The way to Begin a Journey Weblog: My Prime 10 Ideas

The way to Begin a Journey Weblog
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How do you begin a journey weblog that not solely helps you journey without spending a dime, but in addition turns into an actual enterprise that makes cash, and may change your life?

I’ve been a journey blogger for over 5 years now, and I’m right here to share my high 10 recommendations on constructing a profitable journey weblog!

You may discover that being a profitable blogger comes right down to creating your expertise, but in addition shining your distinctive gentle and honing in on the issues that solely you are able to do. Everybody has that one thing particular inside them that they do greatest, together with you. Decide a distinct segment that fits these expertise and prepare to work exhausting!

Along with the ideas shared right here, you will discover a bunch of useful sources within the hyperlinks beneath that can assist you discover the best programs, construct the best search engine marketing strategies, and get the talents you want to begin a journey weblog that folks need to learn, that they join with, and that you’re happy with.

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  1. It was perfect the first time. This is very really unique helpful information. I learn so much from you as well! Thank you so much for sharing your helpful information. Keep it up.

  2. Ahhh, I'm sorry, I heard it too many times I just have to say it. Niche is pronounced "neesh", it's a French word for pet house. A smaller thing inside a bigger thing. House in a house.

  3. Thanks so much for this video, Kristen. My domain for a travel blog that I never got off the ground is about to expire and I'm looking for reasons to keep it. I'm sitting in my car at a dead end job literally trying to pull myself out of depression because I feel chained to this life that is so unfulfilled. This video has made me feel like I have nothing to lose other than taking a risk at something that could at least fulfil me in some way, if not make me some money down the road full time. I have the why, I have the want to share stories, Im an extrovert at heart and I love social engagement. This is the catalyst I needed to re-up on my domain and actually launch it to the world.

  4. I haven't started my blog yet im just getting into this but i really want to – loved this video, it had great information thank you so much for sharing! I will be sure to check out more of your videos <3

  5. Love this video about starting a travel blog. Thank you so much for the great tips. Your story is great and you are an inspiration.

  6. Hey Kristin, thanks for sharing. Actually i have just started my journey into this industry. May i ask if i should start my niche in different social media platform like Instagram, facebook and etc first so that i can build a good foundation of audience before creating my own websites?

  7. Hey Kristin, thanks for sharing. Actually i have just started my journey into this industry. Should i start my niche in different social media like Instagram, facebook and etc before creating my own websites ?

  8. great video i love it now my question is ..I enrrolled couple days ago to start my own travelagency at inteletravel which i can customize my own website but the problem when you google it .is only corporation landing page comes up .so can i create my own travel blogging website and add a link which my clientel click it on mainpage and it take them corporation webpage and start booking ..please give a solution what i have to do thank you…

  9. I am watching this because I am a solo female traveler too. This is so helpful!

  10. Ramay on Map or Blog on Map, which name sounds cooler, ramay is my name

  11. Sooo informative!! Really given me a confidence boost, thank you!

  12. you give me more reasons to start my channel very soon thank you

  13. Love it. I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  14. This is a great video, immensely helpful! :D:D I wanted to know did you start your initial blogging on WordPress or directly jumped into creating your own domain?

  15. Thanks, Kristin. I like how you lay the facts as they are. I get a lot of actionable information from your blog.

  16. wow, so greaaat to see you here, you really Brilliant and Brave! xoxo

  17. I like how you say be yourself! this is soo essential. great video

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