TRAVEL VLOG: an Italian summer season. | Verona, Crema & Venice

Thanks a lot for watching! This summer season was such a dream and I’m so completely happy I used to be in a position to take you alongside on all of our travels. NEXT UP, WEDDING TIME!
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  1. Italy – AVOID NON-ESSENTIAL TRAVEL Avoid non-essential travel to Italy due to widespread community transmission of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and movement restrictions put in place to contain it.

  2. I have watched countless videos about Verona in preparation for my honeymoon this summer. This was hands down the most well made & informative video I watched. Thank you so much for these lovely resources, and unique spots that aren’t on every list. I have looked into many other tour operators and the best one I found so far is Fly & Cook ( ). Does anyone know of this agency? Thx :-*

  3. What is the background music you used for this video? Love this vlog ♥️♥️♥️

  4. great video, you guys looks like your having so much fun. What is the Background MUSIC on the scene when you arrive in Lake Como Belagio?

  5. what month did you visit please? We are planning a trip atm 🙂

  6. Would you ever consider making a video discussing acquiring a car or getting around in a foreign country? I love to travel but it's scary thinking about how to get to places that aren't within walking distance, driving etiquette, etc. I think that this would be really helpful for first time solo travelers like myself or people learning to travel without parents. Thanks so much!

  7. very good vlog! next time come in Treviso as well. It's a little town close to Venice. check on Google Maps 🙂 have a good time! 🙂

  8. Yo ya vlogs are dope I just started vlogging and my page is getting cracking!!! We should collaborate on a vlog if you from NY

  9. your friends are so funny! 😀 and you are such a warm person!

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