TRAVEL BLOG POLAND: Biskupin, a 6000 b.C. settlement in Poland

Hey guys! Thanks for watching!

I am Alie, a Mexican woman from one of the excessive cities on the earth Cd. Juarez! I like to share my experiences all over the world currenly I am dwelling in Poland and I journey someplace nearly each week. As we speak we visited this wonderful settlement the place we may get some perception of how folks the place dwelling in these occasions, and what have been their ideas about life.

I will be posting extra wonderful locations right here round Poland I am completely in love with this nation I hope you may recognize it as a lot as I do.





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  1. Hey. It's always nice to see foreigners who appreciate our culture, history and traditions.

  2. Toaleta? Wszędzie dookoła i to razy dwa.D Przecież to Bis- kupin

  3. Dlaczego wszyscy ludzie na świecie mają ciemne włosy i ciemne oczy,
    a tylko ludzie nad  Morzem Bałtyckim mają jasne włosy i jasne oczy ?
    Why do all the people in the world have dark hair and dark eyes,
    only people on the Baltic Sea have bright hair and bright eyes?
    Czy ktoś wie dlaczego ?  Does anyone know why?

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