In a reasonably totally different episode, Cheryl went on an journey all by herself to Hanoi, Vietnam! Observe her 6-day journey the place she vlogged and shared some helpful suggestions and recommendation on how one can survive touring alone!

PrettySmart is a way of life channel hosted by Cheryl KJM. On this sequence, she tries new merchandise, reveals you her suggestions and tips, and the right way to really feel assured in your personal pores and skin.

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  1. Hi thank you very much for the video.
    In which you have travelled to Hanoi

  2. I used to live in Hanoi for more than a year. It is always safe to ride a taxi even if you don't lock the doors.Locking is a good thing but no one will do any danger or criminal act while you're inside the taxi and while it's moving. About the boat ride with the lady paddler, you can just say no. That is in Tam Coc in Ninh Binh Province and the woman who paddled for us was nice and didn't force us to give tip. It was voluntary.Also you should caller her "me oi" instead as respect because she is older than you. "Em moi" is just being addressed if the person is younger than you. But you had good choices of tour.Thanks. Peace!

  3. Hi, what is the best way going from Noi Bai International Airport to the city specifically the old quarters where my hotel is located? My arrival at the airport will be around 730AM.

  4. Hey you! This was quite helpful. A couple of questions. What hostel did you stay in? Do you recommend it? Did you leave your baggage on the room, is that safe?

  5. Could tell me what kind of camera are you using

  6. I would take a straight flight but it costs two times more than transit. I don't really want to travel alone, but this is my only chance to visit Vietnam, because my friends don't like to go there

  7. Thanks for sharing! I’ll also be solo travelling to Hanoi, so these tips will definitely be helpful during my visit.

  8. There are times when traveling alone is so much fun. Been in Hanoi 3 weeks ago and it's an amazing place.

  9. How much is the boat ride in Ninh Binh?

  10. Thank you so much for the video!! What hostel did you stay in?!

  11. Hi can anyone here let me know if July is good for travelling in Hanoi & Halong? Especially in terms of the weather.

  12. You needn't frantically clutch your bag or look over your shoulder. It's a police state! Neighborhood officials know who is about and what they're up to. I'm no fan of human rights abuses or lack of representative government, but you're perfectly safe….

  13. You are so cute. I'm going to solo travel through southeast asia in 2 weeks and I hope I meet a travel buddy like you! 😛

  14. When i went to veitnam i went to , halong bay, hanoi, i did kiaking, i went to sapa, it was amazing

  15. Yeah, that’s the downside of traveling in a Third World country. I have never been to a Third World country and hopefully I won’t I never will. Totally understandable though because then I’ll try to make a living.

  16. as a vietnamese i am so sorry for the bad experiences that you faced
    i will also hate it if i am in your shoes
    sorry for my bad english
    hope you can comeback and explore Viet Nam

  17. What a lovely young lady. Thanks for the info, I head to Vietnam in a few months and this helps a lot.

  18. Love your vlog! I think female solo travelers find this really helpful, sorry to hear so many people tried to scam you though! Also, I would really recommend people to use the Grab app when they're in Hanoi, it's super easy and always safe, taxi's are so unreliable and take a detour 99% of the time when there's a foreigner in the car, sad but true.

  19. I have a suggestion, most travelers would not really care about watching too much of the bloggers face…your blog is okay but there are a lot more informative blogs with better video editing..If you want to get more subscribers in your channel..give some useful information besides scams…I am a solo traveler myself and before I travel, I watch and read a lot….to be perfectly honest, the competition in blogging now is very tough…a lot of good looking ones too…take it as a challenge ..there was too much SELFIE here and not much info…A FAR CRY from really good travel blogs…

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