Throughout this time, nobody needs to be taking a trip. This two half Hawaii Quarantine vlog collection shares my Hawaii quarantine time in Hawaii. On this video I share my Hawaii Quarantine, once I stopped touring and why I’ve not posted journey movies for over a month!

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I reside on the island of Oahu. On March 26 Oahu residents went into Hawaii Shelter-in-place and a 14 day quarantine was introduced for guests to Hawaii. As a solo feminine traveler, if I don’t really feel protected, I do not journey. I turned down sponsorships as a result of I didn’t need to journey and there may be extra.

– How are you doing, Christine?

Hanging in there. However quite a lot of the journey business is struggling proper now, together with myself. My revenue is reliant on my journey weblog, YouTube channel and I earn cash when of us are researching or planning journeys and watching journey movies. As we do not understand how totally journey will get better, there’s a risk GRRRLTRAVELER could not make it. I’ll attempt to be artistic find funding; nonetheless, I’ll need to step away from YouTube with a purpose to do it.

– What can I do to assist your channel?


For those who consider in what I do and need to see me proceed, help my channel. All my content material helps of us discover journey confidence for his or her private journeys. On Patreon, you get extra content material, enjoyable reward perks, Fb group membership, unique behind the scenes movies, and perception into my struggles as a YouTube enterprise.

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– Will you share your journey movies sooner or later?

Sure. Initially, I didn’t really feel proper about posting journey when the coronavirus was hitting the world violently. As soon as I return to posting movies, I’ll word my journey date within the video description field so once I traveled that nation.

– Do you publish your movies from the nation you might be exhibiting?

No. I edit and publish all my movies *after* I’ve returned from my travels. As a solo feminine creator who additionally juggles and weblog and social media platforms, it takes me time to create my content material.

-The place are you now?

Observe me on Instagram and Fb to know my actual time whereabouts.


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I’m Christine Kaaloa. I’m a feminine solo journey YouTuber, filming and taking you inside my solo journeys of meals, journey and tradition, as DIY solo journey guides for YOU! Could the GRRR be with you!❤❤


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  1. Yeah it's crazy how quickly our lives all over the world have changed over the past few months. Quite surreal. It's heart breaking we can't do what we love most and travel, but it's important to understand how necessary it really is. Things will go back to normal in time, but for now we all need to do look out for each other and try and ride this out the best we can. I feel pretty lucky that Australia and New Zealand (I live in Melbourne Australia, but originally from New Zealand) haven't been greatly effected by this virus, only the economy has had a heavier blow, but we're now entering into the winter months so we need to be more vigilant than ever and prevent this virus from getting out of control, so far so good. Just breaks my heart seeing how bad other countries had been hit. My thoughts are with you all. Keep safe Grrrrltraveler! xoxo

  2. Pretty much the same here. Seniors' hours, ridiculous lineups (I haven't even bothered to try Costco….though I did order a few groceries online), going to the store with a list and hoping you come back with anything that's actually on the list and a really happy dog. Unfortunately my husband's work is considered an essential service (he works at a mill…no mill workers, no wood chips for pulp and then no TP….thank you mill workers!) and it's my Mom who has to go out to do the shopping since I have kids with health issues. Other than that, it's been days filled with "no, you're not still on spring break, go do some math", bingeing videos and discovering Minecraft and sales at my local wine shop while avoiding my grumpy teenagers. Smooches to Tinker!

  3. Great video! I never thought to film my shopping experiences during this pandemic. Too much of a rush to buy what's on my list & want to leave the store ASAP! 🙂

  4. It cost me $95 for today's shop . were it cost $35 to $40 before .Running out of $$$$ fast .But shelves are getting back to normal but cost 2 to 3 times more here in Australia. . hang in the girl . I to am a carer too

  5. I'm glad to see your smiling face and see how you're getting along during lockdown. I'm observing lockdown, although my state is beginning to reopen (our numbers are still going up – don't get me started). I'm even more grateful for your travel videos now – they're somehow even more exciting now than before! Thank you for all of your hard work and for sharing your adventures with us. Stay safe! <3

  6. Thank you for making such a mature, selfless, and compassionate video. I am also a fellow global traveller from the USA. Unfortunately I was working on a short term assignment in Morocco and am stuck here during the Global Quarantine. I also care for a senior parent back home. Again thanks for the inspiration and keep safe, strong and focussed.

  7. Glad u and your Parents are doing good. I noticed i have been grocery shopping a'lot more as well. I mostly been using the Walmart Pickup.Order online and show up at the appt time and they bring it out to your car and put it in the trunk for u as well. That's when u can find an available appt though. But I have seen Airtravel has gotten cheap some areas. Which kinda sucks right now cause not advised to travel.

