Prime journey ideas from journey bloggers all over the world. Filmed at TBEX Asia 2015.

Be sure to take a look at the beautiful folks within the video!

Laura –
Natasha – Youtube: Artist Explores The World
Eric –
Jen –
Alex – Fb: Loopy Horny Enjoyable Traveler
Chris –
Val – Twitter: @ChoosingFigs
Stephen – Instagram: @ABackpackersTale
Maartje – Fb: Wanderlicious
Daniel –
Annemarie – Fb: Touring Dutchies
Veronika – Fb: VeronikasAdventure
Carolann & Macrae – Twitter: @OneModernCouple
Richelle –
Ian – Fb: WSEtravel
Chantae –
Anton –
Jessica –

The place else yow will discover me:
SNAPCHAT – mari.johnson

Cameras I take advantage of:
– Canon G7X-
& (my assessment)
– Joby GorillaPod tripod-
– GoPro Hero four Silver-

Californian in a relentless state of wanderlust, at the moment touring the world. I’m right here to share my adventures and offer you recommendations on journey, tradition, language, and life.

I am at all times in search of music to function in my movies! When you’re a musician and have an interest, electronic mail me at Thanks!


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  1. Love it. I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  2. Check out my channel!
    I'm new into youtube videos, filming and editing. I started a new project by creating videos from our last holiday. All intended to be used only for personal and private view for me, familiy, close friends and my fiancée. Soon after I decided to post them on Youtube. Currently at Part 3 with some more to come! AND NOW about the part where I need your support: If you decide to view the videos, please leave a comment and why not maybe even subscribe. Every single comment will be read and I would appreciate even every single criticism that would help me improve!

    The whole idea began small but nourished with every single clip editing.
    What do i mean by that?
    I started to think about how it would be, that in the last video of this project to Propose to her (again, because it was a little failure the first time i did it). I want to give her something to remember, something funny, something to feel special…because she deserves all of the above. HIT SUBSCRIBE, share your thoughts and lets do together the best PROPOSAL ever.
    I really appreciate that you took the time to read all of the above and ENJOY the videos.

    P.S: Like i said the idea nourished with every single clip and day. At this moment the videos aren't available with subtitles, but if some of you decide to join on this adventure and SUBSCRIBE, I will add an English subtitle to the videos. Actually i could have done it already but this idea is at this moment 20 minutes old (if you get what I mean) :)) Last but not least : Please feel free. Spread the word, share the message, be the drive. 🙂

  3. I am surprised at how many people are travel bloggers and vloggers. I am also surprised there are events for travel bloggers. Pretty cool, where can someone learn more about these events?

  4. Great Tips!

    We are looking for influencers to join us on some of our trips in exchange for creative content.

    If you would like to find out more let me know and I will send you some details.

    Next destinations -Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos.

  5. great video and i love your logo!:)

  6. Great video! All helpful tips bundled in one short video. We're new to traveling (and sadly missed the TBEX) but this is great! We actually met a few of those travel bloggers at the Travel Massive event.

  7. The thing about doing something sooner than later is dead on! I wanted to go to my dream destination this year with a mate but he bailed on me. He suggested next year but wanted to do it so badly I did it solo

  8. Awesome idea and video! Great tips that I will absolutely keep in mind!

  9. This video is so cool! Your tip is the best 😉 ahah

  10. Funny to hear Chris' voice haha, been following him in writing but hadn't heard him ever before haha, also love seeing my nationality (Dutch) represented over there 🙂

  11. This was such a great video! Will definitely reference this video next time I travel!

  12. Lol "always bring immodium" nice. That was a really cool vid! I'm currently struggling to pack light, I can never just bring what I need smh!

  13. Yay! This video came out SO well! Thank you for including me. 🙂

  14. Those were some great tips!! Its funny how she said don't wait for the perfect time ,money etc…just go .. I really like that! and its so funny when you said your tip because when i was booking my trip to Poland I was carefully looking at the times so i don't miss my plane!!

  15. haha, your travel tip. 🙁 When we travel, we try to have a good mix of planned and spontaneous. Planned: we book hotels and flights in advance. We've found its cheaper and less stressful and we enjoy our days more when we're not worrying or looking for a place to stay or a cheap flight last minute. Spontaneous: we don't plan our activities each day so we can stay free and do whatever we want in each location.

  16. Just realized I follow couple of these travelers.  Nice!

  17. We love your channel! Loving your trip videos! Such a great down to earth YouTuber! <3

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