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We knew beforehand that purchasing a 15 12 months previous van in India will trigger us some complications, however after this week, we are able to say that we’ve got overcome the primary few obstacles. The van is now working, and we’re nearly prepared to move off to discover. Discover out within the video what’s our plan for the longer term.

Már előre tudtuk, hogy megvenni egy 15 éves kisbuszt Indiában sok nehézséget fog okozni, de ez a hét után kijelenthetjük, hogy az első pár akadályon túl vagyunk. A kocsi most már működik, szóval nemsokára elindulhatunk felfedezni vele.

Particular Christmas Episode:


We’re a gaggle of four pals from Budapest, Hungary. On September 24th, 2019 we left behind our on a regular basis lives to meet our dream of travelling. Our backpacking journey goes to be 10 months lengthy and we are going to discover India, Nepal and Southeast Asia. We need to share the wonders of travelling with likeminded individuals and hopefully we are able to encourage others to do as we did.


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  1. Iszonyú milyen magas színvonalat képviseltek! Gratula az egyre izgalmasabb videókhoz! A táncos részt kifejezetten jó volt látni. Zene választás is pró!!!!!! csak így tovább! 🙂

  2. Painting vehicle with other colors is not allowed in India so don't tell police about it if they stop you. Have a happy and safe journey

  3. Travel to Kerala,Hampi, Manali, Ladakh,Andaman Nicobar and Northeast India please you'll love your experience.

  4. a suggestion . when you are visiting muslim majority places , any religious site in india you can dress up modestly , cover up arms and legs .

  5. cool video . wow you are very good dancers . girl has so beautiful smile .

  6. Hampi is a must see place imho. Stay a couple nights on each side of the river as its hard to cross at night.

  7. Very nice Video!!!  
    I very liked it , it was exciting, adventure and funny, the funny /luck hummer.
    keep having fun as much as you can and best of luck!!

  8. You are very amazing and wonderful Peoples. We liked Your hard working nature. Indians are also like that. Most of Indians are good and very helpful. Enjoy Indian Hospitality . Enjoy Incredible India. Best of luck. We like You very much Guys. Don't forget to visit Kerala, God's own country.

  9. Thats just Indian thing beat anything it will work

  10. All the best for your future endeavors

  11. Exciting adventures, can’t wait to see more. What days do you usually upload?

  12. When will you come back from Nepal . I will wait for your van tour videos ..

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