The Don'ts of RV Journey Day | 7 Important RV Residing Guidelines

The Don’ts of RV Journey Day | 7 Important RV Residing Guidelines #RVLIVING

RV journey days don’t should be anxious.

Driving or towing a big RV may be fairly difficult (particularly in the event you’re touring with children or pets). Nevertheless, we’re right here to share 7 guidelines we observe to make journey day rather more pleasing.

We realized these classes over 5 years of full time RV residing. In the course of the first few years, we had numerous dangerous journey days. From these experiences, we lastly realized the best way to make journey days stress free.

Kyle & Olivia, a younger couple touring the nation full time in our 16ft classic camper. We hit the street in September of 2015 with the objective to reside a minimal life-style and join with the world round us. We need to share our experiences as we be taught and develop, to hopefully assist others who dream of life out on the open street. Be part of us as we uncover the fun and obstacles of nomadic life!

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  1. I am a Canadian ,Wondering if you have any advice with regards to travel insurance/accident and medical insurance plans when travelling? I have looked at “Good Sams” info.

  2. Great list! One I would add as a professional driver is: Don't head out or stay out on the road without getting adequate sleep. Granted, most RVers probably leave early in the day, but may have destinationitis and stay behind the wheel too long to be safe just to get there.

  3. Great list. I would add that you should have reserve of freshwater in the tank. We have started one morning in a very large campground with all of the water supply shut off due to a water main break. Fortunately, we always keep 10-15 gallons of freshwater on board.

  4. #4 is the most important in my opinion. So many people are passing us on the highway with their RV's when we are pulling ours. We keep to 61 or 62 max, our truck can easily pull 80 or 90, but Florida law says 60mph when pulling a trailer. And surely the last one about the bathroom, damn straight. If we dont go, its guaranteed at check-in and then they want to tell us all about the park while I dance.

  5. Also, don't drink coffee for an hour before you leave, or on the road.

  6. Fabian is the snacker more than I am, but in the end it makes me eat. We also have a 300-400 mile rule for traveling per day, but does depend on the state and what’s happening. We agree with the #1. Sometimes we forget and it’s more about checking off the box rather than enjoy the journey. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I always try to push that first day. I am going to try to do better!

  8. Excellent video. All I would add is to make sure everything is locked down/ put away as that resounding thump can really raise the old stress levels.

  9. One useful tool for travel day comes from being a private pilot — drum roll — an empty plastic orange juice, cranberry or other large capacity sealable bottle. Sporty Pilot Shop has comfort for the ladies.

  10. Thanks for another great video. I subscribed and rang the notification bell while i was watching your 20 best free camping vid. Keep up the good work.

  11. Nice informative video! I met Kyle at the RVillage Rally and he couldn't be more friendly to myself and the wife, much appreciated! We caught him as he was packing up getting ready to leave the event. We also caught his show under the main tent, very entertaining and you wouldn't believe the range and amount of tunes on the playlist.

  12. Great points!! My stickler…Arrive and setup in the daylight!!!

  13. Rule 2.5 – Look for a hotel when you need to use the restroom. Hotel restrooms are cleaned and stocked multiple times a day by housekeeping, and since guests will use the restrooms in their hotel rooms, lobby restrooms don't get the use and abuse that restrooms at gas stations or restaurants get.

  14. #2 is a good one. Funny when you showed the b roll of the last piece of toilet paper coming off the roll all I could think of was the lady that "accidentally" purchased 12000 rolls of TP because of the virus problem. I'm still laughing. Common senses will get us all through this. Take care of you and yours. We at one of the best Boondockers Welcome sites ever in NC.

  15. We've got PLENTY of Gas Stations that can accommodate our 24 ft. "C"class RV and I fill up gas and fill fresh water & propane tank the day before departure

  16. The quality, content and presentation of your videos is outstanding! Keep em coming!

  17. Both you and your wife do a great job on all your videos! Appreciate the great travel tips. Be safe during these troubling times. I am going to pray for your safety.

  18. For us, its doing a weather check, we don't travel in crap weather, also planning your route, how far to the next fuel, food and bathroom break, right now with everything shutting down are trip to Alaska might be put on hold……

  19. #1 rule for us is the weather. We don't travel when the turns bad. We will a buffer in plans if need be. When every the car stops, we check tires, anything attached (kayaks, bikes…) & always use the restroom whether we need to or not. Good list Kyle.

  20. Question I have. Speed. How do I find out what a safe speed is for my tires?

  21. Really enjoy your vedios. Along with getting fuel before you leave, don't let your tank get very low. An app will show you what's coming up for fuel. I like to stop, fuel, stretch, and use the bathroom.

  22. You're getting much better at your video content delivery and they're very good. Keep up the good work and learn some Harry CHapin! Happy travels.

  23. You could skip 1 and 2 if you have a satellite navigation system. Garmin Magellan TomTom……

  24. Breaking your number 7 rule is my favorite. I caught spontaneous I love just driving randomly finding beautiful places in my Jeep not pulling an RV though LOL

  25. Thanks for the great points! We are so very excited to be out there next year! Cheers

  26. All great points for sure, but i absolutely agree with the relieving yourself befor, durring, and at arrival of the campground. As crazy as people might think it is. Just as you said i also become a bit grumpy if i dont go lol. Great video and safe travels.

  27. Thanks for this info! Limiting distance is great advise. Because you have a lot to do when you arrive..

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