The Most Well-known Disney Meals within the World!

Some dishes are the stuff of Disney legends and at this time we’re having a look at 24 of probably the most well-known Disney meals world wide to see simply why they’re so particular!

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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. DL Monte Cristo isn't on this list?!?

  2. Oh my god…. the "famous" grapefruit cake. The grapefruit cake is my #1 most disgusting food I have EVER tasted in my life let alone, at Disney. If you're wondering what a used wet kitchen sink sponge would taste like, have the grapefruit cake. The school bread comes in a close 2nd..

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE INTERNATIONAL TAKE!! Please do more on international disney foods

  4. Disneyland Jolly Holiday –
    Jolly Holiday Combo
    Toasted Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Basil Soup $10.19

  5. There's rum and rum and rum… and some fruit juice, but who cares? LMAO I died on that one

  6. Gosh I would loooooove to try some of these. Never been to Disney, but fascinated by it.

  7. I got fooled at the Rainforest cafe and went there specifically for the Tonga Toast. Wish I would have known because I wouldn't have gone there. Don't care for their food. So now I know to go to the poly for Tonga Toast.

  8. The Corn Dogs are favorites because dollar for dollar, they're the cheapest meal at Disney for how delicious and filling they are.

  9. Great list – love that you went around the world with this! I would also say people need to try the curry popcorn at DisneySea.

  10. I'm sure you will get lots of folks adding their go to must haves to the ones we, of course, also love on list, my add is definitely the Monte Cristo.

  11. My favorite food was the pretzel. I always love a good Bavarian pretzel

  12. Disney needs to make a CHAIN
    Disney Drive In or something
    So that we can get these foods nationwide, or even worldwide. Some of us are too poor or too sick to travel (I’m both lol) I miss some of these so much and I’ll never have them again.

  13. Aloha island every minority is represented. This is not the place I grew up with.

  14. Who is going to go to Disney after this whole country shut down everybody’s going to be broke

  15. I waited through the whole video, and no mention of the bread pudding at Ohana!!! I am shocked. Everyone that goes to Disney World I tell to eat at Ohana. And the rest is fantastic, but the bread pudding at the end is to die for.

  16. Where can I find the recipe for the plaza inn Chicken?

  17. i never went to 1900 i always thought it was not kid friendly. i think it along is to much floridin. just to fancy for 9 year olds.

  18. I want a stuffed Chandu! And those Mickey Popsicles remind me of the old Mickey Parade Ice Pops of the 80s/90s.

  19. Have my next wdw trip planned Nov 7th to 14th cant wait.

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