South India Tea & Fermented Rice in World’s HIGHEST ELEVATED Tea Plantation | Munnar, Kerala, India


On the morning of my seventh day in Kerala, I headed as much as the world’s highest-elevated tea plantation, Kolukkumalai. Come together with me as my boy Ebbin and I catch a gorgeous, early-morning dawn there and revel in some south India tea and fermented rice on the highest natural tea plantation on this planet!

My seventh day in Kerala started on the Dream Catcher Resort in Munnar at three within the morning. At the moment, I’d be heading as much as Kolukkumalai, the best natural tea plantation on this planet at 7,900 ft above sea stage! We drove one hour to the Surianalle Property, after which took a 45-minute Jeep trip up a loopy tough highway to make it in time to see the dawn!

The dawn over Kolukkumalai was unimaginable. We had been so excessive up that the clouds had been far beneath us! We may see all the colours—reds, oranges, blue, and extra. We ran over to the opposite facet of the mountain, had been the dawn would happen. It was unimaginable! Because the solar rose, the clouds began disappearing.

Then, we headed again down the mountain with our minds set on breakfast: tea and fermented rice in Kolukkumalai. We nonetheless had a 45-minute drive to get down there. They make one of the best tea in South India, and it prices 100 rupees/$1.32 USD per head to enter the manufacturing facility, although the tea they serve you is free.

There, I attempted some superb, sugary black tea with a cone-shaped appam served in a leaf. It was like a candy, steamed cookie with jaggery and spices.

Then, we headed towards the 100-year-old manufacturing facility. Alongside the way in which, I attempted a tea leaf rising close by. It was good and totally different from processed tea!

Contained in the manufacturing facility, we noticed the shop room, dryers, and the machines that grind and type the tea leaves. Then, we visited the fermenting room and the firing room, the place the fireplace helps dry the leaves. Then, we noticed the machine that turns the dried leaves into powder.
Then, we went contained in the 100-year-old manufacturing facility. It seemed tremendous outdated, and the plantation is
tea involves a machine that turns the dried leaves into powder.

Again outdoors, we checked out the punching machine, which is a bell you ring to make the staff come to obligation, after which I purchased some tea for 130 rupees/$1.72 USD.

Then, it was breakfast time! We’d have fermented rice, fried and dried chilies, dried fish, and yogurt. The dried and fried chili was actually earthy and wasn’t spicy in any respect. It fell aside in my mouth! Then, I attempted the fish, which contained the identical spices because the chili. It was actually gentle, dense, and felt like a sardine. It was actually salty, dry, and peppery, although, however I preferred it loads! The fish was chewy however chewable.

Then, we had been served some soupy fermented rice with wild gooseberry pickles, chilies, dried fish, and yogurt. I began by consuming the soup, which was actually gentle and bitter. Then, I attempted the rice with the yogurt and pickle, which was very nice. The mix with the salty fish was such a pleasant distinction!

I took a chew of one other chili, adopted by a few of the rice. The fermented rice was very totally different, flavor-wise, and starchy. The chili was a pleasant palate cleanser. With the fish, it’s such as you’re getting spice and salt with the rice with the yogurt and pickle. It’s a pleasant distinction! I may inform the rice would get much more bitter like toddy if it fermented for one more day.

What a tremendous meal in the course of nowhere in Tamil Nadu!

I hope you really liked coming with me to have south India tea and fermented rice on this planet’s highest natural tea plantation!

The place have you ever been?

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  1. Can someone help me with the season (date) this visted!!

  2. It's my native Bodinayakanur…u can do downhill trek from kolukkumalai to Bodinayakanur…
    Bodinayakanur is a place near to Cudalore where u went to grape farm…

  3. World famous tea is from Darjeeling. It's a campaign of tea.

  4. I just started following you. I say you went to suriname. British guyana is next door. Lots of exotic animals. Birds. Giant fishes. Native Indian reservation Large rivers, lakes and creek. Largest onedrop waterfall in the world. Six different people making one nation. Check it out. You will be amazed and thrilled. I am in ft lauderdale will love to see you feature my home country.

  5. A timelapse would justify the beauty…. Anyway ur video ur rule…

  6. One of the best Sunrise I have seen in YouTube!! I will go once for sure!

  7. So good to see that all the traditional food – overnight fermented Kanji , Chutney podi, dry chillies in yoghurt , vainila apam and pure unadulterated tea is still being eaten. seeing all the fast food restaurants I thought Malayalees are giving up on tradition

  8. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is built high atop the precipitous ridge that rises above the plains of TAMILNADU. At about 8,000 feet above sea level, this is the highest tea estate in the world. Known for its excellent, flavorsome teas, this estate is also known for its panoramic views and the for the rugged mountains that surround it.

  9. How's the pazhankanji served, hot or cold?

  10. You been to different parts of India and had authentic food. What you say about Indian food culture? What is your take away? I followed all videos you did here n I see you started loving n respecting our food. U stared eating with you hands with ease. Its now time for you to explore about the ingredients? There values? There benefits? Herbs? Medical values? Seasonal recipies and why they have in particular season? How they improve immunity? Hope to see you, love eating pan.

  11. Wow man.. That sunrise, sounds of water and eating that fermented rice with pickle salted chilies … this took me to the past human era. Great video David. Keep rocking. Thank you for showing unknown Kerala to us.

  12. Why is there a North and South India when there aren't East and West.

  13. Tamil called palamsooru very common breakfast for farmers in south indian region ( including Sri Lanka) I enjoyed this video very much.

  14. You are in western ghats mountains seperating kerala and tamil nadu with average height of 1500 meters and highest point in peninsular India at nearly 2900 meters. Palakkad gap seperates north and south kerala where people custom entirely different.

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