As a consequence of all the pieces happening on the planet, Chelle’s dad and mom have been requested to return dwelling from their mission in Ukraine in the meanwhile together with all different senior missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on the planet. This information got here final minute to everybody, so Dan and Chelle shortly ready their dwelling so they might have someplace to remain as soon as they arrive. The entire household did their greatest to make this surprising homecoming as glad as attainable by making indicators to welcome them dwelling!

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  1. Hi. Just watched for the first time. Heard about you from Brandon and Mindi. I'm subscribed and the bell.
    Loved the homecoming!

  2. Aww Louis looking for them out of the window is so cute, welcome home Elder and Sister Bingham xxx

  3. Happy for you all! I was wondering if they will return. ❤

  4. So Glad your parents are home safe! My parents were in Aruba for a month and they came home Sunday night and are now quarantined for 2weeks. My husband and I went and got all of their groceries for them.

  5. i'm glad your parents are back… but hopefully, they (and now, including you) should self isolate for 15 days. you forgot a lot about social distancing, sanitizing, etc…

  6. Family is so special. Certainly unusual times we are living in. Stay safe God Bless ❤

  7. Oh my goodness I’m so glad they’re back home considering the circumstances, it’s nice for them to be closer to the family but I am so sad they had to come home ❤️ I laughed and cried with you. Stay safe and healthy❤️❤️❤️

  8. Your mom just hugging you so tight chelle! I cried

  9. omg this is the most adorable video i have ever seen!!!

  10. hey, so proud of you guys for during the best thing for Mana and Papa. Keeping them safe. I heard what other people did at the airport and I wish they would taken pointers from your family.

  11. I know they are disappointed, but I bet they are glad to be home!

  12. glad home safely.. please don't let your mum go out for a walk!!

  13. Hey Dan have you ever considered trimming or totally shaving off your beard and mustache? Just curious. I think you should trim it way down or shave it all off. Just my opinion. I guess because I just like a clean-shaven man so it’s hard for me to look past that big beard. But you’re handsome and you are a good looking couple maybe you should try it or maybe I should shut up. Have a good day

  14. One question that you probably get a lot. Why don't you two have any children? Just curios.

  15. That’s so sad that your whole family couldn’t see them come back but it good they are safe and you parents are happy seeing those signs

  16. Happy Tuesday Daniel, Michelle, Louie, Mana & Papa Bingham.
    I did watch yesterday. But, the flowing emotions just wouldn't let me post a comment. And as I type this comment. The tears want to flow again.
    I'm very happy that Doug & Jolene are safely home. And I look forward to the story of the journey back to the USA when they are ready to share.
    Stay safe my Utah friends. (cyber elbows to everyone)

  17. Will your parents be back for good or do they get to go back after this whole
    covid 19 thing is over?

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