The BEST Disney World Counter Service Eating places in 2020!

We KNOW you’re planning your dream journeys to Disney World, so don’t let BAD FAST FOOD get in your method of one of the best day ever! We’ve acquired the BEST counter service eating places in Disney World for 2020 right this moment!

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  1. I'm vegetarian so my family and I eat at Blaze pizza at least once every trip. It is so delicious and you make the pizza exactly the way you want it.

  2. AJ is the ronto roaster the same "suasage" that is found in Harambe Market? It also appears that the foot long hotdog at Dockside diner is the same hotdog at Casey's Corners, just different toppings.

  3. i saw a clip of disney land’s splash mountain in thus video about disney world……

  4. AJ I found a way to make breakfast at BOG worth it other than DDP. My wife and I went there and were aloud to share a meal. Combined with the pastry it was more than enough food.

  5. I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for showing all the food and giving much details ☺️ long video but very entertaining. I'm a foodie so I love when you post about food!

  6. i just changed my trip from the end of this may to the end of may of 2021. Im kind of excited though cause maybe new rides will be open by then as well

  7. honestly, AJ really has a serious SERIOUS sweet tooth there is not one video I don't see her talk about a sweet treat on this list

  8. Just downloaded the list. We have a trip to Walt Disneyworld booked for November. We've been looking forward to this trip since the end of our last trip back in 2015. Didn't think it would take 5 years to get back to Disney.

  9. Let’s face it, the food quality at Disney has been falling like a rock and after the massive hit to Disney’s bottom line due to the closures and loss of profits; I’d be surprised if they wouldn’t be charging you $8.99 for high school cafeteria quality pizza.

  10. Still proud every time FTBBQ makes the list. Any Flame Tree DCP alumni out there? Viva Gaia!!!

  11. Cookes of Dublin battered burger (now called the beast) is my favorite burger in Disney, followed closely by the southern burger from Deluxe burger.

  12. When we went in February I was incredibly disappointed in Columbia Harbor House. They were so disorganized and overwhelmed and most orders went out incomplete. Which led to people having to come back up to get it fixed, and they essentially ignored people to try to keep their order flow going. But it just was an absolute mess.

  13. We have Disney plans for this June Too bad it will be the walking dead by June and probably won’t even be going

  14. The only restaurant I wish you had included was pizza ponte. I love their 4 cheese pizza.

  15. Best Gluten free meals??? We love Be our Guest Breakfast, We love The Salads at the Satuli Canteen! Oh my gosh! Anyone else have theirs?

  16. The breakfast at Be our guest was the most amazing! We are gluten free and it was absolutely so so special!

  17. You guys are pumping out quality vids all the time. I can't imagine what it's like filming, recording and cutting all of these clips.

  18. I’m sad about the Churro Ice cream sandwich! It’s such a fun, yummy treat! Can’t wait to be back there.

  19. 1:30 she wasn’t having a Magical Day. Things can always be worse …

  20. Les Halles just awesome pretty much anything I have eaten there is good

  21. It's crazy how close you are to 500k subs!

  22. Still have my fingers crossed for my end of May trip!

  23. Q for anyone: Im not a fan of nutella. Is there anything you can sub for that at Sleepy Hollow? I know Hersheys has a chocolate spread and it doesn't have hazelnuts in it. Not a hazelnut fan.

  24. Now I'm hungry, school bread, would have never tried that if you didn't recommend it. It was awesome.

  25. I really enjoy your videos, but that really bad french pronunciation of Le Halles… oof that got me.

  26. i’d like to see a video about disney food spots that are good for picky eaters. like places that serve generic stuff like fries, chicken nuggets, and other blander stuff

  27. We love the quick services at AK…..the problem is trying to decide between all of our favs for lunch on our days there!!! We love Flame Tree BBQ, Yak & Yeti local cafe, Restaurantosaurus, and Satu'li Canteen!

  28. Please do table service next! This video was great and I look forward to another one about the best table service restaurants across the parks!

  29. Did anyone else catch the stock video of Columbia Harbor House with one of the employees getting annoyed with a different employee?

  30. took your advice AJ and tried Chicken Guy on my last trip to Disney world in feb 2020 it was SO GOOD!

  31. Can you do a video for the vegans?

  32. I can't wait to try the kakamora float. I hope it's still there in October. Anybody know if it's a snack credit?

  33. The shrimp noodle bowl in Pandora is soooooooooooo good

  34. You are awesome. You've helped tremendously with the planning of my now 4th annual Disney world trip. My daughter and I plan our meals and snacks according to parks, with your help, of course! No lollygagging trying to decide what to eat and wasting valuable riding time for us! Thank you!!!

  35. I LOVE Flame Tree BBQ….I have to go at least once a visit.

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