THIS IS IRAN? 🇮🇷 First Impressions of the Mysterious Nation

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VLOG #271 – Let me know your ideas within the feedback part 🙈 Respect ya! 😉


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  1. سلام داداش تو تنها کسی بودی که از ایران ما ویدیو گزاشتی

  2. I'm from Iran من از ایرانم

  3. Awww you are so lovely we are proud to have you in our country ❤️

  4. slam man yek irani hastam (im irani)

  5. If you hire someone, the trip will surely be cheaper and better.

  6. That was awesome I am iranian and I am very glad to see you in our country thank you so much and have a good day

  7. i thought this so many times. Why americans are so poor? Why they are always stealing diamond and gold from other countries? (Bad eng)

  8. Thank u for come iran
    We hope happy on iran

  9. hey , we aren't persian
    minium 40% Iran's people arr Turk

  10. For visiting even hell is great. You back from hell and you say damn bro there was a fire festival. But hou dont know how it feels to live in it

  11. 11:53, im an iranian, the day they placed that ad, i was like "that looks gay"

  12. It is really important for we IRANIAN, that we r PERSIAN, NOT ARAB. i hope u enjoy our country dear❤

  13. I LIVEING IRAN IRAN IS VERY BAD BUT BUTEY FULL من زندگی میکنم در ایران بد هست اما زیباس IS WE MONY 2DOLLER=300000RIAL ARE YOU OK

  14. چه طوری فارسی یاد گرفتی اونم از کیف اوکراین

  15. کیری این ایرانیا تایه آمریکایی یا اروپایی ببینن میپرستشون اونم به عنوان خدا بعد یه افغان ببینن تو خیابوناشون یا ازشون متنفرن یا وسیله حمالی میبینن و این خیلی بده نژاد پرستی تو ایران هست اونم علیه افغان ها

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