sLOVEnia just isn’t essentially a vacation spot that is on the highest of everybody’s bucketlist for travelling Europe. Nestled between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, Slovenia is definitely fairly central and straightforward to succeed in. In the event you converse to anybody about Slovenia it’s one in every of their favorite nations to go to in Europe and additionally it is one of many most secure. It was my favorite Balkan nation!

Discover out for your self and go to sLOVEnia, you’ll not be dissapointed!


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  1. Awesome, wish I did the toboggan down the hill at Lake Bled – looks fun! Really enjoyed this, I just made a Slovenia video on my channel, great to see another perspective!

  2. I Love the video! You have real great editing skills, this why I love YouTube finding talent like yourself! If you need any tips on anything feel free to message me. I also have a video coming out soon it's going to include Skydiving, Cliff jumping and anything action if you got time subscribe to my channel and leave your thoughts when it drops!

  3. Just found your channel, I love it! Wish I knew about it earlier since I'm from Slovenia 🙂

  4. Hahah the scene with the guys running into the water was like from Mulan. Such a great video! I'm going to Slovenia in the Summer so you've got me very excited 🙂 xx

  5. haha awesome video! i will be going through there this summer. subscribed!

  6. Awesome vids! Truly enjoying your content 🙂 check out my video if you have the time, I think we both share the same passions

  7. amazing video, inspiring for new travellers, im from the uk i understand your situation is different but what way is easiest for travelling from country to country by plane ? is it seperate tickets or one permit ? thanks

  8. màssivé véiws thnx kéép ùp from Algeria ♥

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