  8. Thank you for sharing your experience. I live in NYC and as most people probably know by now, we've been severely impacted by the virus. It's been 5 weeks into our "shelter in place" or as our governor calls it PAUSE, extended to at least May 15th. It's been very tough, but staying inside and social distancing is part of the solution. Our state will also open antibody testing for essential workers. Stay safe!!

  9. Day 30 of lockdown in NZ. Virus numbers low but 19 deaths. We are lucky as we can get outside as most people have an outside space at their homes. Food shopping is the worse thing. I’m still working as a nurse . I’m grateful to be in NZ with very clear govtment rules to help stamp this thing out and get in control. Tomorrow we drop to level 3 and more people will be able to work. Take care. Kia kaha

  10. Well, you can start a pup-pampering business on the side now 😉

    -love from Maui

  11. Thanks for showing us your experiences. I feel like I'm there since I shop at the same places like Times Aiea and Walmart PC. LOL. It was a trip to see no meat at all in the beginning at Times.

  12. I really enjoyed this video since I live in Hawaii and relate. I wish I videotaped things from the beginning. It’s history in the making. Not a good history but it’s something we will talk about for a long long time. We will get through this. Stay safe Christine. I live with a senior Dad so I know what you mean about keeping them safe. I’m an essential worker so I do get to get out of the house a few days a week.

  13. To me its like being back in the navy aboard ship. You get used to being in small quarters for long lengths of time.

  14. I'm a very frequent traveler too, right now at my house in the Northwest of Yucatan, Mexico. The town markets are open and there is a lot of meat, fresh fruit and produce….obviously, entrance to the markets is limited to a few people at a time. The reality is that it is simply not possible for folks here to just shop in massive quantities, which keeps a lid on a lot of problems. Luckily, no hoarding of anything here, just short supplies of masks until local people started sewing them on their own…the sanitizer shortage was fixed in a week after one of the local bottling companies switched production to making hand sanitizer instead. Paper is never an issue because virtually all households are on septic systems, so at least that is not a problem here 🙂 All in all, everyone is doing great in terms of following the rules! You are doing a wonderful job taking care of your parents, I admire your commitment!! Pretty soon, we will be out there traveling again, you'll see 🙂

  15. Yep, I hate having to bulk shop, it always feels like I'm overspending, but essentially limiting the # of visits to supermarkets! #stress

  16. Thank you for sharing your life during pandemic. We do the same thing here in this country where i am in (Philippines) social distancing at them grocery. I wear gloves and 2 layers of masks, disinfect my shoes or slipper upon getting in the car and in our home. Also, i also wipe with alcohol all the things we purchased at the grocery. Take care over there and to your parents as well. Looking forward for the part 2.

  17. Hi from Canada. Things are the same in the stores here as well. Toilet paper was also sold out at the beginning and it’s limited to 1 per family. The virus has also gotten into a few meat packing plants and they have had to shutdown so meat is getting harder to get. Hopefully this will soon be over!

  18. man I miss traveling, you have been to some really cool places, i would love to meet you for coffee to ask you some questions about a few places you went to, that I want to go to. Hopefully soon we will all be let off the chain.thx from Kauai.

  19. wow so interesting quarantined in heavenly hawaii and so wonderful seeing you at home taking good care of your parents Christine. Lost my 94yo Uncle Pete last week to the virus and he ran over 30 marathons in his life and was very strong had 6 kids too now his wife my aunt has it too so we are praying for her

  20. From Vancouver Canada .. to you and all "Be Safe,Stay Safe". Waiting for the time it is safe to travel like so many others. Enjoyed your isolation video. I too have an elderly parent living with me. Working at a hospital makes me worry about bringing something home. It will pass stay strong…

  21. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to post this.It makes you appreciate how much other people have to do(at a time when most of us are just locked down and thinking of ourselves)Also a month without a Christine vlog is a month far too long.Keep safe and spend your time dreaming of all those places you will go when this is all over.Keep safe

  22. I was at Brooklyn Costco the same day! 🙂 The line with social distancing to get in was one lap around the building. I bought croissants too 😉 Be Safe, things are slowing getting better.

  23. The same we had panic buying before our lockdown in India. However there is now ease restrictions on certain shops as part of essential services and being at home is a good time to cook something one always like and to try something different for a change.

  24. Waffles , egggs, salad. Snacks . Bread. Can food. Chips. Dip. Veggie meat. God bless.

  25. Things I do during quaritined :
    1)I play games
    The end

  26. Looks like it's the same in most places. It's getting a bit better here in the UK, at least the lines aren't as long and some things are returning to our shelves. My wife and I are currently editing our backlog of travel videos, and it really makes us want to get back out there though. Looking forward to when this is all over and we can all get back into life! ❤️

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