VAN LIFE | A Day in The Life | MEXICO

Now we have been touring in our van in Mexico for practically 5 months. In the present day we convey you alongside on the journey to indicate you what a typical journey day seems to be like for us!

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We’re Max & Lee + Occy. We’re new to the YouTube world and stoked to be right here. We’re about residing small with the world as our yard. We love journey and we wish to convey you together with us! Comply with us as we proceed our travels, by means of Mexico and into Central America.

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  1. You guys are cute ! good luck with your adventures and bless you guys !

  2. Have you ever travelled along Baja's Pacific coast in July-August? If so, how hot is it?

  3. Ofcourse Van Life and in minatura women in briefs…. pathetic

  4. Cool vids. Question: What do you guys do for money? Those groceries cost a few bucks.

  5. Wake up people. It's a highly edited show. Please stop fawning over them and their lives, its cringy. Yes they are an attractive couple but do you really think their life is all sunshine and rainbows. Happiness is not something you can just conjour up because you feel like it, its a consequence of doing things that are meaningful to you. Happiness is not driving around filming a show pretending to be happy all the time, not even the most expensive drugs will do that for you. For gods sake, they live in a car, which probably smells terrible and they drop deuces in a bucket. Peace

  6. at 1 49 who else have noticed something wrong….

  7. Your wife is so beautiful just like a princess…

  8. I'm in love with Occys life. He has the best owners, such a loved and well traveled pup. He's so beautiful guys!

  9. 너무 재미있게 잘보았습니다 ^♡^~
    한국에서도 지켜보고 있어요
    Like n subscribe

  10. congratulations. more than 11 millions of views.. damn!

  11. You guys are freakishly adorable. I can’t wait til I’m out living the van life in Mexico. Soon.

  12. Just subscribed

    Guys are fun to watch and the content is good plus I love the dog

  13. Be careful chewing on that pineapple close to the edges you’ll get your lips start filled with stickers

  14. Really nice vedio god bless u guys stay happy and be blessed as always

  15. Logging in on all devices and binging your vids watching all ads ❤️ sendin y’all hugs and good vibez for an amazing 2020!!

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