Touring to JAPAN! | Japanese Journey Vlog – Half 1 | Jessica Clements

Touring to JAPAN! | Japanese Journey Vlog – Half 1 | Jessica Clements
I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE THESE VLOGS YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA!! That is the primary few days of my journey, and I’ve a couple of extra vlogs popping out after this man.
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Tune – Ralph Felix & SDJM – The Warmth

Hyperlinks to what I am sporting are coming quickly!❤️

Resort in Kyoto is the Hyatt Regency!

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  1. こんな美の三人組が歩いてたら5度見くらいするわ

  2. Girl please don’t eat while u walk in Japan it’s seen as rude I mean idc myself but I don’t want u to look silly to them

  3. just japan? china or korea passing?

  4. If you are not paranoid in a foreign country than you have a god protecting you. Thats the hardest part about being alone. God and gods. Thats the goal to educate. Too often GOD is oversimplified to the point of sickness.

  5. Thank u for coming to Japan! Love ur style and editting!

  6. Jessica if you remember hearing a "Swish-Swish- Sound" then you felt strange and calm and you don't remember how you got from that moment back to your hotel…yeah…you got subiminalized.

  7. ❤️you are soooooooo beautiful !!!!!!❤️

  8. With that bow in her hair she looks like Samantha from American Girls. Cute!

  9. antonio is hot as fuck

  10. 本当に美女美男!!!降参(こうさん)(苦笑)

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