to getting back out there .. really understand when u say it would be nice to get ready in order to go out.. totally know what u mean and I’ve thought the same… we’re all in the same boat 🙂

  8. I know how you feel about the news. Every time I tune in it’s a bunch a blue filtered reporters asking the most ridiculous questions. Questions that don’t need to be asked. My family constantly sits there going ‘what? Such a stupid question’. It’s completely unnecessary to have so much non-information dominating the news!

  9. We are doing OK. For your cocktail evening maybe you could get dressed up for it like a home date or do a family walk somewhere.

  10. Love the bright thumbnails. They catch your eye in subscription box. Even though we are all going through the same situation there are some days where you feel like you're in it alone. I'm working from home with two kids and have new found respect for teachers and for stay at home moms.

  11. The bright thumbnails stand out. Being home makes me appreciate life more. I try not to thing about it much.

  12. I have good days and bad ones too, I just want everything back to normal but like you I cant see that happening 🙁

  13. I'm doing OK, I'm very much a home body so I feel fine staying at home. We got a school app the other day and can now talk to the teachers and they can set work. I'm feeling anxious about coming out of lock down and how it will all work.

  14. I really like the thumbnails with the bright color background. I think we’re all feeling like we are totally over this. My frustration is trying to explain it all to my 91 year old father who has cognitive and memory issues. Getting outside once a day to take a walk or ride my bike really, really helps.

  15. Aside from a couple of very strange emergency vet visits I’m heading into week 6 of not leaving the house at all. On the whole I’m doing pretty well; keeping busy with lots of organising, crafting, reading, and baking. Also trying to pick a course or language or something just to keep the mind busy and ticking over a bit more.

    Right at the start of this I was avoiding all news too, that was essential for keeping my anxiety in check. Now I find I maybe catch the headlines once a day and try not to dwell on all the uncertainty. I’m in a pretty good place as long as I take one day at a time and celebrate the little victories in each day.

    I’m enjoying the vibrant coloured thumbnails. They stand out without being “childish”. I like that they’re fun and show personality without being OTT. They fit you and the videos well, imho. Have a good day

  16. I really like the thumbnails with the single colour background, they feel fresh. Loving your tops from the last few vlogs, especially your 1969 jumper! I’m doing better this week, had a tough week last week with most of my team being furloughed and just generally feeling a bit down.

  17. I think I'm ok. I feel quite…happy. Life is strange but settled. Very grateful that I can work from home. Very grateful I am living with people I like (just the kids). We have food, loo roll and wine. I have a huge amount of respect for keyworkers and the jobs they are doing, and feel I have nothing at all to complain about right now. 🙂

  18. I like the bright background on the thumbnails. I’m generally doing ok as long as I stop my self thinking of how long this is potentially going to last for. Trying just to do one day at a time and make the most of having time to do things that I enjoy such as having a couple of hours to enjoy a book

  19. Love your bright thumbnails, I like how they’re aren’t too confusing and there isn’t loads going on! What makes me watch is how honest the title is, I have stopped watching videos that are so obviously clickbait.
    Secondly, I’m struggling this week, I think a lot of people are. I’m a teacher so I should have gone back to work on Monday, however, I’m self isolating but I also have three children to home school and I have a lot of schoolwork myself to do at home and I just don’t feel like I’m doing a good job of any of it! It’s all a bit crazy!! Take care and stay safe xx

  20. I'm just keeping myself distracted and trying to avoid the news and things that make me mad. I spent most of today reading a book which made me cry a lot so that was cathartic. Yesterday I was feeling rubbish in the evening and spent nearly 2 hours lying down, then I realised it was because I hadn't had any coffee that day and ended up having a latte at nearly 10pm. So at least I've learned that I need my daily dose of caffeine even if I'm not moving. Oh and my lower back is starting to play up, probably from sitting on my arse all day.

  21. I like the thumbnails 🙂 I felt a bit panicked this morning because I went early to pick up my click and collect food shop for us and my inlaws. There were quite a few things out of stock so I ran round another shop and both my mum and manager from work rang me while I was in there. I felt under pressure as I needed to get in and out, deliver food to inlaws and get back home for delivery of a work laptop, which then never arrived! Was fine after being back at home for a while with a cup of tea, just too much going on in my brain all at once. Days I'm just at home with hubby and can stay in our little bubble are generally fine.

  22. I'm ok as I'm still going out to work, so I've still got a sense of normality.

  23. I really like the new thumbnails and love watching your videos

  24. thumbnails being simple think is great, though I think the title stands out more honestly…

  25. I can’t see an end in sight but I can’t wait till it’s over just want to give my daughter the biggest hug ever

  26. Love the bright thumb nails, they stand out, look ‘clean’ and less muddled and busy than many others – go with them I say! I am knackered – working from home, working really hard non-stop because of who I work for / what I do… dog walks are keeping me sane, giving me fresh air etc. Do love being at home most of the time, but ‘yes’ I want to get ready and go out. X

  27. I'm sad, it was my Dad's funeral yesterday and my baby will never remember him

  28. Same here, not watching the news, just staying in my bunker taking one day at a time x

  29. Some days are harder than others but like you I’ve stopped religiously watching the news and only “check in” every few days to see the headlines. I felt that it was making me worry and was affecting my mental health so I stopped doing it. I work from home with a two year old climbing on me which is a disaster.. my ex partner is a key worker so he works and comes round a couple of days a week for a few hours to watch our daughter while I work but tbh he’s not much help. But I count my blessings and try to look at the positives. I’m thankful for our health, for my job, that I can still work and provide for my child. I work in pensions so we’re busier than ever with so many people dying or having to take their retirement early due to losing their jobs etc. I’m so drained by the end of the day that all I want to do is crawl into bed. But that’s not the reality for moms, is it? I keep telling myself that this is temporary and try to enjoy being at home more and spending quality time with my daughter. This is the time we’re not gonna get back so we better make it count with our loved ones.

  30. My 5 year old talks to me all the time and that's what I find draining. That might sound insane but if you know, you know!

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