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One factor that I realized the onerous manner throughout the lockdown is that this that – “Travelling is short-term”.

A brief and crisp video and a direct message from me, a journey blogger, about why I feel travelling is short-term.






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  1. Every life should have purpose and this video is showing inner fact of every-life, this will help people to sense purpose which is very important in these days. Thank you for sharing fact really related to each life which is lockdown today for social cause.

  2. Hi dear, so simple n crisp msg, I feel all must have understood that every aspect of life is temporary, I take tutions but that also is hindered since I cant take students, my one of the desperate student, actually she taught me how to take online n because of her I restarted, otherwise I thot no way I can restart, she updated me with ongoing situations, so u can also find an alternatives, otherwise truly everything is temporary, ur short video is so crisp, perfect blogger!!

  3. This would be my exact words when people talk about ambitions, professions, money, power etc.. Superb video…

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