three DAYS IN MADRID, SPAIN | Journey Diary

As we speak we’re kicking off the vlogs from SPAIN! In case you loved this lil journey diary be sure to lmk within the feedback 🙂 Here is the journey w/ EF Final Break that I am on: (You may get $100 off any journey with the code MORGAN100)

(The Greece journey I went on may be discovered right here:



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  1. Crazy how joy eslava went from being a trendy club to just being a club for foreigners

  2. in case anyone's wondering, no real insights on places to visit in madrid what so ever. Just a side show for her instagram thats all. look for another video.

  3. You and your blonde friend are in Spain and only eat Italian pasta, burritos and Japanese sushi ??? Incredible!!!! If you don't eat Spanish food, don't know what you lose. OMG!! finally you ate paella and sangria, haha, the most touristy, typical, topical and less authentic of the whole Spanish cuisine, how imaginative…
    You are the typical peasant and "ignorant" tourists, what a pity !!!

  4. omg so weird watching this back cause I was just in Madrid, and even stayed at the same hostel without realizing! ah! loved Madrid!

  5. The way this girl says Doritos , Toledo and Flamenco makes my Spanish ears bleed.

  6. This is my first video of me watching you. GOD DAMNIT you're so beautiful that i didn't care about spain or madrid. I was just looking at you.

  7. Wait so did you go through customs at the MAD airport??

  8. What’s the name of the place you stayed at? If you don’t mind me asking? I’ll be going to Madrid this summer.

  9. Hi I’m going to Madrid in a couple of weeks and I was wondering what the place was called outside your hotel

  10. Can you please tell me what the name of that restaurant was I loveee it

  11. Oh my god I also went to Spain from May 23rd to June 14th. Its so crazy seeing all of the places you visited especially in Madrid since I was also there around the same time. I specifically remember the mariachi band playing every few days in Puerto Del Sol. We stayed in MOLA hostel which is just up the street from there. We did everything y'all did right down to the Toledo trip. Damn I miss the pub crawls lol. Barcelona was just as insane. Hope you had a blast!

  12. U took 3days to see d beauty of Madrid, but it takes more than 365days see ur beauty, u r too gorgeous, love from India.

  13. I'm going to Madrid in October for school and I have really bad anxiety. Hmm…I can't pull out now and I'm REALLY scared. omg help was it stressful?

  14. Loved this!! We have a Madrid vlog we have just uploaded and it was so much fun to see all the different things you did whilst there! Such a gorgeous city X

  15. I lived in Madrid for 3 years and so it was soooo nice to see you enjoying the city and seeing it again!!

  16. Low-key excited cause my Instagram comment made it in your video haha but loving the travel vlogs!!!

  17. I’m going on this exact trip in the next month and watching these vlogs is making me so excited!

  18. Thanks for including the locations! I will be saving these locations!

  19. Oooh all of those places look amazing – I think Toledo was my favorite part of this one! Can't wait to see the rest of your trip!

  20. I've actually LOVED that in this vid, and the Portugal one, you add your insta shots! I feel like I'm reliving the moment when I saw you post the pic on my feed, and it makes me go "ohhh so she was on her way to dinner, cool!" .. lol random, I know, but I think its a cute edit/add to the vid!

  21. Madrid looks so pretty! I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Spain and Portugal!

  22. I’m early!! Morgan, I love you and your videos, you are such an inspiration!!!

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