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2 years later I return to the identical summer time camp to work as a counselor! And I additionally made one other video just like the final one. Managed to movie extra issues this time so this video must be higher.

I hope that this video can inspire and encourage folks to do that job. It is improbable! There’s additionally specific language and to be trustworthy it is your downside when you’re offended by something on this clip. These had been the issues that occurred on my travels and I want to share them.

Any questions you’ve please e-mail me: and comply with me on Twitter @ChazB.

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  1. This video is good, Gives a very honest impression of what it would be like to do a american summer camp. was thinking about doing this for some time .

  2. Awesome channel! Really liking your content 🙂 check out my vids if you have the time, I think we have the same interests

  3. Wouldn't be a room full of drunk Brits without the yaya toure song hahaha

  4. I'm wanting to do this this year!! (2016) – my interview is sometime this week or next. Have you got Twitter? I'm Scottish as well 🙂

  5. I'm also thinking about doing somthing like this next summer, especially after watching this video!
    Am just a bit concerned about 2 things: age and nationality.
    -Age: It happens that am gonna be 25 in August and I wouldn't like to be the grandma..
    -Nationality: I'm Spanish and though I heard that everyone comes from different countries, the ppl I've seen are usually from UK. Not a problem at all (I've been living in UK for a while and I do prefer to gather with ppl from other countries) but it may be a bit awkward to be the only one whose first lenguage's not English!

    It'd be great if someone could clarify these things to me,

    Thanks 🙂

  6. I'm working there in the summer haha, literally so excited about going. How much cash did you spend man??

  7. Cool video! I'm thinking of doing something like this next summer (2016)

  8. Decent video man! Scottish camp counselors represent haha!

  9. it's all about the kids? dude you were pointing the camera in a kids face asking him if he liked other guys haha! anyway great video bro.

  10. I want to go to camp America when I get a little older Glasgow represent Glasgow ❤️❤️ lol scotland

  11. Camp Half Moon. To answer your question Joseph 🙂

  12. Really good video! Just wondering what was the name of the summer camp you went to?

  13. Hey:) Great video (Y)

    Quick question; Where did you get your soundtrack from?? 

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