Tour the Lance 1172 Truck Camper – The Go North Expedition Car | Go North Discover Extra Ep 1

Welcome to a tour of the 2020 Lance 1172 Truck camper that was the expedition car for the Go North video collection. This can be a 2 slide truck camper with tons of inside house for an RV behind a 2019 F350 pickup truck.

We lived on this RV for six months touring the distant reaches of north america and beloved our expertise. You’ll be able to watch the whole journey right here –

If you wish to study much more about our ideas and experiences with this rig take a look at the Tour weblog submit right here.

Additionally take a look at the precise construct of this RV in Go North Episode 2 –

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We’re the Mortons On The Transfer and we usually stay full-time in our fifth-wheel RV and journey the nation. This summer season we’re taking a Lance Truck Camper north by means of Canada and Alaska, all the way in which to the Arctic Ocean! We weblog, video, and share our journey on social media. We might love so that you can be a part of us!


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  1. I can't decide between a trailer or slide in camper. The reason why is a certain vehicle can do well on gas. Like a sienna minivan 27 mpg highway can tow 3500. But then, I've always like slide in campers.

  2. Can the solar panels, inverter and lithium batteries power the air conditioner or do you two not need an air conditioner that far up north

  3. Do you have what would be the standard interior for 2020? I notice each year is different. Was the drinks table an option or aftermarket?

  4. Do they offer different color options for the inside?

  5. Nice rig, with a little effort you could triple your solar capacity that would reduce your dependence on the truck alternator.
    Also your inverter is stuck in a corner, and doesn't look like it's well ventilated. Overheating will reduce it's life and performance.
    Finally do you happen to know the R value, can you use it in the winter? Are the tanks insulated and heated?

  6. Looks like you two are masters of space efficiency. It amazes me that y'all could spend so much time in that small space.

  7. We do alot of primitive camping in Utah, Colorado and Arizona. What kind of tires did you put on your truck for extra piece of mind . Most of our camping choices require several miles of graded dirt roads and forest service roads. If I decide to do Dempster hiway I want to upgrade my tires on my duelly from stock.

  8. Neither the dinette bed nor the sofa bed in back appears to be good for anyone taller than 5 feet tall (if that). Seems like the space could be used for something better.

  9. One problem the folding handle by the door, someone can trap you in the camper if they pass by and fold the handle over the door…right?

  10. Cabinetry and overall interior design looks dated.

  11. Really nice camper. I even considered getting one UNTIL……I saw it with all the slides in. The camper is totally unuseable when the slides are in. You can't get into the camper with the rear slide in. If the dinette slide is in, you can't get to the bathroom ot the cab-over area. To make matters worse, there are NO MANUAL CRANKS. If the slide(s) break, you are pretty much screwed. I got an 1161, I can use everything with the slide in. With the slide out, I have more room. Plus, there is a manual crank for the slide, and I have had to use it once.

  12. nice review and explanation!

  13. To start, a truck camper is not everybody's cup of tea. The maximum floor length, so far has been 12 ft. Within that 12 ft, you can only design a limited amount cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes, galley counter, sink, frig, range top, and ovens. When you add in a bath, this makes it even tighter. Caitlin did a very great presentation. You mentioned how you liked the dry bath(ie a separate shower areas).You also made commented about the 1172's very small galley. Dry bath and adequate sized galley are mutually exclusive. A dry bath vs wet bath(ie shower, toilet, and vanity in one area) takes up around 30-36" extra inches of the 12 ft maximum cabin area. If you shorten the 12 ft cabin length to 8 – 10 ft, a dry bath is almost impossible. Most truck camper manufactures, do not offer an option for wet or dry bath for the same basic floor plan/model. Arctic Fox does for the 1140 and 1150 models. The dry bath option for either of these 2 Arctic Fox models dramatically shows how much this compromises the galley. Another point is with a truck camper that comes in at ~5000 lb travel weight, you are limited to less extreme off road camping. This amount of weight, also, challenges any of the current F350 or 3500 pickup trucks and requires 1 1/2" roll bars and heavy duty suppression and air bags. Based on my 20 years of truck camper experience, my next rig with be a 9' no slide truck camper with a dry weight between 2500-3000 lbs. Adventure LP makes some really well deigned units like this. Anyway, Lance makes some very wonderful Truck campers and Caitlin presentation is absolutely excellent.

  14. This is one of the best walkthrough videos I've seen so far. Very informative. Thank you.

  15. What do you do for stocking up the fridge and such when the slides are in? Like in the grocery store parking lot.

  16. And their was no issues with leaks in the rain while being in North?

  17. I would have done both the generator and the lithium battery bank

  18. Is this 1172 considered 4 season? Did you find you had enough electricity for the trip or did you have to conserve? Great video guys and the trip was amazing to watch. It is the first destination on my wish list. Cheers!!!

  19. Did you take the Battleborn Lithium batteries out before you turned the Truck Camper back in to Lance or did Lance pay for the batteries ? Any thing else thatyou paid for or was all paid for on Lances dime ?

  20. Kait & Tom ThankYou for the tour of the Lance truck camper . Are you missing it now ? How did you like the truck itself compared to own Dodge truck ? Belated Happy Easter to Ya's . Hope Ya''s are safe & staying healthy . My cousin Beth is  quarantined at home with the Covid 19 virus . She works for KEY Bank in Middletown , New York . She & her husband are using separate bathrooms & sleeping in separate bedrooms. Her husband is OK but is staying home . He works in Personnel for Kohls Department Stores .

  21. Nice rig. How much weight do you think you have sitting in the bed of the truck with all the gear, water etc?

  22. I’m wondering what your fuel economy is when carrying the camper? Thanks

  23. Amazing! A 3 bedroom apartment in the back of a pickup truck.

  24. Aloha from Big Island Hawaii, we were just wondering if you folks purchased this truck camper , seeing that u folks added some other stuff batt ECT…

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