Touring w/ Weapons + CASE COMPARISON | TSA Authorised

John has used every kind of circumstances to journey along with his firearms on planes, over seas, throughout continents. On this video he evaluations just a few choices so that you can contemplate – together with Pelican circumstances, their funds pistol possibility Vault, and HQ Subject. However earlier than he discusses budget-friendly vs practically-blast-proof, he touches on just a few issues concerning flying with firearms. TSA has some enjoyable guidelines to comply with (nonetheless unconstitutional they might be) if you wish to fly the pleasant skies together with your freedom sticks. Be certain you have a look at these guidelines.

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  1. Great Video, definitely helped me in finding a case I like.. You were going to put a link for the spray for the pick and pull foam.. I don't see the link. Thanks

  2. I know the cases provide protection for the blasters and other things inside. Do you have any thoughts on removing scopes or optics to transport separately, maybe I’m a checked bag? Some scopes are running almost if not double the cost of the blaster and are more susceptible to damage from baggage handlers. I’m putting together my first bolt gun (loved the series with Ryan Cleckner) and a quick detach mount was suggested to me for that reason.

  3. I made a case from a Samsonite aluminum briefcase bought for $10 (foam cost more than that). Two combination locks. American Airlines and TSA had no complaints.

  4. Pelican 1700 Pro-tip, trace your gun/mags with a marker, cut foam using electric knife. It'll go like butter! Not that difficult.

  5. I love Plano cases. I have about 6 of their products an the price range is reasonable too.

  6. What's the dealio with traveling to California with a mag that holds more than 10 rounds? I don't know if they would mind or check them if everything else is in order, but I wouldn't know since I dont travel with my guns…

  7. Solid info! Thanks for sharing!

    When traveling (and not just for attending firearms training courses), I usually recommend traveling with at least two guns in the off chance you get involved in a shooting. The firearm used in the shooting will most likely get taken as evidence by the investigating law enforcement agency. Having extra guns will ensure that you will still be armed. Just my 2¢.

  8. From Southwest Magazines or clips containing ammunition must be securely packaged (placed in another small box or in a secure cutout in the carrying case, in order to protect the primer of the ammunition).

  9. Try a hot filet knife for carving foam. It somewhat “cauterizes” it as you cut. I cut slightly undersized so it’s snug. I always cut a finger hole too, for easier removal of certain items. My wife brought me an unused cautery that her work was gonna throw away. I’m gonna try that next.

  10. You CAN use your magazines to travel with ammo. The magpul mags with covers work perfect.

    From TSA Ammunition is prohibited in carry-on baggage, but may be transported in checked baggage.

    Firearm magazines and ammunition clips, whether loaded or empty, must be securely boxed or included within a hard-sided case containing an unloaded firearm. Read the requirements governing the transport of ammunition in checked baggage as defined by 49 CFR 175.10 (a)(8).

    Small arms ammunition (up to .75 caliber and shotgun shells of any gauge) must be packaged in a fiber (such as cardboard), wood, plastic, or metal box specifically designed to carry ammunition and declared to your airline.

    Ammunition may be transported in the same hard-sided, locked case as a firearm if it has been packed as described above. You cannot use firearm magazines or clips for packing ammunition unless they completely enclose the ammunition. Firearm magazines and ammunition clips, whether loaded or empty, must be boxed or included within a hard-sided, locked case.

  11. Is purchasing army surplus a good alternative to purchasing the new pelican cases?

  12. John, have you Fed Ex your gear from time to time? Has it save any hassle or time going that route?

  13. I visited a company that was having a customer appreciation event and they had factory tours in the morning and then time to kill and then awards in the evening. In that time to kill you could either play golf, visit a guitar factory or shoot sporting clays. I went for the sporting clay option. I flew down with my boss who has his own plane and that is the way to travel with firearms. I walked into the hanger with my shot "blaster" and 120 rounds of shot and put right into his plane. It was amazing!! Again, that's the easiest way to travel with your blasters.

  14. Flew with my carry pistol for the first time last week. I did not get a call from TSA on the flight out or back. It was extremely easy.

  15. Digging through all those cases is like Christmas at the Lovell homestead.

  16. what is the spray you use to seal the pick and pluck?

  17. What do you think of the Harbor Freight "Apache" cases?

  18. anywho – Urban Dictionary
    used in place of "anyways" usually someone with a wierd personality says this.

  19. Look into the new Apache cases at harbor freight. I'm not saying they're as good as the high end pelican, but I would say they fit nicely between the two grades of cases both in price, and construction

  20. American Airlines "lost" my pistols once. When I told them they had 30 seconds to find them or I was calling the FBI to report firearms stolen across state lines, it took them exactly 13 seconds to find them. I haven't flown with American since.

  21. It wouldn't be advisable to fly with firearms, in my opinion. Not having proper control of your property allows a chance for the throwers ("baggage handlers") to skim a firearm. That would just be another firearm in the hands of a felon, whether or not they have been convicted.

  22. I don't think anyone will be traveling anytime soon

  23. Im glad you said that about NY and Mass.but ya left out NJ and Ct.No,,,do not fly into those states with anything other then a musket,ccw license or not.

  24. TSA does not prohibit storing ammo in magazines. A loaded mag cannot be inserted into the gun, and the loaded mag needs a cap (e.g., mag pouch) to fully enclose the ammo.

  25. Wow such timely information as so many of us are going to be flying…

  26. Use rifle cases even when you're only bringing a pistol most of the theft of guns in airports are from people using smaller cases that could be concealed easily for example that small case @ 9:00 someone could put that in a winter jacket or a lunchbox and it might not be that noticeable

    I masked off and painted a white line right down the middle of my cases so i can spot them as being uniquely mine a long way off, but a safety green would probably be just as good

  27. "Travel armed and use guns to the glory of God!" –John Lovell

  28. I travel in my mind's eye. When I dreamwalk and communicate by traveling in other realms; universes within the multiverse. I go to sleep to dream. And when have I ever dreamt of you? There was only one time; many moons ago. You were just a thought brought to fruition then, not so much figment of imagination, so how can I trust you? My mother told me nobody could ever love you, why would they so knowing you is loving you. Carrying somthing locked and loaded. My heart. It exploded. I needed and wanted somone to fix it and vainly he tried but failed. He moved on to greener pastures. But the prickly pear cactus and sage and mesquite scrub always smelled sweet to me.

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