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Comply with Expedia Viewfinder Matt Villano on a tour of a few of the most over-the-top and ridiculous high-roller suites in Las Vegas.

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  1. 1:44 made me giggle, suddenly this guy becomes a soprano

  2. You should see my room at the Hampton inn

  3. Yooo we build the villas at Caesars palace back in 08! Never saw it finished till I saw this lol.

  4. I'll bet you that if you're a casino main attraction act (like a big time magician or a big music act) you live in one of those suites in the casino you're working in.

  5. Probably only have a late check in time,and an extremely Early check out…

  6. Nice, of course, but who would go to Vegas to sit in a room and play pool or bowl? Such a waste.

  7. I have stayed in better for 1/10 the price. The bowling ally is kinda hard to compete with but I stayed in places just as nice as that red rock place for under 500 a night in Indonesia and Thailand.

  8. I'll take the one at Caesars Palace!

  9. What about The Mansion, at MGM Grand?

  10. LMFAO what the hell was that sound he made for the "Acoustic" part

  11. It would probably cost me my lifetime's wages just for one night in one of those suites.

  12. Very nice ppl respected. However vegas is expensive. Nice to visit but living jobs don't pay well. Others cities like New York or cal do pay cost of living. I Respect your opinion. Vegas market is high for several years will decline as

  13. Never stayed in a high roller or penthouse suite… I want to eventually

  14. WTF am I doing with my life… And what you mean that Asian guy running around.

  15. MGM Grand Skyloft room was my favorite. stayed for three nights in a Skyloft room and enjoyed every second of it!

  16. mention prices and avoid the thumbs down 🙂

  17. Hey, I have worked outcall prostitution to most hotels including the the Bellagio ultra luxury suite and the gentleman was a high roller and the room was fully comp'd on his gambling points, he paid nothing. It had a whirlpool tub looking out toward the neon lit Planet Hollywood sign. When I was sitting in the tub I could look out across the fountains and walking paths at all the neon light of the strip, the glowing lights of the fountain at night from the glass picture windows.

  18. You would literally have to save up $250K for this kind of stuff like that,

  19. I stayed in the Palms Casino Resort for three days at Sky Villa which cost 38087 dollars

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