TRAVELING SOUTHEAST ASIA – Route / Funds / Meals / Ideas

📍Every little thing it is advisable know if you’ll backpack Southeast Asia

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5:08 Route Overview
5:42 The Funds
7:29 Lodging
8:14 Journey/ Transport
12:16 The Meals
13:11 General Ideas


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  1. Really bad, you don't even talk about what places you visit in each country, just OH YEAH LOL ASIA I WENT< LOL CAMBODIA I WENT. 0 useful advice

  2. Where can I watch your vlogs? You didn’t link it in the description

  3. Hey guys. What’s the song you used thanks Sophie x

  4. @learn Grow Achieve can you also go on a Asia trip with a suitcase? Cause its easier to carry around and better to take souveniers back. Also we are going to stay in Hotels mostly.

  5. What happened to Malaysia? It was listed in your intro. It's the most underrated destination in SEA. Culturally the most diversed in the region, amazing food, friendly English-speaking people.

  6. Difficult to listen to 2 people at the same time cutting each other

  7. Cheers for the video guys a belter, was just wondering how you got about the visas from each diffrent country? Do you get them on entry?

    Tah in advance

  8. This was the first video I've seen where warnings weren't the main point. Thanks for focusing on enjoying the trip and assuaging concerns about safety and even food! You helped me make a bunch of decisions. Very accessible and you've made a fan out of me!

  9. OMG she is so beautiful! (sorry I did not catch name) but real beauty, and everything about her not just looks.

  10. I have watch 4 minutes of this video and all you guys do is cut over each other talking… hope its not like that in the other vlogs I'm interested in watching !

  11. Do you think ist would still be safe to travel if it were two girls travelling alone or do you think there would be a lot more scam? I‘ve only read experiences of couples travelling together up to now… Thanks!

  12. Thinking of going to Vietnam, can you tell me more about visa requirements? X

  13. So… You mean to tell me that if I had $10,000 USD, I can travel and stay in Southeast Asia for 5 months if I'm a solo traveler??????

  14. So you recommend to book hotels/hostels a week in advance.. I am going out there for 3 months. Should I just book the flight to my first place and then the flight home from my last place? And book the rest of the flights from place to place a week before I want to fly?

  15. Such a great content! Gives me inspiration to get there.
    I make traveling videos but on a very basic level for my own , appreciate it if you could have a look.

  16. I think 1000$ a month is a safe budget per person. This is what I am going by. I am spending a month in south america and then four months in southeast asia. If I have the funds, I would like to spend a month in Eastern Europe but that depends. Europe is a continent that I am booking flights as the last place I visit. Great video, I think I will be shooting for a 1000$ a month budget in Southeast Asia

  17. You look like that guy from the social network

  18. Thank you so much for sharing the info & tips guys! Good luck with your future travels!

  19. The tips about international driver permits and mopeds was very helpful. Thank you!

  20. Cheers guys. How much cash would you advise taking out? Also where was the best place you visited?

  21. Rewatching this from koh phangan!! Thanks so much guys 3 months into my trip so happy for your tips!

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