RV Journey Day Issues (RV Water Pump // RV Hydraulic Slides // RV Energy) | Full Time RV

“When it rains, it pours” is the saying. Plainly’s normally true of RV issues as nicely. Many instances, one downside results in one other or causes a mistake that causes one other downside.
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We had slightly of each not too long ago (BEFORE COVID-19) on a 2-day journey from FL to SC.

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  1. Exactly why I will NEVER have any RV with a slide!

  2. There`s a better chance of finding Bigfoot than a trouble free RV. We made the decision to buy a Solitude over anything else because of GD`s customer service reputation. Turned out to be true where they've been awesome to work with. Shout out to Chris Holland…. She`s been great..
    BTW it`s video`s like this is what I enjoy the most about your channel… I`ve learned a lot from you guys. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hello Chad after watching your video I have a question do you guys open the side before auto leveling. Historically we always auto level then open the side but we always feel like the trailer isn’t truly level even if we are on a concrete pad

  4. YOU BOUGHT AN RV? LMFAO! Did you THINK it would somehow be different for YOU then everyone else? THEY ARE F_CKING JUNK! THEY ARE A HEADACHE ON WHEELS! This is just the beginning! GET USED TO NEVER ENDING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR EXPENSIVE JUNK!

  5. Could you not have added a wire jumper across the fuse as an easier way to bypass the blown fuse?

  6. Yikes. This reminds me of the story “A Terrible NoGood Very Bad Day”. Very good troubleshooting skills. Very good attitudes. Love your channel!

  7. Chad, just curious as to why you picked the accumulator tank you did. I like the idea, just wondering what your selection criteria was. Thanks

  8. Look on the bright side it will be twice as easy next time. And when the day was over there were no problems with the beer. What more could you ask for but a mute button. Another great video. Good stuff to know with lots of moving parts.

  9. You bought a Grand Design that was your first mistake . If you follow KYD channel. Mark had nothing but problems with that 5 th Wheel that’s why they got rid of it. Lost big time on Depreciation, Grand Designs are known for the average craftsmanship. They aren’t the worst but certainly not even close to the best being. LUXE .

    Grand Design is about a 5.5 – 6 out of 10 for quality. My wife’s best friend had there Toy hauler nothing but problems ended up spending $ over 14,000 on repairs NOT covered by warranty.

    They would have lost far less if they had BURNED it ! You have been suckered !

  10. Boy and I thought I was the classic story of the bad luck kid. You sure put me to shame. I like the idea to stepping back and have a beer. It can help when troubleshooting to just step away from a problem and reset a bit. Plus it provides time to think through problems. Thanks for sharing what you leaned. I haven't had to mess with my level up system yet and I am dreading it when it does acts up. Oh BTW tanks for sharing the links to quality products. I been thinking about purchasing a spare pump to carry with us and your experience helps to make a good replacement chose. Stay safe.. One other thing I just went out to Amazon and see some complaints on that water pump putting out to high of pressure and blowing RV water lines. Have you measured water pressure? Just curious to what you are experiencing.

  11. The bee sting brought back some terrible memories. A whole bunch of years ago, we had an Apache Popup trailer. Time for bed, and yes, you guessed it I got into bed, and within a couple of minutes, bam, I got stung in the A$$. Of course, the Hip song "Ahead By A Century" instantly came to mind. Safe travels

  12. The more complex a RV is the more problems you will have. You have to enjoy the challenges that come along with a large complex RV or you will go nuts.

  13. A guarantee: there will be an airport and/or a railroad track near your RV park. Why? Because that is where the land is cheap!

  14. With 3 problems starting on the way to your destination begs the question if you arrived with all tires inflated… LOL

  15. You aren't able to use a crank and manual deploy and retract your slides? I don't think I have ever seen or heard of a trailer not capable of doing that. Just for this scenario.

  16. We live in Columbia, SC and go to James Island 4 to 5 time a year. Love that camp ground an you enjoyed it also.

  17. Did you put a flexible hose between the pump and the pex tubbing inlet- outlet, helps quiet the pump vibration problem I had

  18. Chad & Tara – Great work on fixing these issues. Your positive attitude really helps! 🙂 BTW…. Glad to hear you like the new water pump. Is it louder/quieter than the prior and original pumps? The Shurflo in our motorhome is a bit on the noisy side so I wouldn't mind replacing it.. The thought of better water pressure is very appealing too!

  19. Hello Chad & Tara. Another great video on how to endure to the end. These instructional videos truly help everyone even if we can all pass the info along to someone else. You guys are the best at this. Looking forward to more DYI videos. Be safe on your journey.

  20. I would like to know more about the new water pump. How well it works , are the claims of 90% quieter true.

  21. Love the positive attitude and enjoying learning how to do it all!!! Great job!

  22. At least you made it to James Island. It is one of my favorite parks. The dog park is amazing.
    As a software engineer for 30+ yrs, I would tell all the new guys, "You will never learn anything unless something breaks." They thought I was just being a smart ass. After a couple of years they would always come back and tell me how right I was.

  23. Excellent video and I commend your grace under fire and calm attitude! Keep sharing these tips and tricks for troubleshooting.

  24. Great video ! Learned alot about my GD . Thanks for sharing ! Keep them coming !

  25. Chad, you make it seem easy on Camera. As a Navy Man I rarely have had things go easy. However, the feeling you get when you fix a problem is a great feeling. I do appreciate your channel.

  26. We just purchased a brand new Momentum 399M. We had the same problem except ours would go to default halfway out. And quit moving was at the dealership for 6 months with this problem plus other problems. Haven't used the RV yet hopefully no more problems.

  27. Love your videos…I will definitely have my husband watch these….A lot of the problems you have had, we have had also! Even had a 10 pound bag of potatoes slide out of the pantry, from under the big huge gap that's on the bottom of the door and get stuck under the slide….and believe me that was NOT fun trying to get it out! It was completely under the slide, I couldn't figure out what was wrong at first but the slide was stuck and wouldn't go out all the way! We laughed later and learned another one of those RV lessons as we go….Another fun one with the main slides when we first got our Momentum is the main slide not locking in…. when we were traveling down the road, going around some really sharp curves, our slide was coming out about foot and believe me that was a scary one! We weren't sure if it would come sliding all the way out! And we have a really sucky dealer that we bought it from….so glad we found out we could take it wherever we wanted…
    Thanks again for all your wonderful videos!

  28. Would you recommend, or not – for those who are just getting into Hydraulic leveling jacks to purchasing and keeping a lift jack valve in the tool-kit for when those things break/stick?

  29. I have owned 4 different brands of 5th wheels. The biggest shame is they are all built poorly. They have to be built lite so you can pull the darn things in their defense.

  30. I'm surprised you didn't call Two breads and a baby.

  31. there is a say problem all way come in three I hope to buy a spare hydraulic valve?

  32. I used a Circuit Breaker 300A instead of a fuse. Saves money if it ever "blows".

  33. I just now noticed your "Changing Lanes" mud flaps around 24:30. Those are Changing Lane mud flaps right? So COOL!

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