Shanghai Journey Information

Our Shanghai Journey Information! It is lastly right here, thanks for being so affected person everybody. And because of our associates at Cathay Pacific for partnering with us on our Shanghai episode and the remainder of Season three as we uncover a #LifeWellTravelled – discover out extra at

Shanghai is an intense metropolis on all ranges. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the tales, Shanghai rewards the curious traveller round each nook. We spent 5 days exploring this unimaginable metropolis and we will not wait to get again.

Due to Kyle from UnTour Meals Excursions for exhibiting us round Shanghai’s unimaginable meals scene. Test them out at

How we movie our journey guides –


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  2. Great job! I’ve been living here for 6 years and you gave some great and accurate information. Would loved for you to add where people can check to see the great sights or things to do here. Shanghai has incredible museums and art galleries along with all the tourist sites. Very nice adding Kyle and the food tours!! Looked good! I think I will take one. I’m sure he can show me something new.

  3. I am Korean. My ex girlfriend was from Shanghai. That is why I want to take a trip to Shanghai.

  4. For maglev transport, with the airline boarding past, get a discount!

  5. Mobile pay apps and translate apps. Translate apps are widely used and extremely common with the high amount of tourism.

  6. Pvg is the most cleanest airport I’ve been to. Bathroom toilet so hi tech

  7. Is Shanghai visa free for American travelling to different country.

  8. now you can bind the shanghai transportation card to iphone wallet. then your iphone just works exactly the same as transportation card. no need to turn on the screen and scan any code. just get the iphone close to ic card sensor, then you can enter the metro station. In sweden, i found you still need to scan the code and impossible to bind card to any mobile phone, even though they have an official metro app called SL. Once the registered card lost, it will take 2-3 days to get new one. imagine one journey cost 45kr. these three days might cost your at least 300kr. any way, Swedish think they are the most richest and happiness country. that's enough. hahahah. no idea where this confidence come from, maybe the media, maybe they just don't travel a lot in the world.

  9. 13:35 "But if you take a breath…"

    You will choke.

    The biggest issue in China that overshadows everything else is the pervasive pollution. Of air, food, and water. It permeates everything. And visitors should harbor no illusions. You might see a compelling skyline or mountain or scenic river, but there is always dense smog, garbage, and terrible waste. You can try and un-see it as locals do, but you can't quite do it if you're not raised in China.

    Whatever China has to offer to tourists is ruined by this sad truth.

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