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Music by
Ikson –
Kevin MacLeod –
Holmsey –…


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  1. Australia is BEAUTIFUL! I'm working on a vlog series from my time in Australia! Check it out!

  2. Amazing view. I love it also me and my family we love traviling check it out.

  3. Where is the pink outfit from? The skirt and crop

  4. Where is the robe you are wearing when talking about function of beauty from!!?

  5. What camera do you use? <3

  6. Awesome vlog! We are moving to Australia to start van life and I can’t wait!

  7. How was your trip with that kind of van? A friend told me to take a 4WD instead. What do you recommend?

  8. Nothing better that traveling with your best friends/loved ones!
    All about vlogs that have personality!
    Thank you for sharing
    Exactly what my partner and I want in our vlogs ☺️

  9. I'm a fun of travelling I wish I could visit this country in the future❤❤

  10. That girl doing catwalks camping style is cracking me up

  11. How much did it cost you guys to rent the van for a week!?

  12. I am from Morocco and would like to do a tourism trip to one of the Asian countries. Can we communicate on wattsap +212633071505

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