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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš

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  1. You are a true influencer unlike some. I was born in the hospital next to Vysehrad but I have spend most of my life in Australia. I try not to think about it often but your videos (and my family that still lives there) make me realise I miss where I was born. Although there are many places on earth that I like, there is only one Prague. Keep up the great work you are doing for everyone.

  2. damn now i really miss being a tour guide 🙁 tourists in prague were many, and most of htem really lovely people who are just looking to explore a new culture. i hope someday soon i can get back to guiding, but doesn't look like it will be for awhile

  3. Ok your job is done. Enough is enough! Now PLEASE came to Poland 🙂 We need you both there!

  4. You dont need to touch the lamp touch the kabah in makkah and pray

  5. Janku, pokud je to o nás, tak proč to monetizuješ?

  6. 1:39 Wow, that RockAlone2k, quite famous Polish Youtuber :v

  7. You don't get good luck by touching the statues, you get coronavirus!

  8. How about a investigation into the souvenir trade? When last in Prague I came across a fridge magnet and a pocket mirror that had pictures on them labelled Prague, but one was of Rothenberg Ob Der Tauber in Germany. Only know this as have visited Rothenberg. Could send a picture, don't know how……. Love the blogs, will be back again soon.

  9. People in Prague – oh those were the days……


  11. the like is dislike ratio is 1002 to 1


  12. janek and honza thank you so much for all your good work keep it up

  13. I last time see honest guide have 23 million subs

  14. Would Prague have had a chance to win the hosting rights of the 2020 Olympics had they decided to bid again?

  15. guys, u should have ur own private tour someday , i will be one of your customer for sure.

  16. @honest Guide, can you do a video on ' how to be vegan in Czech /Prague

  17. My teachers wanted to go to Berlin (where I have been). But I persuaded them to take the whole class to Prague because of your videos. so on March 1st we took a week to beautiful Prague. Thanks

  18. Its been a couple of years since we went to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The recommendation from you guys were great and we followed them everywhere. In Prague memorable ones were Havelská Koruna (went twice), Skautský institute, Lokál U Bílé kuželky. Just to name a few. In Kutna Hora Restaurace Dačický while in Brno The bar that doesn't exist was very nice. A great trip.

  19. Now would be the time to remove all the locks and illegal power cables. I would like to see a race through the tunnel under Vitkov, or details on the water sports chute in the river, maybe a walk through the cemetery next to Flora, how about the cannonball stuck in the wall? Something maybe only I am interested in is the history behind the patterns in the sidewalks with the 5 x 5 cm stones. Your city is full of hidden gems.

  20. I found your channel just after coming home from living in Europe for 6 months. I’m so keen to go for a visit next year hopefully!

  21. this person deserves to be the mayor of prague

  22. Honz my son loves you so much, hm, well, he wants to move and live in Prague. So I have a feature film that I need to make and I want to try to make it in Prague. Is there anyone who you know who could help me with this? demarcofilm@gmail.

  23. My son and I loved our visit to Prague and had watched hours of your videos. Then we accidentally ran into you while you were cuttings locks off the fence at St Charles bridge. Must have caught you at a bad time because you were a bit snappy with us and we hadn’t even bothered you. It kind of put a damper on things for us that night. But all in all, you have a wonderful city. Thanks for the tips.

  24. I demand an honest guide for every country in the world…. that would be great!

  25. Kuchyň on Hradcanske náměstí Bancupted.. Closed

  26. Bránicka Formanka has absolutely the shittiest beer in Prague, only good for Russian and American tourists -))

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