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This can be a complete Prepare Assessment of DB Deutsche Bahn ICE4 in First Class from Leipzig to Berlin Hauptbahnhof that includes their First and Second Class cabin in addition to Service, Meals and Lounge.


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  1. Hey,Its much better than India,,toilets at public places are malicious,dirty….
    Trains get delayed by even 10 hours.
    Even the first class cabins are not that good to travel (in comparison).

  2. Starbucks at Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai – google it, then you know why.

  3. I liked this video. Wish you made more videos of Germany, since you know it pretty well.

  4. had you checked in to your hotel before left the Berlin HBF your room would have included a day ticket to use s-Bahn and U-Bahns which is one of the benefits of staying at Intercity Hotels as they are part of D-Bahn. Although their rooms are basic they are cheap, clean and the day ticket with a close proximity to a major train station make them a regular stopping point for me in Germany.

    With the toilets, the Germans arent the only ones who charge for the service. Even from your video I bet you could see the difference from using a toilet at the station which would have been clean and fresh as compared to waiting for the one on the train.

    With your descriptions of the Germans, I think you need to meet more of them. There are those who are as you described but many more who arent. Like all societies there are a wide variety of people and when you get to know them they can be some of the most generous and hospitable people you can meet. Some even have a sense of humour.

  5. I love European trains and train stations so thank you, for this video, Josh! I appreciated your honesty about Germany. Never been there but hopefully I'll visit one day. May I ask where your home base is?

    Stay safe!

  6. Josh, you are so right about Germany and the Germans. I loved your rant. I have German friends and I like them and dislike them at the same time. DB first class was not very impressive but your ticket price was good. Do you not get lonely on your travels? Where is home and where are your family and friends? Do you have time to find a girl/boy friend? Stay safe Josh and know that your Vlogs and your personality give your viewers a great deal of pleasure,

  7. TXL must be one of Europe's worst airports. It's a complete mess, difficult to reach (although the bus service operates reasonably well) it's cramped and nothing to do. Security check crew is notorious to be a cranky bunch. If you are really lucky your flight leaves from the "shed" a wooden temporally building without any shops or restaurants. But always a shortage of seats while waiting.

  8. Dear Josh stay in the sky I'm not into trains

  9. They are also Airport Express trains (RE7 or RB14), which run very 30 minutes from the main station to the airport way quicker than the S-bahn does and they also require the same tickets so they should always be your way to go.

  10. Are originally from Germany? Cahill is not a German name. I've been trying to place your accent….. Perhaps a Kiwi from New Zealand or a South African?

  11. What about a review about the 2 danish major airports CPH and BLL? Would be interesting to hear your opinion. Furthermore a travel to the Faroe islands and FAE (Vagar airport)?

  12. Here in Germany it's kind of illegal to film people without their permission so that's why they are a bit salty 🙂

  13. That 1 Euro you have to pay to pee Josh ensures a job for someone. even if just as a toilet cleaner. Pay it with pleasure man… you get so many freebies and perks.

  14. Can I have something for giveaways

  15. I love Starbucks!!! Starbucks Roastery Shanghai is the coolest I've been to!!

  16. I feel you when you said people will look at you when you vlog in public especially in the east part.ou said it on your live .I love STARBUCKS!

  17. oh my god!!!!LEIPZIG!!! I hope to collab with you, I´m a youtuber from LEipzig!! my gosh! I´m a filipina living here..

  18. Watch business blaize to get a really good summary of Berlin airport issues. He released it last week and it sounds surreal!!

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